Some Non-Haz Simp Items (The NWS Reorg and

Some Non-Haz Simp Items (The NWS Reorg and

Some Non-Haz Simp Items (The NWS Reorg and Consistency) Binghamton Sub-Regional Workshop Eli Jacks, Acting Chief, Forecast Services Division Analyze, Forecast and Support Office September 24, 2015 New Organizational Structure HQ Leadership John Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

Ming Ji, Director, Office of Science & Tech Integration Luis Cano, Director, Office of Dissemination Joe Pica, Acting Director, Office of Observations David Michaud, Director, Office of Central Processing Andy Stern, Director, AFS Office John Ogren, Acting Director, Office of Chief Learning Officer Deirdre Jones, Director, Office of Facilities Benjie Spencer, Chief Engineer AFS Office Organization Analyze, Forecast, and Support

Office Andrew Stern Analysis and Mission Support Division Mark Tew (Acting) Analysis and Nowcast Branch (Vacant) Decision Support Integration Branch (Vacant)

Digital and Graphical Information Support Branch (Vacant) AFS Portfolio Office: Executive Officer: Michelle Hawkins (Acting) Portfolio Management: Dawn McClure (Acting)

Forecast Services Division Eli Jacks (Acting) Severe, Fire, Public, and Winter Services Branch Heath Hockenberry (Acting) Climate Services Branch Fiona Horsfall Aviation and Space

Weather Services Branch Kevin Stone (Acting) Water Resources Services Branch Mary Mullusky Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services Branch Mike Dion (Acting)

New : Analysis & Nowcast Branch Emphasis is on 06 hour time period AFS in the Governance Structure AFS works with all OPPSD Portfolio Leadership via the Portfolio Integration

Council (PIC) AFS works with all Leadership within the COO Tree via the Mission Delivery Council (MDC) AFS Portfolio New Corporate Councils

7 Spotlight on Consistency Types of Consistency Areal Temporal Process Policy Messaging

Formatting Internal versus External Example: Areal Grid Consistency Snow Forecast along 3 CWA Boarders Example: Areal WWA Consistency Walls & Donut Holes in the West Pre-Decisional

Example: Temporal Consistency Product Shelf Life (location of ZR) Generated Complaint from FEMA HQ Example: Process Consistency Differences between WFO and National Center Products WFO Red Flag Warnings 12Z Apr 24, 2014

SPC Fire Wx Forecast Apr 24, 2014 Example: Messaging Consistency A crazy quilt of graphicasts and weather stories Questions for Discussion What is your feeling consistency versus accuracy? What opportunities are there to improve forecast & warning consistency?

How about messaging consistency? What can NWSH do to support you from a policy standpoint to promote consistency? What additional tools do you need to promote consistency? Possible solutions

- Establish common deadline for collaboration and publishing (per WR model). Create software that disables publishing if collaboration does not meet tolerance per 10-201 Create automated national maps with smoothing capabilities for high level use Encourage national centers to use grids as initial input to their maps.

Common smarttools and data sets across WFOs to better initialize grids. Tighten all grid tolerances to minimize cumulative errors that build over time especially for derived grids - Define ROC roles in addressing existing inconsistencies ROC staff need to have mediator skills. 16

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