Accelerating solutions for highway safety, renewal, reliability, and

Accelerating solutions for highway safety, renewal, reliability, and

Accelerating solutions for highway safety, renewal, reliability, and capacity Regional Operations Forum Communicating the Value of Operations Within an Agency, to Customers, and Among Regional Decision Makers Key Topics Who is your audience? Identifying the different stakeholders Audience and motivators Your message to the public and public perception The role of elected officials Strengthening regional relationships and partnerships Tools and strategies to promote the value of operations

2 Who is Your Audience? Decision makers vs. influencers vs. implementers Agency organizational leadership Regional leadership and elected officials Partner agencies Private sector The public too!

Recommended Product: SHRP 2 L17 Business Case Primer Communicating the Value of Transportation Systems Management and Operations 3 Target Your Message Getting to the most compelling reason to implement TSM&O is a matter of identifying the most compelling problem that can be solved with a TSM&O strategy. 5

Building the Case Good Reason Compelling Reason Congestion is increasing and we need to address mobility on freeways. Voters will decide in 2 years whether to extend our transportation funding tax. TSM&O strategies provide early winners to show we are investing funds wisely and that

it is making a difference to travelers in reducing delay on freeways. We can show time and safety benefits from new incident management and operations strategies. 6 Building the Case, cont. Good Reason Compelling Reason Freight is important to our regional economy, and our

system management strategies will factor in needs of freight. We will partner with those major freight operators that might be impacted by this long-term work zone. This region depends on freight mobility and access to warehouses near this freeway project. We can collaborate and get feedback on new traveler information alerts or custom information feeds so they are

notified of major delays or restrictions. 7 Communicating Value Value can be subjective Different audiences need different value propositions. Where is the value proposition for your stakeholders?

Mobility improvements and time savings Safety improvements Costbenefit of operations vs. capital improvements Jobs generated or preserved Performance under budget Customer perception/strong public opinion Regional leveraging and partnering Project delivery schedules 8 Examples of Communicating Value

9 20% time savings for synchronized signals 20 min vs. 16 min average trip Reducing delay saves fuel 800 of 2,300 timed this year Analysis and

updates as conditions change The Impact of Public Perception The public is an important audience, but also an important influencer Decision-making taxpayers Agency reputation Importance of customer service Tangible links to the public Traveler Information Freeway Service Patrol 10 Group Discussion

What are some of the different ways that the value and benefits of TSM&O can be articulated? What are some example messages to share with different audiences? Agency decision makers/leaders Regional decision makers/leaders The public 11 Factors that Influence Decision Makers

Limited time to address any issue Their own interest areas They are very dependent on staff Interpersonal relationships usually the key to getting things done Like to be given credit and recognition Sensitivity to fiscal constraints Jargonelected officials prefer plain speak, risk tuning out And, importantly, elected officials like to get re-elected! 14

Strategies to Engage Regional Leaders Understand the environment in which they operate Getting to the right advisory staff Agency senior leaders may be a viable conduit Industry leaders could have some influence with decision makers and officials Make sure issues are easily understood and communicated Demonstrate how operations can leverage regional fiscally constrained budgets and resources

15 Packaging the Message for Elected Officials Back to basics Focus on limited number of issues or programs that THEY can influence Focus on what will be gained by their support Provide the right information to the right people Public perception What are the bottom line fiscal, job, or economic benefits? SHRP 2 L31 CEO-focused presentation: Operations in the 21st Century DOT: Meeting Customer Expectations 16

Successful Practices Get them involved Keynote or significant panelist at professional meetings like ITE, ITS state chapter conferences Executive summits focused on operations Oregon and AZTech Make your officials part of the strategy and solutions Legislative outreach plan Collaborate on strategies to engage officials and their staff 17

Strengthening Regional TSM&O Relationships Collaborative momentum to advance TSM&O Leverage regional funding and resources shared communications infrastructure shared operations responsibilities consistent approach to infrastructure selection and deployment Regionalism Increase visibility Program branding Highlight achievements 18 High Visibility Examples Integrated Corridor Management

Combines freeway, arterial and transit operations Collaborative operations Data and infrastructure sharing Traffic Incident Management Programs Transportation, Public Safety, EMS, private tow companies Successful in bringing partners together Strong link to safety Other examples with high impact 19 Tools for Communicating the Value of Operations New tools and approaches Social media as a vehicle for promoting success stories

TSM&O achievements and performance statistics Announce new programs and services Track likes and retweets for specific features and stories Partner with PIO Transparency in reporting Annual reports and dashboards Executive/Decision-Maker Edition 20 Best Practice: Florida DOT Promotes/highlights different TSM&O Areas TIM

Traveler info Freeways/expressways Disaster response Success stories, awards Performance measures New projects/programs New technologies 21 Customer and Decision-Maker Outreach Effective public outreach = effective decision-maker outreach Influence of public perception Capitalize on successes (travel times, accelerated project delivery)

Address issues Tools for gauging public perception Social media Customer feedback surveys Process for following up on feedback 22 Conveying Benefits to the Public 23 Building Relationships with Media Media have different objectives Educate media about transportation processes, and vice versa

Educational Media Summits Educate new traffic reporters about available tools Collaborate with your PIOs They have the best relationships with media outlets They know what will resonate with the public 24 Homework to Take Back Develop a focused strategy for effective decision-maker and elected official outreach and engagement Know your audience their hot buttons, their priorities How can you make better use of available tools to communicate value of operations? What are some things you can change about your

strategy and message to shape perception of TSM&O? What are some ways that you can better engage PIO and media to help advance your message? 25 Resources SHRP2 L17 Business Case Primer: Communicating the Value of Transportation Systems Management and Operations SHRP2 L31 CEO-focused presentation: Operations in the 21st Century DOT: Meeting Customer Expectations and guide book The Operations Story (FHWA-OP-04-059) AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Communications

New tools and strategies (incl. social media) 26

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