Strategies for Postdoctoral Matching

Strategies for Postdoctoral Matching

ERAS/MSPE Overview TCOM 2020 Career Center March 1, 2019 The Match Process: A Visual Career Center Roles

In collaboration with TCOM, the UNTHSC Career Center (Student Affairs), administers the following residency application processes: Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) MODS Military Residency Application SF Match/CAS Ophthalmology Medical Student Performance Evaluation (aka, MSPE, or Deans Letter) Other Department Roles

Clincal Education VSAS 4th Year Schedule Clerkship Evals Site Agreements TCOM Career Dev Residency Counseling Match Strategy Match Eligibility Rank List

ERAS Overview Student/Applicant: Input: MyERAS (main) application fields

Upload: Personal Statement (can have multiple) Send: COMLEX and/or USMLE (via request through respective Boards) Request: Your LOR Authors to upload letters through LOR Portal Attach: Photo (optionalbut the programs will expect one!) Search/Select /Apply: Programs and assign documents Career Center = Designated Deans Office: Upload: UNTHSC/TCOM Transcript: Posted by 8/31/19 Upload: Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE, aka, Deans Letter) National Posting Date: 10/1/19 Provide: Training/Advising

Maintain: Applicant data and reports ERAS Fees Be Prepared to Pay (2020 fee structure): $99 for first 10 programs, per specialty (resets for every specialty applied). Goes up incrementally per each 10 programs after first 10 applied ($15-19-26/each application) Board Transcripts: $80/ea. (one time fee per transcript) ERAS fees page (credit card only)\ ERAS does NOT issue any refunds!

Consider all travel expenses! Matching Services ERAS-Affiliated: NRMP National Resident Matching Program. Used by allopathic programs and students during the allopathic match for residency selection Non-ERAS Affiliated: SF Match San Francisco Matching Program. Early matching program for some Neurology and Ophthalmology residencies.

Military Match MODS system. For those applying to military residencies ERAS Online Application Main site/login (compatible with all browsers): Other useful areas of the site: Click on ERAS for Applicants to search for resources to review and download Detailed User Guide and lots of great tutorials! ERAS Help: [email protected] / (202) 862-6264

Letters of Recommendation Career Center/Designated Deans Office cannot upload into ERAS (universal policy) If received for other purposes (VSAS, scholarships, etc.) maintains for 5 years as an academic record Shoot for 4-6, specialty-specific (3 min. for complete application) Clinical Faculty! Confidential status = Program perception LOR Upload Request Form (with unique code) for letter-writer, generated through student request in ERAS (Confirm for Upload)

ERAS LOR Guidelines and Best Practices LOR Portal (for letter-writers) Alternatives to Author Upload TCOM Specialty Departments can upload on behalf of LOR author only if author is unwilling to do so. If Career Center has LOR on file, can send to Specialty Department on students behalf for upload. Do NOT have LOR author send you a copy of the letter!

Personal Statements One page = appx. 600-900 words. Can be a little longer for ERAS Specific to your chosen specialty / career goals Components: Explain your specialty choice and how you arrived at it, including a discussion of medical school rotations, clerkships, and other experiences that helped you formulate your decision. Also, why medicine as a career? Describe what you are seeking in a residency program, i.e. research opportunities, specialized training/procedures, geographic location, etc. Discuss your career goals; what do you plan to do in your chosen field? How can the residency program help you achieve your goals?

Send to Career Center or TCOM Career Development for review ERAS Timeline The AAMC/ERAS office has opened ERAS for the 2020 class on a limited basis. At this time, 2020 applicants can only complete Personal Information and create LOR slots for author/designee upload until further notice. Anticipated Timeline: June 6, 2019 AAMC/ERAS will open remaining components of the main application, called the MyERAS application.

ERAS Timeline (contd) July 16, 2019 Emergency Medicine only: Standardized Video Interview (SVI) submission deadline. September 15, 2019 Allopathic/ACGME-accredited programs begin receiving online applications (applications actually released starting September 5). October 1, 2019 MSPE for all applicants, all accreditation/match systems released (programs cannot view before this date, regardless of accreditation status).

Direct ERAS Questions To: ERAS Help Desk (technical questions) [email protected] (202) 892-6264 Career Center ERAS Help [email protected] MSPE, or, Deans Letter Also known as:

Medical Student Performance Evaluation Three Phases: 1. Deans Letter Personal Profile = CV Information 2. Advisory College Faculty Interview 3. Writing/editing: Career Center (June-September) Purpose of the MSPE The purpose of the MSPE is not to advocate for the student, but rather to provide an honest and objective summary of the students personal attributes, experiences, and academic accomplishments based, to the

greatest degree possible, on verifiable information and summative evaluations. When possible, comparative assessments of the students attributes, experiences, and accomplishments relative to their institutional peers should be provided. The MSPE is a summary letter of evaluation, not a letter of recommendation. The Times They Are A-Changin' Changes in grading system (particularly preclinical) Changes to Clinical Clerkship Evaluations AAMC Recommendations for revising the

MSPE format (2016 Task Force) Anatomy of an MSPE Identifying Information Noteworthy Characteristics (Three) Academic History/Academic Progress (from transcript data and curriculum description) Clinical Evaluation Comments Final rotation evaluations Summative rather than Formative comments Summary (from Advisor)

Graphs: Comparative academic performance Other Considerations Standardized, clear, concise, easy to compare to other candidates Highlight Six ACGME (Seven AACOM Osteopathic) Core Competencies Information regarding any documented professionalism deficiencies Holistic understanding of applicant Information regarding medical school, curriculum, how grades

are derived. Noteworthy Characteristics Themes to consider: Activities that address healthcare disparities, superlatives in community service, explanations of any difficulties or overcoming of obstacles, interesting hobbies, notable honors/awards/achievements, leadership positions, unique work and life experiences, achievements in research and publications, peer educating and mentorship (including tutoring).

Noteworthy Characteristics (contd) Examples: Student A has shown a dedication to maintaining her health by competing in multiple triathlons during her time in medical school. Her commitment to regimented training began during her years of collegiate soccer and continues to this day. Student B has been conducting research with Ima Doctor, DO, PhD, on the subject of epigenetic factors influencing childhood obesity since the end of his first year of medical school. This research has resulted in a

series of publications including one with him as first author in the journal Lancet. Student C is the first member of his family to graduate from college. Student Profile Form Due: May 1, 2019 General MSPE Timeline Proposed for 2020: 5/1 Student Profile Questionnaire submission due date

6/3 Student Profiles/Interview Packets distributed to Faculty Advisors 7/1 Data compiled/submitted for all MSPE content areas First Drafts processed in ITS 8/2 MSPE Review Drafts distributed to Students All Student-Advisor interview meetings completed 8/16 Advisor Summaries due All final Student comments/edits due 8/19 Second Drafts processed in ITS, with Advisor Summaries 9/3 Submission to TCOM Associate Deans for Review 9/27 Final MSPE drafts completed, ready for upload into ERAS 10/1 All Final Drafts posted to ERAS

Things to Remember Your UNTHSC e-mail account is the official mode of communication during 4th year. Keep good records! Always check program deadline dates. Please be patient. Our goal is to respond back to you within two business days during the work week during ERAS season (May-Sept). Just keep in mind the size of the class and volume of records!

Resources and Contact Info Career Center Elko/Everett Nancy Eanes Luibel/Richards Lydia Negron [email protected] [email protected] (817)-735-0430

(817) 735-2251 (817) 735-2501 Beyer/Zachary Jimmy Renfro [email protected] SSC 200 / (817) 735-5020 Appointments (Grades First) ERAS Questions

[email protected] TCOM 2019 Peer Advisers (14) First Name Kara Cathleen Naveen Ryan Christopher Devina Anju

Sean A Anshumaan William G Christina Y Ruth Jacob J Matthew Last Name Black Chen

Emmanuel Flaherty Ha Jagota Kannappan Lam Maharaj McInturf Nestlerode Osho Underwood

Vandermause Advisory Coll Richards Richards Everett Everett Elko Richards Elko Richards

Elko Elko Beyer Beyer Elko Luibel Upcoming Events/Resources

Internship & Residency Fair: TODAY! 1:00-4:00 ERAS Workshops: May-September (TBA) ERAS Survival Guide: End of June Big Interview: Practice video residency interviews by specialty Residency Specialties: EM (*SVI), FM, Gen. Surgery, IM, Ortho, Peds, Psych Professional Attire Closet

Heads Up Days (bi-monthly free portraits): unthscphotos/headsup Annual Internship/Residency Fair March 1, 2019 (1:00-4:00) MET 109-111

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