Social Studies - Central Bucks School District

Social Studies - Central Bucks School District

Warm-up 1. Copy HW 2. Clear your desk except for a pen/ pencil, a handout from the front desk and a blue textbook 3. Tell someone near you the definition of geography.

Essential Questions Why study social studies?

How does where you live affect how you live? Geography

The study of the earths physical and human features and the interaction between them

Geography Vocab Geography-The study of the earths physical and human features Cartography -map making Culture -beliefs and behaviors of people Mouth Plateau

Plain Strait Tributary Source Basin Mesa

Delta Peninsula Isthmus Channel Cape Cartographer

Map maker Culture The

beliefs and behaviors of a people Basin

Tributary Source Mouth Delta

peninsula Cape Mesa

Plateau Plain Strait Isthmus

Channel Closure Please do your best on the geography

terms practice quiz. If you are not sure of an answer leave it blank

Good Luck! Answers

cartography Basin Tributary Peninsula

Mouth Mesa Plain Strait Delta Isthmus Culture

Cape Plateau Source Channel Environment Natural resource culture

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