Agency Logo Here CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS TRAVEL SOLUTIONS We make a world of difference in the way you experience Travel Moving Business Forward Who we are: Agency Logo Here YYZ Travel Group- founded in Toronto in 1986- 30 years in business

One of the largest independently owned and operated travel agencies in Canada Full service agency- specializing in customized travel solutions for business and individuals. Over 120 remarkable people Collectively we speak over 35 languages, Global partnerships with over 100 thousand preferred supplier negotiated rates for air, hotel, and car Air Canada Circle of Excellence for over 10 years Customized business travel programs based on the unique goals of each organization Moving Business Forward What Sets Us Apart Agency Logo Here YYZ Travel Group- offers companies a comprehensive suite of Global products and services Partnered with TWIN- (Travelsavers Worldwide Independent Network) an alliance of 140 agencies located in thirty countries around the globe TICO certified Corporate Travel Advisors with consistent ongoing supplier and industry training

Partnered with Virtuoso Travel- a by invitation luxury travel consortium- whereby only 11 Canadian Agencies are invited membership into this exclusive luxury brand. Advanced Global Hotel Program Monthly reports to Insure Program Goals are executed in accordance with your established Business Travel Plan Quarterly account reviews Travelers Work Exclusively With Designated Advisor teams and account management. Moving Business Forward COST SAVINGS! Consistent monthly monitoring ensures you are obtaining the lowest pricing.

Global Preferred partnerships agreements Implementation of your travel policy includes compliance Tracking of un-used tickets Corporate rewards programs where applicable giving added savings. Flight passes On-line booking tool ensures control of your travel policy Sabre Global Distribution System- ensures lowest fares and best routing in real time. Moving Business Forward Account Management / Consulting Aggressive program management directly impacts bottom line profits. Agency Logo Here As your dedicated account manager and I will assist you in developing a customized business plan to

empower you with leading edge solutions, for your travel program. We will build Supplier relationships, contract negotiation for air, hotel, car rental and more. I will study your travel patterns and advise you and assist on where we can find further savings and cost effective measures. I will speak to you Quarterly, and conduct annual reviews to insure that your travel program goals are achieved in the time frame allotted for their completion. I will assist you with Customized Grasp Management reports- which you can access with a password 24/7 Moving Business Forward Account Management / Consulting Agency Logo Here The financial impact areas your account manager will focus on include: Minimizing Transaction Costs Controlling Purchases at the Point of Sale

Maximizing Purchasing Volumes Enforcement of Travel Policy Compliance Establishing Realistic Goals On-line Adoption Program Consolidation Travel Policy Development Business Plan Execution Technology Tailored to Meet Your Needs Reduced Costs Through Compliance & Proactive Consulti A Global Presence that Can Grow With You Comprehensive Travel Management Solutions Moving Business Forward Designated Agent Teams Agency Logo Here Familiarity Breeds.. Really Great Service Our experienced TICO CERTIFIED travel advisors provide your travelers with the best in state-of-theart technology, knowledge and expertise. Your travelers are assigned to a dedicated agent as well

as having backup from our entire corporate team who have many years of corporate advisor experience- all who receive on-going industry training, and have been trained to meet and execute the specific needs of your company. Moving Business Forward Global Hotel Program Agency Logo Here 10,000+ Hotels 124 Countries 2,500 Cities Value Added Amenities Last Room Availability (at Some Locations) Moving Business Forward Reservation Processing Technology

Agency Logo Here Our technology platform plays a significant part in providing your organization with benefits from the following: Advanced mobile technology applications Preferred supplier programs GRASP Technology- real time reporting. SABRE Software GDS Concur Online booking tool Trip Case electronic ticket format to mobile app. Quality Control app to ensure all reservations are accurate and compliant. Moving Business Forward

Additional services include: Agency Logo Here Preferred Supplier Program 24/7 Global Travel Assistance Meeting and Incentive groups. Business Visa/ Passport Services Traveler Safety Alerts

Customized Travel Insurance Flight delay tracking Corporate travel rewards enrollment Flight change/delays notification Flight passes Tracking un-used tickets One hour turn around time. Moving Business Forward Meetings and Events Service Agency Logo Here YYZ Travel is proud to offer our clients the knowledge and expertise of our Corporate Meeting Planning Department. Our specialists will assist your company in the planning, coordination and management of any group movement including: Conferences

Conventions Meetings Seminars Sporting Events Product Launches Executive Retreats Team Building Incentive Services Moving Business Forward Agency Logo Here Concur Travel offers organizations:

The most travel content selection of any provider Travel policy control and compliance Robust global functionality Powerful real-time reporting and analytics Constant innovation as a technology leader Through a single on-demand service, Concur travel presents travelers with inventory options from any or all of the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS), plus exclusive direct connects, and Internet-only sources, providing unrestricted access to the widest selection of air, hotel, rental car, and rail inventory- keeping your travel policy compliancy. Moving Business Forward TripCase Agency Logo Here

TripCase gives travelers a single place to manage and organize their trips. Connected to powerful technology and travel companies, TripCase is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time. BEFORE YOU TRAVEL Complete your profile Add a trip your way Add items to your trip Share your trip with others Find helpful information in Tripfeed Remember places along the way Save time with useful travel tools Access important travel documents Moving Business Forward SafePoint

Agency Logo Here Sabre introduces SafePoint, a smarter, faster and more accurate way to help protect travelers by rethinking travel risk management SafePoint provides peace of mind for corporations by bringing risk management to the traveler. It provides visibility into the travelers' entire trip, best in class global intelligence provided by iJET International, and the ability for travelers to stay aware and easily get assistance SafePoint automatically monitors all of the corporation's trips. For travelers using TripCase, SafePoint will monitor a traveler's entire itinerary, not just PNR segments. This includes out of program bookings and other trip components. TripCase allows the traveler to check-in with their corporation and provide GPS location while also having easy access to their emergency assistance hotline. For travel managers, risk management teams and security advisors an intuitive dashboard allows them to view events impacting their travelers in a consumer grade user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Moving Business Forward

Global Reach Enterprise Consolidation & Service Agency Logo Here YYZ Travel Group can provide global program consolidation for international companies who need to more effectively manage their world-wide travel spend. Imagine the ability to interconnect your offices and branches through a single entity as opposed to dealing with multiple travel management companies. Our ability to consolidate reporting into one streamlined process, regardless of the different languages, currencies, GDS and operating systems involved, is an integral part of our success in servicing multi-national accounts. This program allows you to increase your bottom line revenue and increase your competitive advantage globally. Moving Business Forward Thank You.

Thank You! Agency Logo Here YYZ Travel Group 7851 Dufferin Street, Suite 100 Thornhill, Ontario L4J 3M4 Tel: 905-660-7000 ext. 310 Toll Free: 1-877-YYZ-GROUP (999- 4768) Roz Collis Corporate Account Manager [email protected] Moving Business Forward

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