Before creating your first shipment, please take the

Before creating your first shipment, please take the

Before creating your first shipment, please take the time to follow the brief online computer based training. This will provide you with information required to get started. When you are ready to start shipping, please follow this link and log on

User Login oxfam_insertshopname Password dhl123 Select Add Order from the left hand navigation panel.

The shop address is pre-loaded, so when you are on the Shipper Tab, click the 'Search' button and you will find your shop address listed there Click on the 'OXFAM shop name' link in the Company Name column, your details are pre-loaded in the Shippers Tab. If you do this it will save you time and help us greatly when checking DHL Invoices (as all shops

will be described consistently). Click the Receiver tab and type in the customer details, including the telephone number and email address of the customer if available, if not, please just put in your shop telephone number (inputting customer email address enables them to track the package). Click Shipment Details

Shipment reference IT IS ESSENTIAL TO USE THE COST CENTRE CODES JOS JAB JAM JEB If left blank it will be charged to the store. Only use insurance value if you specifically want to add insurance cover to the shipment (at a minimum cost of 12 this should have been added to any OOS listing on top of the basic 8. Please use the drop down menu to best describe the nature of the content of the package or fill in manually with a generic term

Eg. If the item is a tea set, do not put Denby tea set, but CHINA Input weight and dimensions of packet. When you are finished. Click the Save and Return button.

The Other Tabs and what they mean Piece Details Tab You only need to use this if sending multiple packages to the same customer. Notify Receiver Tab It's not essential to use this tab.

Further guidance: AT THIS STAGE IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER COURIER THEN REPEAT FROM THE BEGINNING. Once all the orders have been added and saved. Select all the tick boxes and then click the Print button. You should then get two documents for each order - One you stick

On the parcel (with three barcodes) the other copy says Copy dont stick which the Courier Driver will take. After you have all the printouts and the shipment List / overview is empty, click on End-ofday Manifest link on the left. Then click the Create EOD-Report button. Then click the Load button.

You need to now select the origin from the drop down. This can be found on the address print outs, top right corner. Its the three letters in bold E.G EXT. Select this and click the create end-of-day manifest button. Print Two copies of the manifest. One is for your records. The other is for the DHL Driver. Sign and date these forms.

You are now ready to request a collection. Click on the pick-up link and click the load button. Click on your shop name and it will then show you when collections are available in your area. Add a message into Pickup location. E.g Upstairs 1 st Floor / At cash desk. Then click request pickup and you should then see a confirmation number. Write this code on the manifest for your records. Ensure the package in then placed in the pick up location awaiting the courier

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