Political Parties Government Mr. Biddle Why Do we

Political Parties Government Mr. Biddle Why Do we

Political Parties Government Mr. Biddle Why Do we have Political Parties?

To unite under common interests to gain strength in numbers The voice and will of an individual citizen

can be easily lost Political Party Political Party a group of people with broad common

interests who organize to win elections, control government, and thereby influence government policies

The First Use of the Donkey as a Symbol for the Democratic Party Click Link for origin Story: http://history.howstuffworks.com/american-civil-war/donkey-elephant1.htm First use of the Elephant as the Republican Party

History of Parties By the end of George Washingtons 2nd term as president 2 strong parties had developed in the US

1. Federalist- They called for a strong central government 2. Democratic-RepublicansThey believed the states should have more power and the central government should have limited power

History of Parties The Federalists power declined after John Adams lost his bid for re-election in the 1800 election

The D-R Party gained power when Jefferson became President in 1801 The D-R controlled politics unchallenged through the 1820s

History of Parties In 1828, Andrew Jackson won the presidency and the D-R party split over disagreeing on banking,

tariffs, and slavery issues The split created: Democratic Party National Republican Party (Whigs)

Modern Whig Party Owl Symbol History of Parties Eventually, in the years leading up to the Civil War a new party would

form from the Whig party The Republican party was formed by Whigs who opposed the spread of slavery

History of Parties After the Civil War the Whig party disappeared and the country was left with two major parties

Democrats Republicans History of Parties From a span of 1860 to 1932 the Republicans controlled

the presidency During that time Democrats only held the office for 4 terms In 1932, with the US going through the Great

Depression the Democrats took office with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt History of Parties For most of the next 60 years the

Democrats were the majority party in office and in congress Starting in 1968, The Republicans controlled the White House for 7 of the next 10 Presidential terms During President Clintons

presidency there was a Democratic president working with a republican congress for the first time since Harry Trumans presidency

Minor Parties Minor Parties seldom, if ever, win elections. They are also known as Third Parties Third Party- Any party other than one of the two major

parties [(D) or (R)] More than one can run against the (D) or (R) and still be considered a Third party They exist because they believe the major parties

arent meeting certain needs 5 Purposes of a Minor Party They provide a platform for non-mainstream political

views (Ex- Green Party) They prevent the major parties from ignoring real problems and issues They "spoil" elections They may become a major

party (Rare) They can be really entertaining Types of Third Parties Single Issue- This type

of party focuses on one major social, economic, or moral issue Their issue is normally short lived These fade away when

an issue ceases to be important or one of the major parties takes up their issue Types of Third Parties

Ideological Party- This type of party focuses on the overall change is society rather than one issue Ex- Socialist Labor Party or Communist Party these

want the govt to own all of the resources and take on a more active role in society Ex- Libertarian Party- It calls for a drastic reductions in government control in order

to increase personal freedoms Types of Third Parties Splinter Party- A party that splits away from one of the major parties, because of

some type of disagreement Ex- The Progressive/Bull Moose Party- In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt split from the Republican party when he didnt get the presidential

nomination from them These types of parties typically fade away with the defeat of their candidate The Impact of

Third Parties Minor Parties have influenced the outcome of national elections Examples TRs Bull Moose party drew many (R) votes away from President Taft (R)

leading to the election of Woodrow Wilson (D) in 1912 In 1968, the American Independent Party won 13.5% of the vote and is credited with helping Richard Nixon (R) elected

Some people believe Ross Perots Independent party campaign took votes away from George H. Bush (R), helping Bill Clinton (D) win in 1992.

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