SPYWARE Erica Larnerd COSC101-009 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Spyware... What is it? What does it do? How does it get on my computer? How can I tell if its on my computer? What should I do if its on my computer? Facts Conclusion

Bibliography WHAT IS SPYWARE? Type of malware Collects small pieces of information about users without their knowledge Very hard to detect and remove manually Often mistaken to be a computer virus

WHAT DOES SPYWARE DO? Makes your computer run slower (particularly if there is more than one spyware program on your system)

Change your browser or computer settings (like your browser home page) Deliver pop-up advertisements Monitor and report which websites you visit Install other spyware Monitor and report what you type into your computer (in extreme cases) HOW DOES SPYWARE GET ON MY COMPUTER?

By piggybacking on other software applications (like free software, downloaded from the internet) Browser settings are not set to a sufficiently high security levels Visiting a website that distributes spyware (sometimes called drive-by-downloading) HOW CAN I TELL IF SPYWARE IS ON MY COMPUTER?

You see pop-up advertisements when you arent even browsing the internet Your web browser home page keeps changing even after trying to set it back to your original home page Your web browser has new toolbars that you did not install Your web browser crashes or closes often Your computer takes much longer to start, and

programs seem to run much slower WHAT SHOULD I DO IF SPYWARE IS ON MY COMPUTER? Use anti-spyware products to remove spyware, since spyware can be difficult to manually remove Anti-spyware products such as.. McAfee Anti Spyware

Norton Internet Security Antispyware edition Others such as Microsoft Anti-Spyware, Sunbelt CounterSpy, Ad-Adware, and Spybot Search & destroy FACTS ABOUT SPYWARE More than 80 percent of all personal computers are infected with some kind of spyware

The best Anti-Spyware program only finds 90% of Spyware (says a review in PC magazine) The average home PC contains 30 pieces of spyware CONCLUSION Spyware is a type of malware which collects small pieces of information about users without their knowledge and often thought to be a computer virus.

BIBLIOGRAPHY http://computer.howstuffworks.com/ spyware.htm http://www.sciscoop.com/what-is-spyware.html http://support.dell.com/support/topics/ global.aspx/support/security/ security_spyware_help? c=us&l=en&s=gen&~mode=popup

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