Port Hope High School Revitalization and Refresh Community

Port Hope High School Revitalization and Refresh Community

Port Hope High School Revitalization and Refresh Community Input Session March 20, 2019 Educating for Success! Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. Slide Presentation Questions and Comments An opportunity to fill out the survey Post-session opportunity to ask questions Educating for Success! Background The PHHS Revitalization and Refresh process is designed to elicit feedback from the community on the provision of programs and services at the school, and determine what we can do to continue to provide the best possible experience for current and future PHHS students. Educating for Success! Background The PHHS Revitalization and Refresh began in February of 2019, and involves interactions with parents, students, teachers, Port Hope Town Council, and community members. The main vehicle to collect feedback is by way of electronic survey. To date, over 500 responses have been received.

Educating for Success! February 19, 2019 Meeting At the February 19 meeting, we reviewed that some internet postings indicated that PHHS was to be closed were incorrect. There are no plans to close PHHS. Questions and suggestions were also brought forward, as well as a request for another meeting. Educating for Success! FACT: There are no plans to close Port Hope High School. Educating for Success! The Purposes of this Meeting 1. To provide additional data points in response to requests from the last meeting. 2. To elicit feedback about other ideas to consider other programs and services at PHHS, by way of the online survey. Feedback from this meeting and the rest of the process will be gathered and reported on in June. Educating for Success! Current Features 1) Spartan Race with police and fire services involved 2) Open house (7-8, 9-12) and Parent/teacher nights 3) Active Parent council 4) Transition events/activities (e.g., GT kindergarten information night) 5) Special events (e.g., fire demonstration, La Jeunesse choir) 6) Upgrades to facilities (e.g.,

recertification of climbing wall, new outdoor beach volleyball, new learning commons) 7) Ragnar Sports Relay 8) Float your Fanny Down the Ganny Hawkins Community Booth April, 2017 9) Active teams & Clubs in all semesters including those below as well as a long history of COSSA and OFSSA winners: >>>>>>>>>>>> Fall Winter Spring Clubs

Cross Country (FALL) Hannah Wallace (coach), Karen Watson Jr. Boys Soccer (FALL) Rob Demill Sr. Boys Soccer (FALL OFSAA June) Jim Spencer Golf Club Gord Atanasoff Jr. Girls Rugby (FALL) Kegen McDermott Varsity Girls Basketball (FALL) Scott Bruce Wrestling (Nov-Feb) Kegen McDermott Swimming (Nov-Feb) Krista Coughler, Hannah Wallace, Pat Papp Jr. /Sr. Boys Basketball (Nov-Feb) Jr. Girls Volleyball (Nov-Feb) Sr. Girls Volleyball (Nov-Feb) Jr. Badminton (March-April) Karen Watson & Jim Spencer Sr. Badminton (March-April) Karen Watson & Jim Spencer Tennis (April-May) Orlene Kokocinski Jr. /Sr. Girls Soccer (March-May) Jim Spencer Jr. Boys Rugby (March-June) Kegen McDermott Boys Baseball (March-June) Karen Watson Track & Field (March-June) Scott Bruce, Krista Coughler Beach Volleyball (one day tournament) Karen Watson 3 Pitch Team (1 to 3 day tournaments) Karen Watson Archery Club Paul Desbarbieux Ski Club Mary Hewgill Smugglers Notch - Gord Atanasoff Robotics Club - Kegen McDermott Drama/Improv Club Belinda Dooley / Pat Papp Music/Orchestra Dance Club Pat Papp, Maddison Taylor (Student) School Reach - Jim Spencer Environmental Club - Krista Coughler

GSA Club Lauren Knapp, Alexia Day (Hawkins) Audio-Visual Club Belinda Dooley/Pat Papp Reading Club Jen Harnden Photography Rob Demill Star Wars Club Sharon Sharpe Educating for Success! Current Features (Contd) 10) Float in past and upcoming Santa Claus parades 11) Europe trips (e.g., Vimy Ridge, Italy, this year Greece) 12) Community Partner Organizations (e.g., Rotary Club, Ganaraska Day Care, JBSC, Therapy dogs - PAWS) 13) Annual ski trip to Vermont 14) Quebec trip (7s 8s) for all students and, St. Donat for FI students 15) Annual Terry Fox run, Food Drives to support local agencies, 16) Semi-Formal and Formal at Dalewood 17) Tape-A-Teacher Fundraiser for Rotary Interact club Previous years: Car washes and other activities, Socktober, 18) Dedicated FNMI focus (e.g., Native studies courses run annually, guest speakers, drumming circles, Inukshuks for Kenya fundraiser 19) School Reach Academic Teams (Hawkins and PHHS) 20) ARND programmes (Formally Fetal alcohol Syndrome support programmes) 21) Fund raising for new school electronic sign on Victoria St. 22) Camp Ganaraska for all 23) LINK crew 24) Active Rebound programme 25) Active Twitter account 26) Hawkins and PHHS Web sites 27) School Instagram account 28) Daily breakfast programme 29) Read-a-Thon to support various charities 30) LLS hot lunch programme

31) Gift Card Fundraiser 32) Connecting to Associate school Ganaraska drama presentation 33) Promotional transition video (Link: https://hawkins.kprdsb.ca/Student%20Life/New_students 34) PHHS promotional video 7-12: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=qzW-YFyXO7U) 35) Mental health Fair 36) SHSM, Dual credits, OYAP 37) A large and active student council 38) A new promotional pamphlet 39) Annual Christmas Craft Show (i.e., November 17th) 40) Active SBC and SRC school services and support 41) 30 hour famine event 42) S.T.E.A.M. (e.g., Euclid, Envirothon, Robotics) events 43) Active GSA 44) Certification courses (e.g., Working at heights, Food handling, chainsaw certifications, First aid, CPR, and others) 45) A full line of school clothing and fashion wear 46) S.T.O.P A student poverty intervention group 47) Fully-equipped construction/wood working shop 48) Fully-equipped Metal/welding shop 49) Fully-equipped auto shop 50) Two fully-equipped music rooms 51) A large dance studio and drama room 52) A fully-serviced cafeteria 53) Green house 54) AODA compliant building with elevator 55) Intramural program 56) Archery range 57) PLUS 43 other initiatives that wont fit on this page Educating for Success! Enrolment - Historical and Projected Total Enrolment Patterns 2014 - 2024 Port Hope HS School Capacity 714 700

# of Students 600 500 411 400 383 351 297 300 253 245 219 234 242 227 237 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

2023 2024 200 100 0 2014 2015 2016 2017 Year Educating for Success! Enrolment - Historical and Projected Projection of Total Enrolment: All Programs Grades Year 9 10 11 12 Total 2014 71 99

102 139 411 2015 75 81 99 128 383 2016 71 74 83 123 351 2017 49 71 73 104

297 2018 50 48 69 86 253 2019 64 49 48 84 245 2020 46 63 49 61 219 2021

61 46 63 64 234 2022 57 61 46 78 242 2023 52 56 61 58 227 2024 55 51

56 75 237 2025 56 53 51 71 231 2026 49 56 53 67 225 2027 57 48 56 69

230 2028 45 55 49 70 219 2029 53 44 55 61 213 Includes all programs at PHHS Educating for Success! Development Activity in Port Hope Educating for Success! Students Attending CCI from Port Hope Catchment 49 students from the Port Hope HS catchment attend Cobourg CI.

31 are in Board Programs - French Immersion Grades 11 or 12, and/or in the International Baccalaureate Program (Gr.912) and eligible for busing 5 Students are in a specialized education program and eligible for busing 13 Regular Program students not typically eligible for busing Educating for Success! Capture Rate within PHHS Catchment for all Schools Capture Rate by Grade Year: 2018/2019 In Regular Program All Children living in PHHS Catchment In Board Programs At PHHS, or Attending other At PHHS, or Attending other Age # Grade family school KPR Schools Subtotal family school KPR Schools Subtotal 12 125 7 60 48% 3 2% 63 50% 25

20% 1 1% 26 21% 13 160 8 91 57% 1 1% 92 58% 16 10% 0 0% 16 10% 14 155 9 48 31% 7 5% 55 35% 1 1% 12 8% 13 8% 15 140 10 45 32%

4 3% 49 35% 2 1% 13 9% 15 11% 16 170 11 67 39% 5 3% 72 42% 0 0% 8 5% 8 5% 17 150 12 84 56% 4 3% 88 59% 0 0% 12 8% 12 8%

*Secondary Enrolments include some pupils older than 17, but the Population includes only children up to the age of 17. Accounted in KPRDSB 89 71% 108 68% 68 44% 64 46% 80 47% 100 67% Not Accounted in KPRDSB 36 29% 52 33% 87 56% 76 54% 90 53% 50 33% Educating for Success! Other considerations Boundary/Catchment Area Changes Programming changes eg. IB Educating for Success!

Reasons for not choosing PHHS Friends are going elsewhere. Specialized Programming eg. IB Regular Programming (more variety) Extra-curricular (eg. Sports) Choosing another education system. Educating for Success! Areas of Focus for the Refresh a. Gather past reviews and collate the information. b. Document current supports/enhancements in place at PHHS. c. Determine themes for consultation, including but not limited to: - Programming for all students - Extra-curricular opportunities - Community Partnerships - Building and Property - Funding - Transportation - Enrolment Trends - Specialized Services - Staffing Additional Topics that emerge through the process d. Consult with stakeholder groups on each of the themes. e. Determine any necessary next steps to ensure that we are doing everything we can to provide the best possible experience for PHHS students. Educating for Success! Online Survey and Timelines URL for Online Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/RW8UToAEhEbHdyVA2 This link can be emailed to you. Please feel free to forward it to anyone interested in providing feedback. Timelines The Consultation and Review will take place in February and March of 2019. Stakeholder groups will consist parents, students, school staff and community representatives, as appropriate. Trustees will be invited to each of the meetings.

Educating for Success! Focus Groups Stakeholder Group and Method for Feedback Date/Time/Location Advertising/Marketing/Comment 1) Mayor & Town Council: Google survey Email invitation Week of Feb 04/19 COMPLETED Contact Mayors admin assistant for distribution to Port Hope city Counsellors 2) Students: Google survey 9s-12s >>> Week of Feb 04/19, computer lab and/or library, COMPLETED Advertising will occur internally and implemented by our SST team and classroom teachers in 7s/8s and 9s-12s 7s/8s >>> Week of Feb 11/19, computer lab and/or library COMPLETED Tue, February 19/19 @ 5:30 during regional council meeting, library COMPLETED 3) Community: Google survey + paper and pencil survey + Open forum Externally - Judy Malfara Post on KPR website Internally Post invitation to PHHS website

- Post invitation to Edsby - Conducted at next regional council mtg, Twitter Google link - Karen 4) Teachers/Staff: Google survey Mon, March 4/19, Staff meeting, library COMPLETED Conducted at next staff meeting, email link 5a) Parent Council: Google survey + Open forum Mon, March 18/19 @ 5;30 6:30, Library Conducted by sending invitation to Parent Council chair who forwards it to the community as a whole OMPLETED 5a) Community Forum: Google survey + Open forum Wed , March 20/19 @ 6;30 8:30, Main Gym Conducted by sending invitation through numerous advertising channels 6) Parent/Teacher night: Paper & Pencil survey. Surveys distributed to parents, completed before leaving OR online survey Wed, March 27/19 @ 6:00 pm, Main gym Conducted during parent/teacher night at PHHS Advertised to parents through Synervoice and on school website + flyer sent home with progress reports

Week of Feb 04/19 COMPLETED Invite, through Associate School principals, staff, community and respective parent councils to provide input using the survey 7) Associate schools and their Parent Councils: Google survey Educating for Success! Questions and Comments We would like everyone to have the opportunity to speak once before moving on to a second round of questions/comments. We will also be available after the public session to speak one on one with anyone who would like that opportunity. Educating for Success! Please fill out the survey by March 31 URL for Online Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/RW8UToAEhEbHdyVA2 This link can be emailed to you. Please feel free to forward it to anyone interested in providing feedback. Educating for Success!

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