Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd.

Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd.

Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd. Contos o Pharmaceuticals Finding a solution that works for you! Contos o Pharmaceuticals Insert or Drag and Drop your Screen Design here Advocatin g on your behalf! Contos o Pharmaceuticals

Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd. is a locally owned and operated independent benefits consulting firm specializing in employee benefit programs and tax-effective compensation strategies. With a combined 40 years of expertise and knowledge in the employee benefits industry we offer sound and trusted advice to successful entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. Only local partner of The Benefits Alliance Group, Canadas largest association of independent Group Benefit Advisors. About Us Partnering with you!

Contos o Pharmaceuticals Your Team Debra Dobing President Over 15 years of experience Richard Dobing Group Benefits Specialist Employee Benefits Specialist Group GBA, CMS, HIA Over 30 years of experience Partner in The Benefits Alliance

The Benefits Alliance Group Partnership Network Group Benefits Associate Canadas largest association of independant Group Benefit Advisors Compensation Management Specialist Over $900M in group premiums Heath Insurance Associate Over $2.5B in group retirement AUM Contos o

Pharmaceuticals Employee Benefit Solutions Registered Savings Options Personal Life Solutions Group Life & Health Solutions CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT Financial Analysis Plan Benchmarkin

g Contos o Pharmaceuticals Value Added Solutions Human Resource Solutions Payroll & Benefits Administratio n Employee Assistance Programs Health & Wellness

Accounts Drug and Disability Management Solutions Contos o Pharmaceuticals Understandin g the Landscape Contos o Pharmaceuticals Things to consider 28M Number of Canadians covered by a health

benefits plan (CLHIA) 74% Employees who agree having insurance and benefits provides peace of mind for unexpected life events. (Met Life) $32. 2B Private health Insurance benefits paid in 2015 (CLHIA) Contos o Pharmaceuticals Bridging the Gap in Coverage Private Plans

Group Benefit Plans Drug Plans, Dental Plans Individual Health Plans Retirement Solutions Life & Disability Estimated in 2018 $120B Government Provincial Health Care Canada Pension Plan Plans Employment Insurance WSIB Assisted Device Programs

Estimated 2018 $253B in Contos o Pharmaceuticals ATTRACTING GOOD TALENT RETAINING VALUABLE TALENT Reasons for Group COST EFFECTIVENES

S PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS Average Recruitment Costs $1,0005,000 (HRPA) Why is group so important for your business? Contos o Pharmaceuticals What is involved? Contos o Pharmaceuticals How Does the Process Work 1


MANAGEMEN T Contos o Pharmaceuticals Implementation Cycle PreImplementation Benchmarking to see what other companies are providing Market evaluation to determine best solution to meet your needs Enrolment process and employee education Implementation Employee

awareness and education sessions Preparation of employee benefit packages including drug cards, booklets and contact information Administrator education and training sessions PostImplementation Quarterly service reviews Quarterly claims reviews Annual Benchmarking to ensure plan meets expectations Annual Pricing Renewal

On-going claims and administration support Contos o Pharmaceuticals Is about choosing the right plan which is best for your company and your employees Is about receiving the best value and not be about the lowest price Is about working with a reputable Employee Benefits Advisor who is looking out for your interests Is about choosing us to be your PARTNER!

Summary Making the Right Choice Contos o Pharmaceuticals Thank You Debra and Richard Dobing 613 507-4400 [email protected] Contos o Pharmaceuticals

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