Benton Park School New Parents Evening Monday 25th

Benton Park School New Parents Evening Monday 25th

Benton Park School New Parents Evening Monday 25th June 2012 7.00 p.m. New Year 7 Start date Tuesday, 4th September 2012

at 8.20 a.m. Years 8-11 start at a later time on that day. There will be 232 in the Year Group. They will be in 8 mixed ability form groups and a variety of teaching sets and groups based on information from Primary Schools.

This year students are coming from the following Primary Schools. Bilton Grange, Broadgate Primary, Brownhill Primary, Calverley C of E, Calverley Parkside, Cavendish, Clayton Village, Farsley Farfield, Greengates, Greenside Primary, Hawksworth, Hawksworth Wood, Holy Name Catholic, Holybrook, Killinghall, Rufford Park, Lower Fields, Menston, Northowram, Our Lady

and St Brendans, Pudsey Bolton Royd, Pudsey Primrose Hill, Queensway, Rawdon Littlemoor, Rawdon St Peter's C of E, Rufford Park Primary School, St Margaret's C of E, Thorpe Primary School, West End Primary School, Yeadon Westfield. Buses Students who come to school on a bus will

require a half fare bus pass. These are available from the Post Office. School Buses Morning Service L21 L25 L27 L27a L28 Tel No. 0113 348 1121 Please refer to the metro website above or

the welcome pack for more details regarding bus services to Benton Park. School Buses Afternoon Service The L21, L25, L27, L27a & L28 leave the school bus park at 2.55 p.m. each day. The 747 service bus travels down to

Greengates for those who need to get a later bus. All parents/carers should have received; A Welcome Booklet, A uniform list, The telephone number of our special transfer helpline. 0772 559 2183

We are sending out information via email so please notify the Y7 team if you change email address or set one up. Induction to Benton Park School All 232 new entrants have been seen at least once in their home Primary School in

preparation for transfer in September 2012. Induction to Benton Park School Some pupils will be part of the TAG, (Transition Activity Group). These pupils will be making a number of visits to the school during June and

July 2012. Induction to Benton Park School All new students have been given the chance to name friends who they would like to be with in their Form Group.

Induction to Benton Park School All year 6 pupils are invited to Benton Park on Wednesday 11th July at 8:45am until 2:30pm. They will be with their new form and form tutors all day. Pupils from schools who can not attend on this day will receive news of their form

group via email. The Year 7 Curriculum All students in Year 7 do exactly the same subjects. All pupils will study French in Year 7. Additional or Health

Needs Please make Mrs Mawson or Mrs OGrady aware of any particular circumstances which you think may affect your child in school. Pupils who are on the waiting list.

Please make Mrs Mawson aware if you are on our waiting list for a place in September 2012. School Uniform School uniform can be purchased from the following suppliers. PC Sports

Frank Harrisons Rawcliffes Displays are in the entrance area. Equipment Maths equipment can be purchased from Mr Taylor at the back of the hall Dictionaries (English & French) can be

purchased at the back of the hall. Attendance Attendance is incredibly important. Pupils can not achieve their potential if they are not in school. Information on attendance is available from Mrs Stansfield at the back of the hall.

Thank you for attending our New Parents Evening. This presentation will be emailed out to all parents who we have an email address for. It can also be found on our web-site at in the admissions folder.

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