86 1 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 1 2 . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 3

   86 1 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab  1 2   . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab  3

86 1 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 1 2 . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab

3 sommerville COCOMO . 100 . function point 200 . LOC = AVC * number : of FP FP:Function point AVC 30: 40 LOC=35*200=7000 : ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab

() Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML Patterns and Java: ()Reliability %%95 . % failure restart . % . ()Usability % . % % . % ()Interface 5 . 2 . 4 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab

() 5 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab () 5 . 10 .

6 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 2 7 LS . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab LS 8

()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab LS application 9 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 3 10 SSADM Agile .O.O . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab

) (3 . Incremental RAD Prototyping Spiral Concurrent Development Model

Component based Development The Formal Methods Model Aspect Oriented Software Development The Unified Process )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 11 ) (3 Agile

Extream Programming (XP) Adaptive Software Development (ASD) Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM) Scrum Crystal Feature Driven Development (FDD) )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 12 :

R. Pressman, Software Engineering -- A Practitioner's Approach, 6th edition, McGraw Hill, 2005. )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 13 :4 14 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ) (4

Object Domain: Object Domain Systems. object-oriented analysis and design

Object Methodology Overview: ICONIX Software Engineering Inc.. interactive CD-Rom course Object Plant: Midius Art&Science. object oriented analysis & design, OMT, UML, Macintosh Object Technology Workbench: OWiS Software GmbH. object oriented modeling, UML Object Technology Workbench: (OTW) OTW Software, Inc.. object oriented analysis and design, UML Object-Modeller: Sapiens International. Object-Oriented Designer: Kim, Prof. Tae Gyun. object oriented analysis & design, freeware, OMT Objecteering: Softeam. UML, C++, Java, metaCASE ObjectGEODE:

Telelogic AB. real time systems analysis & design, OMT, UML, SDL objectIF: Computer Systems for Business International Eastern Europe Ltd. (CSBI EE) (reseller). Coad/Yourdan, analysis,design,implementation, object oriented methods )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 15 ) (4

OPENTOOL: TNI. object oriented modeling, metamodeling Oracle: Oracle Systems Corp.. Oracle Designer/2000: Oracle Systems Corp.. Oracle Developer/2000: Oracle Systems Corp.. Oracle Reports:

Oracle Systems Corp.. ORCHIS: TNI. functional analysis, SADT P-Source: Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.. P-Tools: Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.. Pacbase: CGI Systems, Inc.. repository, code generation, full life-cycle, I-CASE, metamodeling PacDesign: CGI Systems, Inc.. analysis, design, business modeling, Yourdon, SSADM, OMT, YSM, Merise )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 16 ) (4


Tri-Pacific Software. real time task performance prediction RapidSched: Tri-Pacific Software. real time CORBA scheduling service Rational Apex: Rational Software Corporation. integrated interactive software engineering environment Rational CRC: Rational Software Corporation. object oriented analysis & design, class-responsibility-collaboration methodology Rational Rose: Rational Software Corporation. object oriented analysis & design, Booch methodology RAZOR: Visible Systems Corporation. issue tracking, configuration management RDD-100: Ascent Logic Corporation. systems engineering, requirements analysis RDT: Igatech Systems Pty Ltd. database applications, requirements management

ReaGeniX Programmer: OBP Research Oy. C, code generation, embedded real time systems, component modeling Real Time Developer Studio: PragmaDev SARL. SDL-RT, real time, embedded RECON3: University of West Florida. freeware, program understanding, program comprehension )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 17 ) (4 TurboCASE/Sys:

StructSoft, Inc.. real time systems UIM/X: Bluestone. GUI development UIM/X: UML Essentials: Pathfinder Solutions.

UML Foundation: Hewlett-Packard. GUI development Pathfinder Solutions. code templates UML Spotlight: Pathfinder Solutions. model execution Understand for Ada: Understand for C++:

Scientific Toolworks, Inc.. reverse engineering/maintenance, Ada Scientific Toolworks, Inc.. reverse engineering/maintenance, C++ Understand for FORTRAN: Unirel Openlook Toolkit: Scientific Toolworks, Inc.. reverse engineering/maintenance, FORTRAN Unirel.

VADS: VDM++ Toolbox: Rational Software Corporation. development environment for embedded systems Institute of Applied Computer Science (IFAD). VDM++toC++ code generation: VDM++toJava code generation:

Institute of Applied Computer Science (IFAD). Institute of Applied Computer Science (IFAD). )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 18 5 .

1. 19 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab 6 20 viewpoint . ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ) (6 view 4+1 . view 5 view Logical view

Process view Physical view Use case view Development view )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 21 ) (6 :Logical view requirement functional class view . diagram object diagram collaboration diagram E-R diagram . :class diagram )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 22

( 6) 23 :sequence diagram ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ( 6) Process view process . 24 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ( 6) Deployment view

. 25 ()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ) (6 Implementation view )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 26 ( 6) 27 Context view

()http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab ) (6 Physical Data View )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab( 28 6 Jeff Garland, Richard Anthony, Large scale software architecture, 2003. )http://ce.aut.ac.ir/islab(


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