So your family is being posted to the U.S.? Canadian Military ...

So your family is being posted to the U.S.? Canadian Military ...

Transition back to Canada Military Family Services is here for you! 1 Staff Contacts in the U.S. MFS Elmendorf, Alaska Margaret Trudell [email protected] MFS Hawaii Valerie Lapointe [email protected] MFS Whidbey Island

Alicia MacLennan [email protected] MFS JBLM Kim Miller [email protected] MFS Tinker, Oklahoma Stephanie Murphy [email protected] MFS Colorado Springs Deborah Bach [email protected]

MFS Tyndall Cait Bergeron [email protected] MFS Washington D.C. & Capital Region Michelle Szkwarek [email protected] MFS Rome Jackie Reid [email protected] MFS Maryland Karlene Wilson [email protected]

MFS Outreach Coordinator Tammy Kingston [email protected] 2 Contact your new MFRC Go to Locate your MFRC Connect with your MFRC on your HHT 3

Best Things about living in Canada Medical is taken care of through your province Dental is more feasible Familiar territory The foods are familiar; Ketchup chips, Kraft Dinner, Poutine, Tim Hortons, Beaver Tails 4 Prepare for Reverse Culture Shock

Smaller highways Cooler climates More expensive foods Less public support for military Shopping and services are not the same Cell Phone/ Sim Cards 5

Hot Topics Guidance Counselling/ Tutoring 1. Childrens Education Management (CEM) Guidance counselling / Tutoring 2. List of School Boards in Canada - Immunizations from Province to Province 1. Immunization Tool - 6 Hot Topics Importing vehicles Traveling with Pets Employment for spouses Check out Metspouse Check out relocation benefits for spousal employment!

7 Banking discounted banking plans, competitive mortgage rates, special benefits such as the Integrated Relocation Program Mortgage Offer and the BMO Support Our Troops MasterCard which directly benefits Canadian Forces morale and welfare programs. 8 Finding a Local Doctor

Programs and Services Health Healthcare 9 What are YOUR burning questions? Reach out to your Local MFS U.S. Coordinator, or to the MFRC in your new location! Please note we are not able to answer specific operational questions concerning pay, housing, allotments, taxes etc, but only general topics related to living in the U.S. These questions should be directed to the clerk in the new location . 10

Thank you for your service! Best of Luck on your Move to Canada! Your Canadian Military Family Services U.S. is here for you every step of the way! 11

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