2010-2011 SS TEACHER TRAINING Our Objective Today: To

2010-2011 SS TEACHER TRAINING Our Objective Today: To

2010-2011 SS TEACHER TRAINING Our Objective Today: To clear the fog around Sunday school so we can see Sunday school for what it is and what it can do. Too often SS is OVERLOOKED and therefore UNDERWORKED.

The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 6 Reasons that the SS is still vital, necessary, and important for a church to be growing and healthy: 1. Sunday school gives expression to the DNA of the Church. What is our DNA? Worship & Glorify God Love Others

Serve God Invite others Sunday school gives us a NATURAL way to express our DNA. Sunday school gives us a FUNCTIONAL way to express our DNA. Sunday school gives us a PRACTICAL way to express our DNA. The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 2. Mission is best accomplished in the context of a small group.

In a small group everyone has an opportunity for INPUT & INVOLVEMENT. In a small group people are empowered to ENGAGE in the mission. The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 3. Sunday school DISCIPLES people in the Word of God. Imagine for a moment a church with

absolutely no Sunday school or small group ministry where people were discipled in the Word of God every week! What would happen to that church? The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 4. Sunday school DEVELOPS and provides leadership for the church. SS is the foundational ministry from which all other

ministries SPROUT. Ex. Choir, Orchestra, Awana, Mission Friends, Youth Discipleship show me one of these ministries in which at least 80% of their workers are not active in SS. You cant! The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 5. Sunday school gives INTENTIONALITY to our good intentions. List some of the good intentions you have had but just

never got accomplished: List some good intentions the church has but just cant seem to get them accomplished: Sunday school is the BEST ministry for accomplishing all of our Good Intentions if we work the SS and involve people. Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody There were four church members named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an

important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybodys job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldnt do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

The Vital Contribution of Sunday School 6. Sunday school keeps the church SMALL. SS makes the church PERSONAL & RELATIONAL. It is the VELCRO of the church. SS is the place we should aim to ASSIMILATE every member and soon to be member to. THE PURPOSE OF SS IN HD Purpose: the object toward which one strives or

which something exists Sunday school must have the proper philosophical structure in place to direct her ministry. People need a philosophical structure within which to fit, move and operate. Ultimately Sunday school is about PEOPLE. Therefore we must construct our Sunday school House in a way that MOVES us toward accomplishing the purpose of the Sunday school.

THE PURPOSE OF SS IN HD In your own words state what you believe to be the purpose of the Sunday school: Evaluate your statement of purpose, are any of the things you listed tasks or duties rather than the desired end result? A purpose is a target, an end, an object toward which

we are aiming. A task is what we do to hit our target! When we have the right purpose and the right people Sunday school PLACES people in an environment conducive to fruitful ministry. What will happen to a Sunday school that does not have the right foundation and purpose? Eventually it will IMPLODE. What happens when the dust settles?

The Foundation is the Key 1. The foundation is the most IMPORTANT part of the building. Sunday school does the NITTY GRITTY work of the church because she encounters people on a personal basis. The Foundation is the Key

2. Foundations are built down in the DIRT. The ditch digging work of the SS is a BEHIND the scenes work. Proverbs 14:4, Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; but much increase comes by the strength of an ox. Livestock brings value and they also bring POOP! Sunday school workers are the POOPER SCOOPERS of the church.

The Foundation is the Key 3. Foundations are built with much SWEAT and TOIL. SS work is plain old HARD work. The blessings are in the BLISTERS. No BLISTERS No blessings. The Foundation is the Key 4. The width, depth, and strength of the building are

a direct result of the FOUNDATION. A big building CANNOT stand on a small foundation. Sunday school workers must show up each week with a shovel in hand ready to sling some dirt. 5. Laying a strong foundations takes TIME, Patience, and ENDURANCE. Great Sunday schools grow in a CROCK POT. The Foundational Purposes of a SS in HD

Together with those at your table make a list of the tasks you believe every Sunday school class (adult, children, preschool, youth, Senior adult, special needs, etc.) should engage in: Now that you have made your list, narrow it down to the 3 that you must do in order to fulfill the purpose of seeking to develop and lead people to become Great Commission Christians.

A look at the ministry of Jesus Often people ask What would Jesus do? The better question is What did Jesus do? Matthew 4:23 Matthew 9:35 Preaching the Good News, Teaching in their synagogues, Healing (ministering to the hurts and needs of people).

Foundations and Fundamentals Foundations are to a building what fundamentals are to a sports team. Fundamental: an essential component of a system or structure; of major significance. Facts about Fundamentals 1. CONSISTENTLY doing the fundamentals separates winners from

losers. What if an infielder in the Major Leagues only fielded 9 out of 10 ground balls? What if the postman only delivered 9 out of 10 pieces of mail? What if airport security only screened 9 out of 10 passengers? What if a doctor only delivered 9 out of 10 babies? Consistency is doing things 10 out of 10 times. We need to CONSTANTLY practice the fundamentals of the SS.

Facts about Fundamentals 2. Nothing can be SUSTAINED until the fundamentals are in place and being practiced with consistency. If a football player changes his jersey does that make him a better player? If a church puts on a high attendance campaign, tries different curriculums, renovates facilities, changes everything, but does not practice the FUNDAMENTALS all is in vain and nothing will be

SUSTAINED. Fundamentals. List with those at your table what you believe are some of the fundamentals of Sunday school work that we must practice consistently if we are going to be able to sustain growth: What is the result if we do not consistently practice the fundamentals of Sunday school

work? Failure 1. Failure is the CESSATION of proper execution. Most failure occurs simply because we ceased executing what we know is right. 2. The only difference between success and failure is our willingness to pay the price. Success is determined more by our ATTITUDE

than anything else. Facts about Failure 3. TIME will reveal if we have failed. Ultimately God has the final analysis. Failures of a Standard Definition SS Closed CLASSES and CURRICULUM. Master TEACHERS (large classes with fewer teachers instead of a lot of classes with more

teachers). 3 Major Tasks of the Sunday school Purpose: to develop and lead people to become Great Commission Christians 3 Tasks: Reaching Teaching Ministering

Reaching 1. Reaching People also known as EVANGELISM. No area of the Sunday school has become more blurry than the area of EVANGELISM. How can a Sunday school be a Great Commission organization if her classes are DISENGAGED in the work of the Great Commission? How does a church become a Great Commission Church?

By pursuing the Great Commission through the SUNDAY SCHOOL. Reaching How does a Sunday school become a Great Commission Sunday school? Each CLASS must be pursuing the Great Commission. How does a class become a Great Commission Sunday school class? The teacher must LEAD the class to reach

out to the lost and unchurched. The command of the Great commission must be MODELED if class members are going to follow the leader! Therefore you grow a Great Commission church ONE teacher at a time. Reaching We must give a

disproportionate effort in this area in order to keep the task of reaching from becoming blurry on our SS radar! How can we bring Evangelism in HD into our SS classes? Every class ought actively and aggressively pursue people who would be in their class if they attended

because this aligns our outreach strategy with our assimilation strategy! Understand this: Reaching people is an ongoing process, not a HIT & RUN strategy. Most are not going to respond to a gospel message or an invitation to church from a person they have just met for the first time. Therefore outreach must be seen and understood as a PROCESS, a relationship building process.

The MTV method Here is the expectation: When your class receives a soon to be member assignment every class should first make an INITIAL VISIT. After the initial visit, each class should follow up each week thereafter with the sequential contacts of: Mail Telephone

Visit The touches on a soon to be member look like this: Week 1: Make initial visit Week 2: Mail them a note (can be an e-mail) Week 3: Telephone them Week 4: Visit them again If after these four weeks the soon to be member is still not connected to a SS class repeat the process

until you get them connected or they instruct you to leave them alone. This process is a HANDS ON & PRACTICAL way for each class to carry out the Great Commission. ADULT CLASS OUTREACH LEADERS It is expected that every adult class have an enlisted outreach leader by Sunday September 12th (thats 3 weeks from today).

Here are the tasks of the Outreach Leader: 1. GATHER Prospects. Worship guests, Special service guests, event participants, people helped through benevolent ministries, etc. 2. DISTRIBUTE Prospects. Assign to class members to engage in the MTV process. 3. Class Time: 10 minutes every week at the beginning of class to distribute prospect

assignments, have someone share a testimony on a monthly basis of their outreach efforts, & retrieve any prospect cards/info that is to be turned back in. 4. LEAD the class in establishing a strategic missions partnership with a foreign missionary. Why do we need to keep Evangelism in

the SS? Last year it took 47 Southern Baptists to win one person to Christ. In 1954 it only took 16. Whats the difference I believe we have relegated Sunday school to accomplish 2 things: Bible study and Fellowship! Teaching Content with Intent

Principle of Teaching: Teachers must go beyond the role of instructing people with biblical knowledge and facts because they are more than teachers they are leaders. They lead those they teach. Their teaching platform presents a leading platform. Teaching content with intent means teaching for the sake of OBEDIENCE and not just knowledge!

Teaching Content with Intent If we fail to teach in order to lead others to obedience then according the James 4:17 we are making great sinners out of the Sunday school member every week! Therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. Teaching content with intent means that we

must EXHORT application of biblical truth. Teaching Content with Intent Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and spoke to them saying, All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them all things that I have commanded you

and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. What two words were left out of this verse? To Observe Teaching Content with Intent A formula for teaching content with intent: Members of the class DISCOVER truth; they become INVOVLED in the process of

discovering that truth; involvement produces CONCENTRATION on their part; concentration produces RETENTION; retention means they have GRASPED a truth! Teaching Content with Intent Pyramid of Learning What your class needs more than anything is

your personal experience with the Word of God and how God has transformed your life. Teaching Content with intent begins by getting into the text on Sunday afternoon to begin preparing for the next Sunday! TWO RULES OF WINNING Rule #1: Dont beat yourself! Rule #2: Practice the fundamentals of the

game! Sunday schools that practice the first rule of winning will avoid a Sunday School Implosion! Sunday schools that practice the second rule of winning will experience a Sunday School explosion! TWO RULES OF WINNING When we adhere to the two rules of winning we

can minister with 3 Great Expectations because we know something is about to break loose: Expectation #1 We can expect people to ATTEND Expectation #2 We can expect people to say YES Expectation #3 We can expect classes to REPRODUCE If we want to have a healthy Sunday school we must focus more on the CAUSE that produces the effect. Than we do on the EFFECT while ignoring

the cause! Expecting Classes to Reproduce A short video session from Lifeways Great Expectations Sunday School Conference at Ridgecrest, Featuring Allan Taylor on Expecting classes to reproduce:

A look at the past 3 years 2007-2008 Avg. attendance 497 = 49 units 2008-2009 Avg. attendance 457 = 45 units 2009-2010 Avg. attendance 435.75 = 43 units Who is ready to give Birth? The Pyramid Principle The peak = our attendance

3 essentials if we are to move forward: 1. The Right Attitude Whatever it takes 2. An across the board, consistent leadership development process that produces leaders who are ready to go to work as teachers and lead SS classes to reproduce especially in the Adult area. 3. A franchising SS especially in the Adult area.

Goals for 2010-2011 Essential #1 doing whatever it takes involves commitment, hard work, and perseverance Commit to participation in weekly SS workers meetings Commit to participation in at least a monthly organized visitation leading your class to participate

Commit to organizing your class to accomplish reaching, teaching, ministering Goals for 2010-2011 Essential #2 - Every Teacher intentionally enlists 1 apprentice teacher to teach for them once a month for the entire SS year with the clear understanding that when we begin the 20112012 SS year they: a. Start a new class and take your best seed

members with them or b. Teach the current class and you start a new class taking some seed members with you. Goals for 2010-2011 Essential #3 A franchising SS Commit to lead your class to become a Birthing SS class Commit to give Birth next year to a new SS

class Commit to give Birth every 24 months by repeating the process of Right Attitude, Leadership Development, & A Franchising SS. Potential Results At the start of the 2011 SS year we could go from 21 adult classes to 42 (thats an avg. attendance of 210 420) WOW!

At the start of the 2013 SS year we could go from 42 adult classes to 84 (thats 420 840) WOW what would we do? 420 Adults = 200-250 preschool, children, and youth = 670 or in 3 years 840 + 400 = 1240 ITS TIME.ARE YOU READY? ITS TIME TO EXPECT PEOPLE TO ATTEND ITS TIME TO EXPECT PEOPLE TO SAY YES


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