Stepping Stones to Project-Based Learning

Stepping Stones to Project-Based Learning

Stepping Stones to Project-Based Learning Garden Grove IMPACT Academy RtI2 /MTSS/PBIS Symposium 2/1/17 Presenters: Denise Aiani, Pam Coleman, Julie Dietz, & Martha Feinstein

Shift of School Culture I.M.P.A.C.T. I- Integrated

M-Math and Science P- Problem Solving A- and Arts C- Critical T- Thinking skills

Language- Enriched Discovery Kindergarten Discovery Center Exploration Center

Communication & Collaboration Across Grade and Ability Levels Kids Teaching Kids Science

Community Involvement Home connection projects Math/science family nights Updated web page Community speakers Ability awareness

Garden Grove IMPACT Timeline MTSS The path forward is... Inquiry/project-based instruction . . . Implementing the Common Core State Standards

within a framework of a Multi-Tiered System of Support will help ensure that all students have an evidence-based system of instruction to assist them in achieving success. (Gamm, Elliott, Halbert, et. al., 2012)

These projects have empowered him! For a student like E, who is not necessarily the best paper and pencil student, this has given him another avenue to display his knowledge and/or creativity. Like I have said in the past, what is going on in

that kids mind is way more than you will ever get from him on paper. You can absolutely share my words. Best, Amy (parent)

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