Towards a New Professionalism The role of the

Towards a New Professionalism The role of the

Towards a New Professionalism The role of the Institute for Learning in the professionalisation reform agenda CPD and Registration Teachers CPD & Registration and Qualifications Regulations 2007 Existing Teacher (pre-Sept 2007) Register with the Institute for Learning: by 31st March 2008 if working in an FE college by 30th September 2008 if working in other LSC funded provision Demonstrate commitment to CPD Electively apply for QTLS from Sept 2008 (personal choice) CPD and Registration Teachers CPD & Registration and Qualifications Regulations 2007 New Teacher (post-Sept 2007) Register with the Institute for Learning: within 6 months of appointment Complete Preparing to Teach award within 12 months Complete initial teacher training (Diploma or Certificate) Achieve QTLS or ATLS status within 5 years of appointment

Demonstrate commitment to CPD Membership M Level or Equivalent Fellow Professional Formation QTLS ATLS Member Associate Teaching Qualification Affiliate Registration Join Online Bulk Notification A Model for Professionalism Emerging Technology Professional Knowledge Curriculum

Networks t c e bj lism u S ia Dual c e Sp Prof Professional Body Membership Awarding Bodies CPD P1 Te ac Le hing arn ing & P2 SSCs Self Assessment Context Emerging Technology Professional

Body Membership Support Agencies Organisational Priorities Appraisal or Review External Inspection Policy Initiatives Professional Knowledge LEARNER Peer External Networks Professional Development Step 6 reflect on the impact of what you have achieved in your Step 6 Reflect on professional impact on professional development record practice Step 5 Complete professional

development record Step 5 create your professional development record from the evidence in your log Step 1 using the model as Step 1 Reflect on a prompt, reflect on professional your role, subject practice specialism and known priorities CPD Step 4 carryStep out4 your Undertake planned activities professional and log outcomes development activities and reflections on

progress Step 2 analyse your goals and needs using Step 2 your personal Analyse and identify reflection, reviews development and appraisals needs Step 3 Create professional using development plan Step 3 this analysis, create a structured professional development plan for the coming year Professional Status Associate Teacher Learning and Skills (ATLS) Associate Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) Full

This license to practice will be conferred after successful completion of professional formation Based upon practitioner reflection, evidence collection and peer review Annually renewable, including a CPD obligation Subject to remaining in good standing through adherence to the Institutes Code of Professional Practice. Numeracy & Teaching & Self Learning Evaluation aan numeracy an an completion self-declaration reflection account the individual ILPendorsement detailing and of on ofanalysis the the literacy anthe of candidates impact approved fitness

of actions of the skills the ofto Literacy qualification professional ability candidates completed expertise practice theatcandidate or to above use made in application (or development learning their effectively equivalent) will against level subject: take 2: needs by the to the on

aat skills and person address Institutes ateaching level goals and deemed appropriate the knowledge for practice, criteria goals next to 12 satisfy set identified learners to acquired months: out QTLS the in and (level the through communities Institutes Declaration 5) or

through self ATLS assessment: criteria ITT: (level ofSuitability practice: 3 orof, 4) could scanned include, certificates orof be a for mix claims for Statement: status: of could asupporting authenticated personal include, reflection or be byathe mix onDeclaration of, Qualification Subject professional formation:

Suitability could employer, asubject personal include, related direct reflection or notification be skills a mix on or of, from aa expertise, apersonal apersonal teaching completed PDP scanned the awarding within reflection, peer reflection practice certificates declaration REfLECT, observation body, using peer onother the

aofor authenticated scanned aREfLECT evidence impact learner peer from suitability review of PDP, a observation (or such suitable CPD, other by of reference statement as peer the the numeracy expert reflective complete employer review, from to the a Supporting or candidates

method), witness, or application direct suitable learner literacy notification scanned evidence expert observations, skills reflective following within witness, copies offrom journal needs the the the of Professional authenticated or observation professional teachers Institutes analysis observation awarding coming subject of qualifications

template teaching development body (OTL), from area forandin Reflective Development learning, supporting collaborative appraisal the subject micro log testimonies or working review teaching area Practice Testimony Planning Registration support: Join Online Guidance Step by step support to guide your staff through the online registration process Tips to help your staff complete the registration effectively and efficiently

Also available in large print format Download this guidance at: Registration support: bulk notification Support your staff to register with the IfL Provide basic information to IfL: Full name DOB Valid email address IfL will email a unique identification number and advise how to complete the registration process !! NB- this does not mean these staff are registered; this service prompts your staff of their requirement to register and starts them on the process More information is available online at: Contact IfL on [email protected] How to contact the Institute Frequently Asked Questions

- Registration Visit - CPD - Professional Formation - Employer FAQs Visit Membership team: 0844 815 3202 (option 1) Email: [email protected] CPD team: 0844 815 3202 (option 2) Email: [email protected] Visit our website:

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