College of Medicine Annual Faculty Council Meeting September

College of Medicine Annual Faculty Council Meeting September

College of Medicine Annual Faculty Council Meeting September 26, 2016 Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona Meeting Agenda Introduction by Faculty Council Leadership Faculty Council Committees, Representatives & COM Senators Previous Year Accomplishments Dean German Plans for the current year Open Q & A with Faculty Council Leadership Welcome Faculty Members! Clinical Sciences Anuja Mehta, Assistant Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Non-salaried core: Latha Ganti Emergency Medicine & Neurology Paul Deci, Psychiatry Hussein Hameer, Pathology Veronica Sikka, Emergency Medicine John Kirkpatrick, Orthopedic Surgery Alina Gonzalez-Mayo, Psychiatry

Audrey Bowen, Pediatrics Jeffrey Huang, Anesthesiology Laura Bancroft, Radiology Matthew E. Zussman, Pediatrics Jean Miner, Surgery Frederick S. Fisher, Surgery Andrew Heller, Surgery Diana C. Stripp, Radiation Oncology Naazli Shaikh, Ophthalmology Aunali Khaku, Neurology Silvana Montautti, Psychiatry David Portee, Physical & Rehabilitation Welcome Faculty Members! Internal Medicine Robert Hines, Epidemiology & Population Health Luis Mojicar, Family & Sports Medicine Lindsay Taliaferro, Public Health, Adolescent Health & Development

Le-Chu Su, Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine Non-salaried core Michael W. Hoffmann, Neurology Mark Milunski, Cardiology Edward Casey, Nephrology Robert Brickner, Endocrinology Feroza Daroowalla, Public Health Ray Rush, Hospital Medicine/Hospitalist Physician Lisa Zacher, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine Priya Vishnubhotla, Hematology & Medical Oncology Ashwini Komarla, Rheumatology Ivelisse Lopez, Gastroenterology Welcome Faculty Members! Internal Medicine (non-salaried core-cont) Theodore Lee, Internal Medicine Robert Meyer, Internal Medicine Sujatha Vuyyuru, Rheumatology & Internal Medicine Sayed Ali, Family Medicine Magda Sanchez-Velez, Cardiology David Simmons, Internal Medicine Allison Carilli, Hematology & Oncology Mamta Mangal, Internal Medicine Angel Cruz, Neurology Alfred Fontera, Neurology Refaat El-Said, Neurology Cerissa Blaney, Psychology Elias Giraldo, Neurology Olga Karasik, Internal Medicine Ashwini Komarla, Internal Medicine Office of the Dean

John F. Hoy, Radiology (non-salaried core) Welcome Faculty Members! Medical Education Shiva Kalidindi, Pediatrics (Adjunct) David Lebowitz, Emergency Medicine (Adjunct) Christopher Beevers, Pharmacology & Biochemistry Saleh Rahman, Behavioral Epidemiology & Global Health Nyla Dil, Immunology & Medical Microbiology Luciana Garbayo, Ethics, (Joint) Pamela Andreatta, Human Performance in Healthcare (Joint) BSBS Tina Dow, Reproductive Physiologist Alicia Hawthorne, Molecular and cell biology Wyenona Hicks, Medical lab sciences Julie Soulakova, Biostatistics Ravi Nadimpalli, Neuroscience Thomas Andl, Cancer Biology Salvador Almagro-Moreno Microbiology Amber Southwell Neuroscience Grace Zhou Neuroscience Xugang Xia - Neuroscience Functions of the COM Faculty Council Serves as the representative body of the faculty Considers any matters brought before it by the faculty, Medical School Enterprise, or Dean Reviews policies and regulations that affect faculty Makes recommendations to the Dean, Medical School Enterprise or groups as appropriate Selects members of ad hoc committees

Reports to the faculty on activities of the administration, Faculty Council, and standing committees Faculty Council Leadership Committee President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President* President: Judy Simms-Cendan, Clinical Sciences Vice President: Cristina Fernandez-Valle, Biomedical Sciences Immediate Past President: Steven Ebert, Biomedical Sciences Administrative support: Suzanne Stalvey *THANKS TO DR. Diane Davey FOR COMPLETING THREE YEARS OF SERVICE ON FC LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE! SHE NOW JOINS THE PAST PRESIDENTS CLUB WITH DRS. ANNETTE KHALED AND JANE GIBSON Faculty Council Leadership Committee President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President Elected by the core faculty of the UCF COM Sit on College of Medicine Leadership Committees: Enterprise and Executive Faculty Meet monthly with the Dean Acts on behalf of the Faculty Council during intervals between Faculty Council meetings Reports all such actions to the faculty

Formulates long-range goals of the council Other Faculty Council Committees Faculty Council Representative Committee Nominations Committee Committee on Committees: Vice-president chairs this committee Faculty Advocate Committee Bylaws Committee Ad hoc committees as needed, including the LCME self-study committees FC Representative Committee Faculty Council officers plus elected members from Biomedical Sciences Main Campus (Herve Roy) Biomedical Sciences Lake Nona (Jackie Zhao) Medical Education (David Harris) Clinical Sciences @ UCF Health (Shazia Beg) Clinical Sciences not @ UCF Health (Jane Gibson) (will be rotating off given her new chair role, Nominations committee will be providing names, and an interim election will be held in Clinical Sciences)

Members meet monthly with the Faculty Council leadership to discuss Faculty Council issues College Of Medicine Senators Bill Self, VP Faculty Senate Steve Lambert, Medical Education Steve King, Burnett Representative Laurel Gorman, Clinical Sciences/IM/Med Ed Representative Kimi Sugaya, Member-at-Large THE ROLE OF THE SENATE Serves as the primary channel of communication between faculty members and the central administration. Advisory body to the president and provost. Participation in the governance of the University of Central Florida. Collaborate and make recommendations to administration concerning the welfare of the university, focusing on the academic mission. Initiate policies or make recommendations either directly or through its committees. Senators serve on various committees; these committees carry out important Senate and university business. SENATE OPERATIONAL COMMITTEES

Steering Committee Committee on Committees - Subcommittee Nominating Committee - Subcommittee Budget and Administrative Procedures Committee Personnel Committee Faculty Senate Parking Advisory Committee (new role safety Senate Curricular Committees and Councils Govern college and university curricular and academic policies and procedures in cooperation with the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the College of Graduate Studies Undergraduate Council divided into: Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee Undergraduate Course Review Committee Graduate Council divided into: Graduate Policy Committee Graduate Appeals Committee Graduate Curriculum Committee Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee Joint Committees and Councils Academic Calendar Strategic Planning Council Admissions and Standards Undergraduate Common Program

Commencements, Convocations, and Recognition Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Information Technology Resource Advisory Oversight University Athletics Advisory University Bookstore Advisory University Honors University Master Planning University Parking and Transportation Advisory Library Advisory University Promotion and Tenure Research Council University Travel Awards Resolution Process Timeframe and deadlines to submit resolutions: (Senate year ends in March) Committee Steering Resolution must be submitted one

week prior to the meeting. Steering Senate Resolution must be submitted one week prior to meeting. Senate Provost Upon approval the resolution is posted on the Faculty Senate website. Note: If deadline missed, resolution could take an extra month to get through the process. Members Committees Meetings Minutes Attendance Constitution Resolutions Faculty Development

How we help faculty: Support teachers (teaching, pedagogy, assessment, classroom observation, instructional design, clinical teaching) Medical education research support (academic writing, Mededportal submissions, methodology, study design) General research support (IRB, research question development, collaborate with COM Research Office) Faculty awards and recognition (COM awards, TIP, RIA, Excellence awards, external awards) Professional development programs and assistance (P&T, mentoring, CV/dossier review, Assistant Professor Excellence Program) Faculty Interest Groups New faculty onboarding Faculty affairs collaborate with faculty excellence on policies/procedures, sabbatical, faculty handbook. Serve as liaison to COM Faculty Council, UCF Faculty Senate and UCF Faculty Excellence Faculty Excellence Led by Cynthia Young, Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence & International Affairs and Global Strategies, located in Milican Hall What faculty should know about them: Involved in recruiting faculty and providing resources to recruit top talent (e.g. cluster initiative) Set policies and gather resources to support career-life balance Oversee university mentoring and development (Assistant Professor Excellence Program (in conjunction with colleges), Faculty Excellence Fellows, Instructor/Lecturer Excellence Program, Women Mentoring Community) Promotion and Tenure manage process and work with colleges to set

criteria Works with colleges on setting policies and procedures like the annual evaluation process Faculty Awards provide funding to colleges for TIP, RIA, SoTL and Excellence awards. Manages Reach for the Stars Award and the Pegasus Professor Award Previous Years Accomplishments Goal 1: Serve UCF COM Faculty interests and goals FC Leadership presence (eyes, ears, and voice) at the Deans Enterprise and Executive Faculty meetings each month as well as a monthly individual meeting between the Dean and FC Leadership Discussed and reviewed issues relevant to COM faculty at monthly meetings with the FC Representative group, including COM faculty senators Worked with the administration on issues of faculty concern such as a new regulation (UCF 10.010), Discipline and Termination for Cause of Faculty and A&P Staff Members of the College of Medicine Previous Years Accomplishments Goal 2: Promote transparency of process with respect to faculty issues (e.g., publish all committee memberships and policies for members) All COM committees published see website for directory and information useful resource! Facilitated open faculty reviews of new policies and regulations (e.g., Chair Review Policy and COM Faculty Grievance Policy see next slide)

Worked with COM administration to affect repeal of a recent Termination and Discipline regulation (UCF -10.010) that was not supported by the faculty FLOW CHART FOR FACULTY DISPUTE RESOLUTION Faculty member with problem in need of resolution Step1: Seek help/advicefrom your dept chair/director Problem resolved? YES Done! No Step2: Seek help/advicefrom Faculty Council Contact Leadershipand/or Chair of Faculty Advocacy Committee Problem resolved? YES Done! No Step3: FileFormal Grievance Does thedisputeinvolveinterpretation

or application of UCF or BOG regulation or policy? YES UCF-3.036 GrievanceProcedure No COM Faculty GrievanceProcedure Previous Years Accomplishments Goal 3: Support, Facilitate, and Develop Faculty Mentoring Initiatives for UCF COM Noteworthy: Significant new leadership changes have occurred within the past couple of years in the Provosts Office, BSBS, and all COM Departments Faculty Council Reviewed Current Mentoring Practices at UCF and found a diversity of nascent initiatives at the University and Department levels relevant to COM see next slide for list of examples Previous Years Accomplishments Goal 3: Support, Facilitate, and Develop Faculty Mentoring Initiatives for UCF COM Assistant Professor Development Program UCF Faculty Excellence (Senior faculty coach assigned to each Junior faculty) Internal Medicine has formal faculty mentoring program where most of the mentors are external to COM focus on career goals and strategies for how to achieve them Grant mentoring program (BSBS) assists faculty with critical review and

consultation on writing effective proposals (led by Dr. Davidson) COM Faculty Development and Associate Dean of Research Offices are helping to support some of these initiatives, as is Faculty Council! Dr. Deborah German Dean of the UCF College of Medicine USNWR Research Ranking and Hospital Governance and Proximity Medical School Structure of Proximity Hospital to Campus Relationship ( miles) Medical School Structure of Proximity Hospital to Campus Relationship ( miles) Medical School Structure of Proximity Hospital to Campus Relationship ( miles) Medical School Structure of Proximity

Hospital to Campus Relationship ( miles) Harvard A 1 University of Rochester I 1 University of Vermont A 1 East Carolina University A 1 Stanford Johns Hopkins UCSF University of Pennsylvania

Washington University Columbia Duke University of Washington Yale New York University University of Chicago University of Michigan (AA) UCLA Vanderbilt University of Pitts burgh Northwestern University Cornell University UCSD Baylor Icahn School of Medicine UNC Emory Mayo Medical School Case Western UT Southwestern University of Wisconsin University of Virginia Boston University I I I I A

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 OHSU University of S California

Ohio State University of Iowa Brown University University of Alabama University of Colorado University of Minnesota Yeshiva University (Einstein) Dartmouth College (Geisel) University of Cincinnati University of Florida University of Maryland University of California-Irvine University of Miami (Miller) University of Utah Georgetown University Indiana Univ - Indianapolis Tufts University University of California-Davis University of Illinois University of Massachusetts Wake Forest University Temple University Katz Medical College of Wisconsin Stony Brook University-SUNY Thomas Jefferson University of Texas I I I I

A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 15 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 2

Medical University of SC University of Kentucky University of Texas - SA George Washington St. Louis University University of Arizona University of Connecticut University of Nebraska University of South Florida University of Kansas Virginia Commonwealth Wayne State University University of Oklahoma Augusta University Rutgers University of Tennessee Texas A&M University of Missouri Creighton University University of Louisville University of New Mexico University of Nevada-Reno Drexel University Hofstra University Texas Tech University University of Arkansas West Virginia University Michigan State University I I

I A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 2 1 1 4 8 12 1 1 1 2

New York Medical College University of Central Florida University of South Dakota University of Toledo California Northstate East Tennessee State Eastern Virginia Edward Via College Florida State University Georgia Health Sciences Kansas City University Lake Erie College Lincoln Memorial University Marshall University Michigan State Nova Southeastern Ohio University Oklahoma State Rocky Vista Rowan Touro College University at Buffa lo University of New England University of North Texas University of Pikeville West Virginia (Osteopathic) Western University Wright State University A

A A 1 18 1 1 8 1 1 2 4 1 3 3 4 1 5 3 1 1 4 1 1 7 5 3 1 N/A 2 13



I A I I A A A A I I A Integrated hospital Proximity to hospital 1 mile Affiliated hospital Proximity to hospital > 1 mile I A I A A A A A A A A

A A A I A A A I A A A A A A UCF Academic Health Board Comparison of HCA and FH on TOPIC HCA FH Priority Considerations Mission secular religious Leadership no constraints CEO must be Adventist

Governance/Board 50% 33%, will consider 50% 20% equity interest none $972,761,684 $770,183,456 expertise in value-based largely volume-based UCF led FH led $900,000 none 125 0 Ownership

Financial (30-year value) Payment Innovation Philanthropy Local and State Taxes Current Residencies Proposed Residencies Research Long-term Potential Market Competition/ Partnership 580+ 179+ emphasis on industry partnerships; emphasis on academic partnerships; national database regional portal proposed likely clinical hub likely satellite provides another alternative expands dominant health system Upcoming FC Objectives for 2016-2017 Serve UCF COM Faculty interests and goals Provide an active forum for faculty concerns and share these with the administration Start a newsletter with updates from the BOT, administration and

faculty senate Improve the website to provide a newsfeed of important information for faculty Promote transparency of process with respect to faculty issues Increase integration of the non-core volunteer faculty Open Question Time ??? THANK YOU! Faculty Council Leadership Judith Simms-Cendan, President [email protected] Cristina Fernandez-Valle, Vice-president- [email protected] Steve Ebert, Past-President [email protected] Faculty Council Representative Group Jackie Zhao, Biomedical Sciences [email protected] Herve Roy, Biomedical Sciences [email protected] Shazia Beg, Clinical [email protected] Jane Gibson, Clinical [email protected] David Harris, Med Ed [email protected] Faculty Council Support Staff Suzanne Stalvey, Clinical [email protected]

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