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East Hardin Middle School East Hardin Middle School strives to help students in the future both at the high school level and beyond. In order for students to be prepared for high school, college and/or career, we feel it is important to follow these school rules and policies in order to achieve the Work Ethic Certification as a Senior in high School. The Work Ethic Certification program has the ability to change lives and tremendously affect economic success in this region. The participants in this program will be more than ready to take the next step after graduation; no matter if it is college or career. High school seniors can elect to participate in the Work Ethic Certification Program. As a participant, they must demonstrate proficiency in the GREAT 8 Standards (see below) in order to earn the certification. The certificate will serve as validation that students have successfully displayed strong work habits fostering success in higher education and the workplace. Combined with the criteria and standards they must meet, Work Ethic Certification participants will receive curriculum instruction in their high school senior English classes. The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce encourages business and industry to show their support by granting Work Ethic Certification graduates a job interview. An interview may not lead to a hire, but it will give the graduate the priceless experience of an interview. The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce also provides a $1000 scholarship to a Work Ethic Certification graduate at Central Hardin, High School, John Hardin High School and North Hardin High School. Along with the interview, WEC graduates will also wear special cords at their respective graduation ceremonies and earn program seals on their diplomas. There are eight standards to which Work Ethic Certification program participants will adhere. They must meet criteria and gain points within each standard to earn the certification. Click below to see the eight standards and target behaviors. Work Ethic Standard #1 Attendance and Tardiness Students are expected to work hard to miss very few (if any) days of school and avoid repeated tardies and absences. Students are expected to build the habit of arriving to school on time daily. ATTENDANCE POLICY No academic points will be added to grades as a result of attendance. ATTENDANCE: KRS 159.010 states that the parent or guardian is responsible for keeping his/her child in regular school attendance. TRUANCY: KRS 159.150 states that any child who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more consecutive days, or tardy to school on three (3) or more consecutive days is truant. Any child who has been reported as a truant three (3) or more times is a habitual truant. Being absent for less than half a school day shall be regarded as tardy. In view of the KRS 159.010 and KRS 159.150 requirements, the Hardin County Board of Education has approved the following attendance policies:

1. PROCEDURES FOR ADMINISTERING ATTENDANCE POLICY a. The classroom teacher will keep an accurate daily attendance record for each of their classroom assignments. The classroom teacher shall record all absences daily. All reports concerning attendance will be completed and forwarded to the proper persons as indicated and required by the attendance policy and the administering procedures. b. When a student has been absent three (3) days, notification will be sent to the parent/guardian. It will be the parents/guardians and students responsibility to monitor additional absence(s). c. Any student that receives 6 or more unexcused absence will be referred to the Truancy Diversion Program. Failure to complete the program will result in the filling of a truancy charge in court. d. Any student who has exceeded seven (7) invalid absences will have his/her school privileges (i.e., extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.) suspended for the remainder of that semester. . 2. DEFINITIONS OF TERMS USED IN ATTENDANCE POLICY FOR GRADES 6-12 SEMESTER: That period of the adopted school calendar determined on an annual basis by the Hardin County Board of Education. This amount of time is generally one half of the school year but the ending date may change due to unforeseen circumstances. VALID EXCUSES: A. Illness that is verified by a doctor or medical agency, B. Orders of the court. This applies to summonses and subpoenas, C. Death or severe illness in the immediate family verified by a written statement.. Immediate family shall mean: father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, blood-related aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or anyone living unde same household roof with the student, D. School activities or circumstances if approved by the principal or his designee, and, E. The principal/designee shall determine the validity of each excuse presented. F. EXCUSES MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE MAIN OFFICE NO MORE THAN 5 DAYS AFTER RETURNING TO SCHOOL FROM THE ABSENCE. Failure to do so will result in the excuse being denied and the absence marked as unexcused. *A student will earn perfect attendance when no time has been missed from school, including excused absenses. ATTENDANCE REGULATION UPDATE Beginning with the 2006-2007 school year, attendance for all students in the state is calculated based on the actual percentage of time the student is absent from school. A student will be considered tardy if they miss up to 60 minutes of the day by arriving late, leaving early, or a combination of the two. If a student misses more than 60 minutes of the school day, then the entire amount of time will be counted as absent and recorded as a percentage missed of the day. Reports will show a T for tardy if it falls within the 60 minutes or as a percentage of the day missed. The Truancy Statutes have not changed, classifying six (6) unexcused absences as habitually truant. For Hardin County Schools purpose of calculating habitual truancy, we will use a cumulative figure. For

example, missing 30% of one day unexcused and 70% of another day unexcused, would equal one (1) full day unexcused absence. Work Ethic Standard #1 (Continued) TRUANCY DIVERSION PROGRAM Beginning in the 2007 2008 school year East Hardin Middle School entered into a collaborative endeavor with the Circuit Courts Family Court Division to implement a program aimed at eliminating truancy in our school. Habitual truancy is defined as having 6 unexcused absences. When a student accumulates 3 unexcused absences they will be given a notification letter to take home to their parent / guardian if 3 additional unexcused absences then occur, the family will be given the option of participating in the Truancy Diversion Program or having a truancy charge filed through the Court Designated Workers Office. For additional Information about this program, contact our Youth Services Center, the Hardin County CDW Office or the Main Office. TARDY POLICY East Hardins tardy policy will be effective on a semester basis for individual classes. Students will be verbally notified by the classroom teacher on each tardy assessed. 3 tardies WARNING LETTER SENT HOME 4 tardies 1 DAY OF A.M. OR P.M. DETENTION 5 tardies 2 Days of A.M. OR P.M. DETENTION 6 tardies 1 DAY OF SATURDAY SCHOOL 7 tardies 2 DAYS OF SATURDAY SCHOOL (and each additional tardy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVdQbilAgEI Work Ethic Standard #2 Personal Responsibility & Accountability Students are expected to meet discipline standards consistently, follow classroom behavior guidelines, respond quickly and respectfully to behavior corrections, cooperate in class, display a sincere service attitude and demonstrate responsible for their own actions. BEHAVIOR REGULATIONS/GUIDELINES 1. A district-wide Code of Conduct for the Hardin County Schools is provided to each student. Students and parents should review the policy handbook together, then sign and return the certification statement to one of the students team teachers during the first week of school. 2. School staff will take the necessary corrective action if it is determined that a students behavior is causing any type of disruption which contributes to destroying the educational process. 3. Using, *possessing, selling or transmitting drugs, controlled substances, look-alikes,

*prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or the abuse of over-the-counter drugs is strictly prohibited. 4. Use or possession of any tobacco product is not allowed during school hours or while participating in school activities. 5. Fighting at school cannot be tolerated. Students are encouraged to seek help from teachers or counselors to settle disputes. Students that engage in fighting at school will face suspension or other administrative consequences. 6. Knives, guns and other weapons or look-a-likes are strictly prohibited. 7. During school hours, students may not wear nor openly carry: hats, dark glasses or other related items that may serve as a distraction. Students may store these items in lockers or in book bags for use after school. Teachers and administrators will impound these items and tag them with the owners name, date taken, and turn them into the office. They cannot be retrieved by the student until after school on the following Friday. For subsequent violations, items will not be returned to the student, but may be picked up by the parent or guardian. Any item not picked up within 30 days may be donated to a charitable organization. The administration may make exceptions to this rule as a reward or incentive, i.e. hat day. 8. Students are not to bring matches, lighters, radios, CD players, cards, electronic games or other types of toys to school. These items will be confiscated, and held in the office for the parent or guardian to pick up and administrative consequences may be issued. Any student using Digital Devices to record or photograph without school permission during school hours will have device confiscated and face discipline consequences at the discretion of the Administrative team. 9. Students may have cellular telephones in their possession but they MUST be turned off during the school day. Cell phones will be confiscated if used while school is in Work Ethic Standard #2 (Continued) 12. Clothing items found on the school campus shall be turned in to the lost and found in the main office. After a reasonable period of time, unclaimed items are donated to a charitable organization. 13. Students are not to sell any items at school unless approved by the administration. 14. Students are not to work, play or practice in any part of the school building or on school grounds before or after regular school hours unless a teacher or authorized adult is present. 15. All students will be expected to participate in physical education unless they have a doctors excuse. 16. Announcements will be made each morning over the East Hardin TV Network. A member of the administrative staff must approve all announcements in advance. Posters and notices from outside organizations shall not be posted in the school without

the consent of the principal or his designee. 1st 2nd STEPS FOR EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE Student/Teacher conference. Parent contact (letter, phone, or conference). 3rd Additional student offenses may result in an office referral which could consequent a parent conference, A.M. or P.M. Detention, Saturday School, an individual plan of action, referral to the Board of Education, or referral to a Court Designated Worker for action to be taken through the legal system. Policy regarding Agenda Book Each student will be issued an agenda book. If an agenda book is lost, the student will be required to purchase a replacement at the set cost. Students will be responsible for carrying their agenda books at all times. Hall Pass Policy The hall pass pages of the student agenda book must be signed by a teacher to be utilized as a hall pass. Students will not be allowed to leave class without their agenda signed. SCHOOL BUS SAFETY RULES AND PRACTICES 1. Students will obey and respect the requests of the driver. 2. No part of the body is to be extended outside the bus at any time. 3. Students should always cross the road ten feet in front of the bus and look both ways before crossing. 4. Students should help the driver to keep the bus neat and clean. 5. Students should conduct themselves properly at all times and not do anything to distract the driver. 6. No pets or animals are allowed on the bus. 7. Objects that are large enough to take up seating space are allowed on the bus only with the principals permission. 8. Students should take their seats when available and not change seats after the bus is in motion. 9. Students should be ready to get on the bus when it arrives at their stop. They should not cross the road until the bus stops. 10. Students are not to change their regular pattern of riding and stops without a request from home and approval of the school principal. Bus notes should be brought to the Work Ethic Standard #2 (Continued)

IF STUDENTS WILL NOT OBEY THE TRANSPORTATION RULES AND REGULATIONS, THEN THE FOLLOWING ACTION WILL BE INITIATED: The bus driver will report inappropriate behavior on a bus misconduct report form. 1. With the first bus conduct report - Students will receive a warning, an assigned seat or be assigned A.M. or P.M. Detention based upon the severity of the misbehavior. 2. Two bus conduct reports - Students will be assigned A.M. or P.M. Detention or be suspended from riding the bus for 1 to 3 days. 3. Three bus conduct reports - Automatic bus suspension for 3 to 10 days and a conference with the parent/guardian. 4. If misbehavior continues, the student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus for the remainder of the semester or the school year. The following acts of serious misconduct on the bus or serious violation of safety rules and practices may result in immediate bus suspensions: Fighting, Profanity, Use of fire or open flame, Use of real or imitation tobacco products, Use of drugs or alcohol, Damage to bus, Any action that would endanger the safety of the students or driver ALLOWABLE ITEMS ON SCHOOL BUSES Attention should be given to items permitted to be carried by a student while being transported on a school bus. This is necessary to guard against interfering with the compartmentalization and collision protection afforded by school bus seat design. Historically, Kentucky school districts have been advised by the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Pupil Transportation, that only those items that a student can carry safely in their lap may be transported on a school bus. It is very important that items are not placed on school buses that could block the school bus aisle, restrict access to any emergency exits, nor become an airborne projectile should the vehicle become involved in a collision. The driver shall not knowingly permit any live animals, fowls, or reptiles to be transported on the bus. The driver shall not knowingly permit any preserved specimen to be transported that would likely frighten any pupil or cause a distraction. Because of the possibility of blocking the drivers field of view, helium filled balloons are not allowed on the buses. A few other items that are not allowed on school buses are: Glass objects (jars, bottles, vases, etc), Baseball bats, Tobacco Products, Open Food, Open Drinks, any object that might distract the driver from watching the road. LOCKERS Each student is assigned a locker with a combination lock. In most cases, students will share their locker with one other student. These will be issued free of charge during the first week of school. After the lockers are assigned, any student who has a locker problem should first check with the teacher who originally assigned the locker to ensure that they are using the correct combination. If the problem persists, the teacher or student should contact a custodian or the assistant principal and the locker will be checked as soon as possible. The school reserves the right to inspect any student locker when deemed necessary. In the interest of safety to your possessions, you should

not reveal the combination for your lock to other students. You should use only your locker (dont store your belongings in another students locker) and see that it is kept Work Ethic Standard #2 Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy (Continued) Students may have cell phones/electronic devices in their possession but they MUST be turned off or silenced during the school day. Cell phones/Electronic Devices must remain out of sight from the time they enter the building until the time they exit the school building except when authorized by a teacher or administrator. Teachers may permit use of cell phones/electronic devices for academic activities related to curriculum and will notify students when this type of use is authorized. When a device is in use in the classroom, students WILL NOT: Answer an incoming SMS (text) message or phone call, Be on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc...), Access or play any game or access any entertainment site on their device, Access or use any application (app) on their device unless expressly instructed to by the teacher, Take any picture or video that the teacher has not expressly asked you to take, Upload any picture or video taken in any class to any social media site or website, SMS (text) message or email any picture of video taken in class to any person, including themselves, Access any type of mobile web browsing for any reason unless directed by the teacher, Take any pictures, video or text any class assignments or assessments without permission. Cell phones/Electronic Devices will be confiscated if used from 7:50-3:15 (classroom, gym, cafeteria and hallways) this includes talking on, ringing during class, text messaging, listening to music, photographing or videoing. Confiscated devices will be held by administration. Refer to Hardin County School Board Policy #9.4261. Additional Notes Every incident will be documented in the students file. Anyone loaning a device that gets confiscated is taking the chance that the device will be held by the administration for a parent/guardian to pick up. If a student refuses to relinquish the device to a school staff member, the parent will be contacted and possible suspension will occur. The staff of East Hardin Middle School is not responsible for devices that are brought to and/or confiscated at the school. If a student needs to contact their parent or guardian, the student needs to come to the counseling office to call home. 1st offense- Warning issued by teacher and is documented in ABE 2nd offense- Teacher confiscates device and given to administration. Administration will give the phone back to the student at the end of the day and contact the parent or guardian. Documentation of action in ABE. 3rd offense- Teacher confiscates device and gives to administration.

Administration contacts the parent or guardian to pick up the phone at school. Documentation of action in ABE. 4th offense- Teacher confiscates device and gives to administration. Work Ethic Standard #2 (Continued) DRESS CODE In keeping with the educational purpose of this school, students are expected to dress and groom themselves appropriately. Each student is expected to keep his/her person and clothing clean and neat. There will be a classroom check for dress code violations daily during first period. Administrators and teachers shall enforce the dress code policy, and the principal or his designee shall be the final judge as to the appropriateness, neatness, and cleanliness of the wearing apparel. Students in violation of the dress code are subject to disciplinary action. The following rules will be enforced: 1. Clothing and accessories decorated with offensive illustrations, slogans that are about or suggestive of drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, sex, obscenities or language which proves to be a disturbing influence shall not be allowed. 2. Footwear and shirts must be worn during school and at extracurricular events sponsored by the school or district. 3. Bare midriffs, sheer or see through clothing, bare backs, off-the-shoulder tops, tank tops, and shirts with cutout sleeves are not allowed. Tops revealing cleavage are not permitted. 4. No hats, bandanas, caps, rakes, picks, combs, spurs, or sunglasses may be worn inside the building. Students violating this policy may have the article confiscated. Hats brought to school are not to be carried and must be placed in locker until 3:15. 5. Holes, tears, or rips on any garment above the top of the knee are not allowed. 6. Leotards, spandex, lycra, yoga pants and form-fitting clothes are not allowed unless the top is long enough all the way around that it falls at least five inches from the top of the knee. All shorts, skirts, and dresses are to be at a length that is no more than five inches above the knee. An index card from the top of the knee held vertically will be used as a source of measurement. 7. Any apparel that is gang related cannot be worn on the school campus. 8. All pants must be worn on the waist. 9. All shirts and tops MUST have sleeves. 10. No chains or spiked collars are allowed. 11. Students will not wear pajama pants, nightgowns, house slippers or carry a blanket in school . 12. Any item that disrupts or distracts from the educational process will not be allowed. Dress Code Violations & Consequences 1st Offense: Sent to the office to correct the offense and a warning documented 2nd Offense: One hour After School Detention. Offense has to be corrected. 3rd Offense: Two hour after school detention. Offense has to be corrected. 4th Offense: Saturday School. Offense has to be corrected.

Further violations will be at the discretion of the administration. Discipline referral will be written on each offense. Work Ethic Standard #3 Academic Performance Students are expected to perform at or above their grade level. They work hard and are dedicated to promoting their future. Students are expected to have self-discipline and apply theirATskills and talents in a COURSES OFFERED EAST HARDIN ART, ARTS ANDmanner. HUMANITIES, BAND, TECHNOLOGY, CHINESE, PROJECT LEAD THE productive WAY,PHYSICAL EDUCATION, LANGUAGE ARTS (READING AND ENGLISH), MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, DISCOVERY (READING) GRADING STANDARD By order of the Hardin County Board of Education, the grading scale used by all Hardin County Schools beginning in Fall 2002 will be as follows: 92 100 A Excellent 83 91 B Good 74 82 C Average 68 73 D Below Average 0 67 F Failing A minimum numerical grade of 55 will apply during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter grading periods; however, the actual numerical grade will be recorded for the 4th quarter grading period. Grades and final promotions will be based on: 1. Academic achievement 2. General conduct and honest effort 3. Regular school attendance PHYSICAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Students are required to wear appropriate gym attire in physical education class

every day (even though they may not participate that day). To ensure safekeeping, valuables must be checked with the P.E. teacher. If a student is medically exempt from enrolling in physical education, a doctors statement must be submitted to the counselors office in order to revise the students schedule. BAND 1. Students must arrange to furnish their own instrument. 2. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are eligible to enroll in band. 3. Since band is a co-curricular class, participation in all after school practices and performances is a graded requirement. 4. Band classes are usually several times larger than a normal class; therefore, disrespect, disobedience or general classroom disruptions will not be tolerated. 5. There will be no Marching Band at the middle school level; however, students with advanced skills may be invited to try out for Central Hardin High Schools Marching Band. 6. Band students should wait until released from the gym in the mornings before taking their instrument to the band room or locker. CHINESE Students in the 7th and 8th grade may have the opportunity to take a Chinese course, this is by invitation only based off Reading MAP Scores. If your child is enrolled in this course, Work Ethic Standard #3 (Continued) PROMOTION AND RETENTION POLICY Students at East Hardin Middle School will be promoted in accordance with Hardin County Schools Administrative Regulation 08.22, which states: Middle school students are to be promoted according to the number of classes passed. Students who fail two or more of the classes listed below are to be retained. A. English B. Mathematics C. Reading D. Science E. Social Studies F. Any full year elective class G. Any combination of quarter or semester classes totaling one (1) full year of instruction This regulation further states that The Principal shall notify students who are in danger of retention at the close of the first and third quarters. The decision to promote or retain shall be made by the principal after involvement by the teacher(s), parent and Principal. East Hardin will maintain standing committees consisting of at least one administrator (Principal or Counselor) and all teachers providing instruction for an at-risk student to make recommendations concerning the promotion or retention of a student. GRADE REPORTS We at East Hardin Middle School take pride in making available to our students the best possible education we can provide. We take responsibility for insuring that all opportunities for success are provided for your child. However, the parent must assume the primary responsibility for each childs achievement. We provide quarterly grade

reports, mid-term progress reports and personal contact when necessary. We would like to make you aware of the dates that the mid-term progress reports and quarterly grade reports are to arrive at your home. A one call will be placed whenever progress reports and quarterly grade reports are being sent home. You may also keep up with your childs progress by logging onto the Parent Portal feature of our student database, Infinite Campus. This on-line service will provide you with up-todate grades and attendance information on your child at any time during the school year. Contact one of our counselors if you do not already have an access code. The last quarterly grade report will be mailed home or picked up in the office. These dates may change due to revisions in the school calendar. If this should occur, the new date(s) will be provided. If you discover that your child is not progressing at a rate that meets your expectations, please contact our Counseling Department to arrange a conference. At that time, our teachers will be glad to give suggestions that could help make your child be more successful and make you an integral part of your childs teaching team. Together, we will succeed in making your childs experience at East Hardin Middle School rewarding. AWARDS At the conclusion of each nine weeks grading period, academic achievement will be honored. Students being honored will be those receiving all As and those receiving all As and Bs. East Hardin will hold an awards ceremony in the spring of the year. Awards will be given to the top academic achievers, and those with perfect attendance, in each grade. Work Ethic Standard #3 (Continued) ELIGIBILITY FOR EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Academic eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities (*see definition below) will be determined by the following: 1. Any student who participates in extra-curricular activities must maintain a passing grade (68 +) in each subject. 2. A student with 1 "F" will be allowed to practice with the team but will NOT dress or play any games until the next grade check. An student with more than 1 "F" will NOT be allowed to practice, dress or play any games until the next grade check. The student should attend the next after school grade enhancement session. Grade checks are done each Friday @ 10:00 AM. 3. If a student fails to pass any subject for the year, he/she will be ineligible to participate in any fall extracurricular activities for two (2) calendar weeks beginning with the day of the first scheduled sanctioned game or activity of the following fall season. This date shall be counted as the first day of a students two (1) week of ineligibility. While the student is ineligible, he/she will not be allowed to travel or be in uniform for any extracurricular activity. 4. Any student who participates in extracurricular activities is expected to maintain exemplary school citizenship. Therefore, any student with five behavioral violations (refer to Student Code of Conduct, pp. 9, 10) in a school year shall be suspended from participation in extracurricular activity for the remainder of the school year. 5. In addition, any student who owes a monetary debt to the school will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities until such time as the debt is paid. Examples of

debts owed would be lunch charges, overdue or lost library books, lost or damaged textbooks, outstanding fund-raiser money, etc. *Extracurricular activity: referring, designating, or pertaining to those phases of school activities not taught in the classroom, though functioning under the guidance of the faculty, as sports, clubs, marching band, dances, etc. East Hardin Middle School Grading and Homework Policy East Hardin Middle School has developed and will continue to change/develop guidelines for grading and homework as needed. This work was accomplished through a school committee; any current individual teacher/team guidelines, student/parent feedback; review of research-based literature, and web searches of other middle school grading guidelines. EHMS Grading Guidelines: Students at EHMS will be assigned grades based upon their achievement of the Kentucky Core Content Standards, not how they compare to the performance of other students. SECTION #1: Grading: Weighted Categories: Grades must be weighted into at least two categories. The summative/achievement grades must be a higher percentage than the formative/practice grades. Percentages for summative and formative work will be determined by the teacher. Example of how grades could be broken down into two categories: (This is not mandatory; however, may be used by teachers in their individual classrooms or by team) Work Ethic Standard #3 (Continued) East Hardin Middle School Grading and Homework Policy (continued) Practice is work conducted when a student is still learning the material. It is designed to provide direction for improvement and/or adjustment to instruction for individual students or for a whole class. This may also be referred to as formative work. Achievement is work conducted when a student has had adequate instruction and practice to be responsible for the material. It provides information to be used in making judgments about a students achievement at the end of a period of instruction. This may also referred to as summative work. Purpose: Time: Types: Use:

Practice to monitor during process informal to improve Achievement to judge end of process formal judge process/product Practice and Achievement may include the following types of work: please note however, that the definitions provided above are the best guide for determining if work is for practice or for achievement and recognize that this may differ based on the content and grade level. (Each content area will develop a list of practice and achievement components.) Practice Examples some quizzes, some homework, first drafts of writing, teacher questions during instruction, some quality worksheets, informal observations, pre-testing. Achievement Examples Tests (written, oral, and performance), some quizzes, some homework (extension and integration), writings (research papers, writings for publication, etc.), projects, presentations. Guideline Example: Practice and Achievement are to be recorded separately in the grade book. The completion of Achievement work is not optional and makes up the majority of a course grade (60%). The completion of Practice work is important and makes up 40% of a grade. SECTION #2: Late assignments/ Homework: Late work: If the student is absent, he or she has the number of days stated in the handbook to make up the assignment. If an assignment of any kind is turned in late, not due to an absence, that student has one day to make that assignment up. If a formative (practice) assignment is over one day late, the student will get a 0 for that assignment. If a summative (achievement) assignment is over one day late, that student will be signed up for a Saturday School or an after school academic enhancement session. (All summative work must be completed) If a student receives a 0 due to a late assignment or is signed up for a Saturday School or Academic Enhancement, the Parent or Guardian will be notified by the teacher in some form. (Ex. A stamp in the agenda book, email, text or phone call ). This will occur within one week of the missing assignment) Work Ethic Standard #3 (Continued) Homework:

Introduction: The EHMS community recognizes that homework is an important part of academic growth in middle school. It has the potential to affirm the learning partnership among students, teachers, and parents/guardians. We believe that family and leisure activities are important and the amount and types of homework assigned should reflect that. We acknowledge individual student differences in ability, achievement levels, and needs, and that some students may take more or less time to complete homework assignments. In regards to the above statement: Parents can expect homework to be: planned and organized by the teacher consistent with the needs and abilities of students purposeful to students reviewed and returned to students in a timely manner Teachers should assign homework: That is carefully planned and organized. That is consistent with the needs and abilities of students. That is made clear to students at the time of the assignment the purpose of the homework, the guidelines or rules, and the basis for evaluating the work performed. That takes equity of access to technology needed into account when assigning and evaluating homework. That is reasonable in length That enhances, enriches, and extends the school experience. Parents should: Provide encouragement and support and show interest in your childs work. Talk with teachers regarding homework concerns and questions. Support the school in this process. Contact the school for missed work during student extended absences from school. Encourage students to complete and turn in their homework. Schedule a time for homework completion/studying and monitor student work habits. Students should: Take home all necessary materials to complete assignments. Complete and return the homework (it can help a student grade!). Talk to teachers/advisor regarding homework concerns. Record assignments in the student Agenda book. Collect and turn in all work missed during an absence from school. Schedule and organize time for homework that works with family and after school activities. For additional information on how to help your child succeed with homework, please contact your childs teacher. Work Ethic Standard #3 (Continued) In order for students to perform at or above grade level, they must be feeling well. Health Services at School A registered nurse is assigned to each school. The school nurse is

able to provide basic screenings such as vision, scoliosis and dental screens, assessments, first aid, over the counter medications (for no more than 3 consecutive days) and other health services on a limited basis with a completed a School Health Consent for the current school year. This consent form should be completed at time of enrollment. More intensive health services are available, if needed, with written authorization/order from a students physicians. Parent/guardian should notify the school nurse of any health concern that could require emergency services, interfere with the students education process or require interventions throughout the school day. Students requiring medical accommodations throughout the school day (including, but not limited to, physical education, dietary conditions, physical limitations and medical interventions) must ensure an authorization form provided by the school nurse is completed by the students medical provider & signed by the parents stating the need for such accommodations each school year. Examples of this include catheterization, blood sugar checking, seizure precautions, and other medical needs. The school nurse will provide specific forms for the physician and parents to complete in order for the student to have further interventions/accommodations while at school. Medication at School If a student has need for medications during the school day (either over the counter or prescription), parents must sign a written authorization form and provide the medication in its original container and make arrangements for the medication to be delivered to/picked up from school. Students are not allowed to transport medication to or from school, unless emergency medications are specifically ordered by physician to be available during bus transport. All prescription medication requires the label from the pharmacy to be written in English and be on the container/box. In the school nurses absence, only students with specific forms (Authorization to Give Medication) on file will be able to receive medication from trained school staff. All medicine must be picked up by a parent/guardian at the end of the school year. Medicine not picked up will be disposed. Emergency Medication at School Students with known health conditions which require emergency medication may have their medications brought to school to be stored in the nurses office for administration as needed. The medication must be provided by the parent and must include the label written from the pharmacy written in English and on the box/container. Parents will need to speak with the school nurse to ensure that the correct authorization forms are completed by the students physician and returned to the school nurse. Self-Administration of Medication at School Students will only be permitted to carry medication (emergency or otherwise) on their person with an authorization to self-administer medication from his/her physician. The school nurse will provide this form to the parents. These completed forms should be returned to the school nurse before the student begins carrying the medication at school. Illness and Injury A student should not be in attendance and will be sent home with any of the following: Temperature 100.0 degrees or greater, or with incidents of vomiting and/or diarrhea. Student may return to school when free of above symptom(s) for 24 hours without any fever reducing medication or other medication to relieve symptom(s). Symptoms related to possible communicable diseases. Work Ethic Standard #4 Work Habits &

Persistence Students are expected to have strong work habits, a high level of determination and stick with a job until it is completed correctly.ACADEMIC TEAMS Academics are encouraged and recognized both as individual and team competitions. East Hardin will sponsor opportunities for students to tryout for the following teams or groups: 1. Governors Cup 2. Knowledge Masters 3. Math Counts 4. Spelling Bees 5. Speech Team ELIGIBILITY FOR EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Academic eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities (*see definition below) will be determined by the following: 1. Any student who participates in extra-curricular activities must maintain a passing grade (68 +) in each subject. 2.. If a student fails to pass any subject for the year, he/she will be ineligible to participate in any fall extracurricular activities for two (2) calendar weeks beginning with the day of the first scheduled sanctioned game or activity of the following fall season. This date shall be counted as the first day of a students two (1) week of ineligibility. While the student is ineligible, he/she will not be allowed to travel or be in uniform for any extracurricular activity. 3. Any student who participates in extracurricular activities is expected to maintain exemplary school citizenship. Therefore, any student with five behavioral violations in a school year shall be suspended from participation in extracurricular activity for the remainder of the school year. 4. In addition, any student who owes a monetary debt to the school will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities until such time as the debt is paid. Examples of debts owed would be lunch charges, over-due or lost library books, lost or damaged textbooks, outstanding fund-raiser money, etc. *Extracurricular activity: referring, designating, or pertaining to those phases of school activities not taught in the classroom, though functioning under the guidance of the faculty, as sports, clubs, marching band, dances, etc. ATHLETIC TEAMS We feel that athletics make a worthy contribution to the overall program at East Hardin Middle School. The primary purpose of the athletic program is the development of the minds and bodies, as well as the cultivation of proper attitudes and good sportsmanship. All students must provide the following information before they will be allowed to try out to participate on a competitive squad: 1. School insurance or proof of adequate insurance to pay medical costs in case of injury. 2. Physical examination from a licensed physician. 3. Signed permission slip from the parent or guardian. We will provide the following athletic programs: 1. Football: Practice begins in mid-July for the upcoming school year. We will have a combined 7th / 8th grade team that will play up to 8 games. 2. Basketball Girls: Practice begins at or near the beginning of the school year. East Hardin will field separate teams for 7th and 8th graders.

Both teams will play up to 20 games plus a post-season tourney. 3. Basketball Boys: Practice begins in midSeptember. East Hardin will field separate teams for 7th and 8th graders. Both teams will play up to 20 games plus a post-season tourney. 4. Volleyball Girls: Practice begins in mid-January. East Hardin will field separate teams for 7th and 8th graders Both teams will play up to 20 games plus a post-season tourne. 4. Cheerleadeading: There will be a combined cheerleading squad for the 7th and 8th grade teams. Cheerleaders will be selected in the summer for participation the following year. 5. Archery: Coed team of up to 40 members with the season running from October to March or beyond Students who remain after school for athletics or any other activity shall not leave the school grounds until picked up by their parent/guardian or the activities bus. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a suspension from extracurricular activities. Grades will be checked at the end of each week. Any student who is found to be ineligible shall not participate, other than practice, in any extracurricular activity for a period of one calendar week. The day grade cards are Work Ethic Standard #5 Puncuality, Prepardness & Organization Students are expected to be punctual, prepared and organized, get to classes on time and have all the materials they need for class and approach their work in an organized fashion.YOUTH SERVICES CENTER Located in room 501 of the Technology Education Building, the Youth Services Center will provide individual student and family services to those households in need of assistance. The primary function is to remove barriers that might impede student success. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, you can call the YSC direct at (270) 369-6042. SCHOOL SUPPLIES School supply lists will always be posted on social media, on our school website and copies will be available in the front office. Periodically throughout the school year, students will need more paper and pencils to stay prepared for class. If you are needing assistance to provide supplies for your student, please call the school. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiNhKvDolEE Work Ethic Standard #6 Respectful Interactions /Communication Students are expected to be respectful, polite and considerate of other people and their property. They are expected to listen and communicate clearly

effectively and COUNSELING DEPARTMENT professionally. East Hardin Middle School provides students the services of two certified guidance counselors. Our counselors provide responsive services that meet students immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may include counseling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response. The counselors may also act as a liaison between the school and community, and may be contacted concerning any situation that would interfere with the normal academic or social development of a child. These services include but are not limited to: child abuse, substance (alcohol/drugs) abuse, etc. Indirect services are provided on behalf of students including referrals for additional assistance, consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, other educators and community organizations. Academic counseling, career counseling/planning and college preparation are also areas our counselors offer to students. Parents are encouraged to examine their childs records including standardized testing and past performance to determine realistic expectations of each child during their formative middle school experience. ANTI-BULLYING LAW In April of 2008 the Governor of Kentucky signed into law House Bill 91, which amended sections of KRS 158 to now require that schools notify local law enforcement agencies any time a student commits a felony act of harassment, intimidation or bullying. Such acts will require schools officials to impose disciplinary action on students if they occur on the school campus, while on a bus, at a bus stop or through an act of cyberbullying. Any act of bullying at East Hardin will be dealt with as a serious matter whether it constitutes a felonious act or is just mean spirited in nature offenders can expect to be suspended from school, referred to the Board of Education for an expulsion hearing, or have charges filed against them through the CDW office. House Bill 91 uses the Golden Rule (Treat others as you wish to be treated) as a model for defining how students in all of Kentuckys schools should conduct themselves. Any student who feels they are being threatened, harassed, intimidated or bullied should immediately notify a teacher, counselor, administrator or any adult staff member. SCHOOL CLOSING AND RESULTING CANCELLATION OF ACTIVITIES On rare occasions Hardin County Schools may have the need to dismiss the school day earlier than the regularly scheduled closing time. This situation is usually due to abnormal weather conditions (extreme heat, rapid snow accumulation, etc.) but might also apply to other unforeseen circumstances such as community emergencies or natural disasters. In order for both parents and students to adjust to these situations with as little confusion as possible, please discuss a tentative plan of action with your child should school be dismissed early or on brief notice. This will aid all children, especially those who cannot contact their parents during the workday. A tentative early home arrival plan will assist the parents and school personnel in minimizing confusion and uncertainty for the students. We stress the fact that the practice of dismissing the school day early will be used as sparingly as possible, but we do seek your cooperation in pre-planning with your child for an early arrival home when the need arises. In the event of inclement weather, school cancellation will be announced as soon as possible on local and Louisville radio stations. School extra-curricular activities, such as ball games, may or may not be held depending on the weather at the time the activity is scheduled. Any student whose parents feel that travel is unsafe during inclement

Work Ethic Standard #6 (continued) TITLE IX/SECTION 504/TITLE VI GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE The Hardin County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, marital status, religion, or age in employment, educational programs or activities as set forth in Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and Civil Rights Act of 1984. Contact the Equal Opportunity Coordinator at: Hardin County Board Of Education 65 W.A. Jenkins Road Elizabethtown, KY 42701 Telephone: (270) 769-8832 The Hardin County Board of Education grievance procedure for non-compliance for nondiscrimination statement is as follows: A. A written complaint filed with the building principal, to be followed with a written response from the building principal or supervisor. B. If not satisfied, a written appeal is to be directed to Title IX District Hearing Committee, to be followed with a written response. C. If not satisfied, a written appeal is to be made to the Hardin County Board of Education. A complete copy of the above grievance procedure, including timelines, is available in the building principals office. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndzSWdu0VAg Work Ethic Standard #7 Cooperation & Teamwork Students are expected to work cooperatively with others to problem solve, work together to complete projects, handle conflict professionally except their role SCHOOL -a BASED DECISION - MAKING as a leader and/or team member do(S.B.D.M.) what they can to In the spring of 1995 East Hardin became a School - Based Decision - Making School. S.B.D.M. is a help done. process get wherebythings a council consisting of the principal, three teachers and two parents assume some of the responsibilities previously held by the school district's elected board members. Working under the direction of

the S.B.D.M. Council, various committees will set the school curriculum, establish uniform discipline policies, select classroom textbooks and make various other recommendations all aimed at tailoring our school to best meet the needs of the community which we serve. To learn more about the School - Based Decision - Making Council or to volunteer for a committee, contact the school principal or any member of the S.B.D.M. Council. Members of the Council: Brittany Nickell, Principal/Chairperson Kelly Baucum, Faculty Representative Kyle Coomer, Faculty Representative Angela VanMeter, Faculty Representative Caleb Bland, Parent Representative Shannon Weber, Parent Representative CLUBS Twice a month ALL students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs of their choice. Students can participate in three clubs, all meeting for one hour a month. After school starts students will be able to apply to participate in clubs of their choice. If students do not follow club rules established by the club sponsor, the students can be sent to another teacher to do assigned work until the club is finished meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk4mI3qYG68 Work Ethic Standard #8 Community Service Students get involved in service projects that help people in their community. SERVICE CHALLENGES Every quarter as apart of our team pride competitions, the school will host a community service project. Some of the projects we participate in our local food drives, toy drives around the Holidays, Piggies for Preemies, Pop Tab collection for Nortons Kosairs Childrens Hospital and many more! P.T.S.A. (PARENT, TEACHER AND STUDENT ASSOCIATION) East Hardin has a well-established and highly active P.T.S.A. This is an extension of the traditional P.T.A. and in keeping with our philosophy of student worth; we wish to have our children actively involved in decisions about their school. Throughout the school year announcements concerning the P.T.S.A. will be sent home by way of the students, via email if you register with PTSA and through the one call system. Parents will have the opportunity to join PTSA at all of our Open House events. If you have any questions, please contact Christy Cox, President of the PTSA. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM Hardin County Schools has successfully operated a Volunteer Program for many years. This program makes use of parents and citizens in a variety of activities that enhance our students educational experience. The continued success of this program depends upon a willingness on your part to share some time with your school. If you are interested in becoming a school volunteer, contact Ms. Barbara Hagan, the schools volunteer coordinator. Anyone wishing to volunteer must submit a Volunteer Form to be processed and approved through Frankfort before volunteering. A small fee may be

assessed to cover the cost of volunteer form processing. If you are wanting to chaperone a field trip, we must have a volunteer form completed for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz3_qxEOc3s Work Ethic Standards Business Partners AGC Altec Bluegrass Cellular Brandenburg Telecom The Cecilian Bank City of Elizabethtown Fort Knox Federal Credit Union Genesis Healthcare (Kensington Nursing Home) Hardin County Schools Hardin Memorial Health Helmwood Nursing Home The Job Shop Kerr Office Group Lincoln Trail Health Department McDonalds Metalsa Mike Wyman State Farm Insurance The Reserves Network Swope Family of Dealerships United Bank

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