I 75 Bridge Beam Repairs WHITLEY COUNTY 112604

I 75 Bridge Beam Repairs WHITLEY COUNTY 112604

I 75 Bridge Beam Repairs WHITLEY COUNTY 112604 CID Or PCN112604

Bio, Michael Calebs

24 years with KYTC, currently serves as Branch Manager in District 11, resides in London and is also a Farmer; And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a caretaker, so God made a farmer..

He is The most interesting man in the world; Sasquatch has taken a photograph of him. He once had an awkward moment , just to see how it feels. People hang on his every word, even his prepositions.

His small talk has altered foreign policy. He once ran a marathon, because it was on his way. Si says: Rule #1 is Dont Drop your Weenies!! Bridge Over Lynn Camp

Creek Twin Bridges 700 Feet Long Originally Built in 1966 Contract Contract from October 2011 letting Replace Bridge End Bearings Pinned Connection.

Originally specified Completion date of March 01,2012 Notes State to jack when 6 hour Avg. Ambient Air temperature is 75 degrees F. Change Order to Extend Completion Date to

May 24, 2012 Hey Jack!!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012, 12:27 PM : I 75 northbound Bridge at Corbin mp 27 left lane ( fast lane) could be closed for several days. Crack found in fracture critical member. Please place message on northbound DMS sign at MP

24. Take care of message boards and lane closure. Traffic will install permanent lane closure signs this afternoon. Bridge Engineer has also contacted PIO about a press release.

Make contact to have a message displayed on the NB dynamic message signs. The bridge has a clearance of 16 ft and will

need a wide load restriction down to 14 ft. At this time no weight reduction is planned but is pending analysis by bridge staff. A wide load detour is being placed for exit 25 to 25W to Corbin bypass to 25E to I75 at

exit 29. This should be placed on the overhead sign at Corbin. I apologize for the confusion regarding 16 ft clearance before. Thanks MW

SB 159: An Act designating Ale-8-One as the Official Kentucky Original Soft Drink ! Feb 13-introduced in Senate

Feb 19-to Economic Development, Tourism & Labor (S) Feb 28-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar

Mar 1-2nd reading, to Rules Ale 8 One Saved the Day. Nab found a bottle and had written it up for

corrective work required: Remove Ale 8 One bottle from project Project was still open because

of corrective work still needing to be performed. Tony, Enclosed please find photos of the cracked beam on the Southbound Bridge that was found

today. The crack is in the 2nd beam from the western side (3rd beam from the left in the direction of travel). The red vertical line on the right in the outside view photo is a rust stain. The layout of this bridge is the same as the NB bridge

with 4 beams. The right lane of this bridge is currently closed, with all over dimension vehicles to take a detour around bridge. If more information is needed, please let me know. Mike West.

New crack Monday August 13 on South Bound Bridge NEW CRACK SB bridge. Today's inspection

revealed cracked in south bound side as well. Central Office bridge Inspector in route. Likely the Slow lane will be closed Southbound.

Golden opportunity? Use opportunity to get bridge end joint seals fixed. Add these to supplemental Agreement, since traffic control is going to be in place

anyway. Obtain FHWA concurrence. $165,000 for both

Bridges First submittal Details, make plan come together.

This is to confirm some of the conversations/emails/such that have been winding through the day. Mary has given verbal approval for the $155,000 bridge beam repair as outlined above to take care of the emergency situation

with the cracked beams as shown in the attached pictures. There is also approval for the additional $$ for the joint work that D-11 would like to see done while the contractor is on the bridge thus to take advantage of the lane closures. The grand total is $290,792.00 of IM funding although Mike Calebs is still pounding out a price with the contractor, M&M Services.

Work will include all repairs as outlined in Bridge Maintenance Detail Sheets. Work will begin on southbound first Work will take three weeks; 14 calendar days for installing, with 7 calendar days

for procurement and fabricating steel. 21 calendar days total. Work will include providing crash cushion if you elect to work on both structures at once. 1,250 pounds of Grade 50W Weathering steel required per structure. 1 inch Galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts with DTI indicator washers.

Monday 8-20-2012

We have received a quote from our supplier and they said it was going to be 14 to 17 days for the weathered steel. Let me know

if you have any other sources I can contact. With that kind of lead time your firm needs

to immediately began checking with other suppliers for the Steel Plate, Flat bar and Angles. We have provided several different firms. 14 to 17 days is not desirable. It is possible KYDOT could begin purchasing

material and advertise as emergency contract letting in that length of time, With KYDOT furnishing steel plate to successful low Bidder. Material List sent to possible


Richard, Attached are drawings for plates needed to repair bridge.

Please check on availability of the Grade 50W steel at Beverly Steel. We need the following Grade 50W, weathering steel to repair web and flange of I-75 bridge in Corbin KY at MP 27. Need the following in Grade 50W:

two, 6' x 4'5" x 1/2" plates Two 1" x 18" x 8.5' flat bars Or four 1" x 9" x 8.5'flat bars Plus two L8" x 6" x1/2" x 7'6" angles and two 6" x 17" x 1/2" fill plates.

All Grade 50W. Please reply with availability and price. ASAP Helping out pays!!!

Mike, I am having a little better luck with the names Nasby sent me, I should know shortly on the availability. The jobs I am referring to would be in Knot county Pcn No 112606 and Allen Simpson Co PCN 112601. Do not what the weather will be like later in the year. We

will make every attempt at finishing the projects this year, however this project will tie up a couple of crews for several weeks. The jobs I mentioned are rather small overlays.

Mike, I Have ordered the steel, I am sending a driver to Missouri on Thursday to pick it

up. The steel is about 8000.00 more than I bid and the transportation cost to go pick it up is going to run about 1800.00. If there is any way you can add this cost to my bid, I would greatly appreciate it. That would be

the 270,00.00 plus the 9800.00. FHWA Concurrance

Nasby Im in agreement with the work per our conversation yesterday. Mike gave me a dollar amount at $270K. Please provide

actual cost once its worked out by Mike before work starts. Mike also said that the Northbound would be completed first (by Labor Day) and the SB would take a few days longer due to more work. I need this

all documented before work starts. Friday 8-24-12 work started

Ill be there on Friday, thanks Jeff. From: Calebs, Mike (KYTC-D11) [

mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2012 2:34 PM To: Forsythe, Vibert (KYTC); Stroop, Nasby (KYTC

Higher than the Kudzu Work with Contractor to achieve

goal of opening to traffic prior to Labor Day Weekend. Use all available resources to find steel supplier. Have price in mind before

beginning to negotiate Supplemental Agreement. Work with fears of contractor to ensure no surprises. Surprises cost taxpayers $$$$.

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