Benefits of a Farmers Market Association Working to

Benefits of a Farmers Market Association Working to

Benefits of a Farmers Market Association Working to Grow Your Market! Laying the Groundwork Support Local Farmers Markets Better Informed Managers Training Opportunities Expand Programs & Partnerships

Provide ongoing Resources Provide Networking across the state and nation Training Opportunities 2009 Illinois Farmers Market Conferences For Market Managers and VendorsSpringfield, Dekalb and Mt Vernon November 17, 2009 - Webinar Roadside Advertising in a Digital Age Training Opportunities, cont. January 6th Workshop "Grow Your Market: Creating a Memorable Customer Experience Feb/March 2010 Farmers Market Workshops TBD Training workshops for 2010

Comments from 2009 conference attendees Provide more information about vendors Outreach to farmers through market managers Earlier and broader advertising for event More information on regulations Comments, cont. Include a focus on smaller markets Provide meetings earlier in the year Always put speaker contact and website references in overheads Would like more time to network, break out into smaller groups. SIUC Survey of Farmers Market Managers February/March 2009 Goal: identify benefits and interest for an Illinois Farmers Market Association

Survey dates: Feb. 25 - March 14, 2009 226 Emails of Il Farmers Market Managers 91 responses or a 40% response rate Study was approved by SIUC Human Subjects 68 questions Top 10 Benefits for an Illinois Farmers Market Association Top 10 Benefits for a Statewide Farmer's Market Association 1. Suggestions on how to gain community support and fundraising 2. Creative marketing techniques 3. Identify and establish grant programs 4. Sharing information in general 5. Advocate farmer's markets at the state and/or regional level 6. Recruiting vendors 7. Recruiting anchor vendors

8. Advocate farmer's market on issues, e.g., small farms, local foods, environmental concerns, etc. 9. Promotional information and special events to your market, e.g., music, kid's activities, etc. 10. Association manages Illinois Farmer's Market website, e.g., directory, standards, search engine, etc. Likert scale 1-5, where 1= not at all important and 5 = extremely important Mean 4.53 4.51 4.48 4.47 4.38 4.36 4.28 4.22 4.18

4.15 Are you in favor of an Illinois Farmers Market Association? Preferred Communication for a Farmers Market Association Communication Email/listserv messages Website Quarterly newsletter Annual meetings Monthly newsletter Conference calls Online chat groups Phone calls Mean

4.34 4.34 4.11 3.62 3.52 3.03 2.98 2.87 Likert scale 1-5, where 1= not at all likely and 5 = extremely likely IL Farmers Market Characteristics Illinois F armer's Market C harac teris tic s S eas onality S easonal Y ears of Operatio n 1-5 years 6-10 years

11-15 years 16-20 years 21+ years Number of Vendors <10 10-20 vendors 21-40 vendors 41+ G ros s R evenues $10-50,000 $51-150,000 $251-500,000 D on't K now F orms of P ayments C ash only Does Market offe r E B T-L ink P ayment? Y es C ash/check

No C redit card W IC /S enior F MNP C hecks n=91 95.0% 44.0% 17.4% 9.3% 10.5% 18.6% 18.9% 54.4% 16.7% 10.0% 26.0% 7.0% 3.0%

55.0% 22.0% 4.1% 57.0% 95.9% 2.0% 12.0% IL Market Manager Characteristics Illinois Market Manag er C harac teris tic s Time as F M Manag er <1 year 2-5 years 6-10 years 11+ years P aid No

P art-T ime F ull-Time S upport S taff Y es No S upport S taffP aid Y es No Hours a Week 0-10 hours 11-20 hours 21-30 hours 31-40 hours 40+ hours R eport to B oard Y es No P roduc er/Vendor, As Well

Y es No G ender F emale Male n=91 22.1% 48.8% 18.6% 10.5% 58.3% 25.0% 16.7% 52.8% 47.2% 34.9% 65.1%

67.9% 17.9% 6.0% 1.2% 7.10% 48.4% 51.6% 24.2% 75.8% 71.1% 28.9% 2010 USDA Grant Proposal Illinois Farmers Market Association Request for proposals January/February Funding to be used to: Support educational workshops Website

EBT education and support Contact Information Sylvia Smith, Ph. D., CHE Southern Illinois University Carbondale MC 4317, Quigley Hall Rm 209B Carbondale, IL 62901 618-536-7567 [email protected] Pat Stieren PStieren Consulting Springfield, IL. 62703 217-522-4274 [email protected]

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