Resource Period (homeroom) Information Resource Period: 1. Special

Resource Period (homeroom) Information Resource Period: 1. Special

Resource Period (homeroom) Information Resource Period: 1. Special Programming

a. College and Career Readiness (Naviance) b. Anti drug/alcohol/bullying programming c. School-Based Activities (musical teasers, course scheduling, standardized test registration, etc.) 2. Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance What is Academic Assistance?

Seek academic assistance from your teachers Work on activities related to your academic courses

Study Homework Enrichment Activities Please take out your student handbook and

open it to page 139 John Smith 123456789

Pages 139-142 will be used to sign-up for Academic Assistance There will be times during the year when Academic Assistance is limited to certain

grade levels. During this time, excluded grades will have a specific resource task/activity. Seeking Academic Assistance

If you would like to seek Academic Assistance during resource period, please ask your teacher to sign your resource pass (Monday-Friday)

You should seek permission during the following times: Before/After Class Before/After School You should never seek

permission during the passing period immediately preceding resource period on Wednesday. Please realize that the number

of students each teacher will be able to see during resource will be limited due to classroom space restrictions. John Smith

8/28/15 123456789 Academic Assistance Wednesday 10:10 10:14 Resource teacher

will take attendance students will present their resource pass (handbook) to the teacher and sign the resource binder John Smith

8/28/15 123456789 8/28

John Smith Mr. Obama The passing period for Academic Assistance is only 4 minutes long.

The only students who are allowed outside their resource classroom are those traveling to an Academic Assistance location. This is not a time to do the following: Use restroom Hang out with Friends

Go to locker 8/28 John Smith

Mr. Doe John Smith 8/28/15 123456789

Teachers may require students to attend their Academic Assistance period. A teachers request to attend Academic Assistance during the school day is not an option. Failure to report will be considered a

truancy. If you stay in your resource class, you must be working on academic material related to your courses for the remainder of the period. The following activities are prohibited:

Sleeping Using cell phone Visiting Leaving the classroom for any reason Any other teacher specific restrictions

Academic Assistance Recap Passes must be signed prior to resource period Complete the proper sign-out procedure Proceed directly to Academic Assistance location Complete the proper sign-in procedure

If you remain in your resource class, be prepared to work on academic material Failure to abide by resource rules may result in a loss of Academic Assistance privileges, disciplinary action, or both.

If you have additional questions, please ask your resource teacher.

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