Education Policy landscape. March 2010 1 The Tory

Education Policy landscape. March 2010 1 The Tory

Education Policy landscape. March 2010 1 The Tory tomtom Two assumptions Political direction will change The belt will tighten Conservatives see public sector reform as critical to them now as industrial reform was to Thatcher The Conservative Policy Review process based on 3 principles: decentralisation; accountability; transparency Conservative campaign building around 6 themes: dealing with the debt; boosting enterprise; backing the NHS; raising standards in schools; making Britain the most family friendly country in Europe; changing politics Labour adopting 5: jobs of the future, health services, education services anti social behaviour, tackling the recession Lib-Dems going for 4 fair pledges: fair taxes; a fair start for children at school; a fair, sustainable economy; fairer political system Battlegrounds: timing of cuts; family/marriage; social mobility; Lambeth v Barnet; how best to clean up politics 2 The political picture Key Papers Labour: 21st c schools. Going for Growth: Our Future Prosperity Tory: School manifesto. Get Britain Working Key speeches Lab: Mandelsons Sept 09 Progress speech. Browns Feb 10 spring event speech Tory: Camerons June 09 quango speech. Goves Nov 09 CPS speech Key words Progressive, tough, standards, rigour, choice, parents, local, employers, academy, apprenticeships, Sweden, technical, fight Key influencers Lab: IPPR, Balls, Compass, New Statesman, John Lewis, Blair when appropriate Tory: Reform, CSJ, Freud, Blair, Barnet/Kent, Tory grandees, John Lewis, The Sun

Key countries Canada, Australia, Holland, Sweden, America Key celebs Labour: Sir Alex 3 The economic picture Key Papers Back to Black, A Recovery Plan for the UK, Skills, Jobs, Growth, Key speeches Labour: Browns Nov 09 CBI speech. Darlings Dec 09 PBR speech Tory; Osbornes Conference 09 speech. Hammonds More for Less Nov 09 speech Key words Austerity/aspiration, priority, responsibility, tough, investment, quango, bureaucracy, incontinence, sensitive Key reviews Schools funding review Banks FE fees review Browne HE fees review Current Spending Review Key figures 923,000 0.3% 178bn 19bn 135m 30 100 4 Current schools agenda Planning Accountability for a tighter Select Committee Report future

DCSF Discussion Paper Revamping of league tables Refined PBR projections remit for Ofsted Report Card Bill, A new Schools Critical role legislating for for SIPs Stronger Pupil/parent roleguarantees for LAs, parents, SoS Report card Young people New Rose,intervention Leahy, Rake,powers Lambert Teacher licences practice Jan Guarantee/ YPtopledges Select Committee Inquiry Curriculum/testing 16-24 New primary strategycurr and KS1 guarantee Landscape

7 free Progress Check Year UTCs, schools, academies Adaptive testing at KS2 14-19 planning through CTBs, SRGs provision in key Entitlement Transfer of 16-19 responsibilities subjects Emergence of YPLA, NAS Development of the National IAG and Connexions Curriculum and academic Planning for RPA core Future of 14-19 reform programme A* and A level future 5 Current FE and skills agenda Skills National Investment skills strategy Strategy Across the Creation ofboard

new technician efficiencies and rate reductions class Greater use of co-funding and sponsored provision Empowered learners through Resource re-direction to high-level and economically valuable priorities AACS and SAs Tackling unemployment Simplification of skills system Growing concerns about youth/graduate figures Regional planning through New YP and graduate Guarantees RDAs of TtGstrategy and New Deal Transition Industrial active Dedicated focused onFE keyNEET sectorsprovision set of out in Employment White Paper and Get Britain Working Visions Expansion apprenticeship Paper provision Not Development forgettingof new innovation Emergence and investment landscape of SFA

New Willetts HE Framework FEFC consultation Strategy 16-24 year olds Extendedfor access and more diversity of provision inc FE RPA Delivery Plan Focus on high level skills TtG Report programmes and graduate employability Strengthened quality and course labelling 6 Pre Budget Report Current HE agenda HEFCE HE Strategy 2010/11 grant letter Shift towards Extended access more and

flexible more provision, inc fast-track degrees diversity of provision Greater response to higher level skill needs Focus on high level skills Programme labelling pilot by 2011/12 programmes and graduate Additional 135m budget cut, of which 51m from teaching grant; all employability on top of existing 180m efficiencies quality andsector, Cambridge entering bonds market Strengthened Anguished reaction from course labelling Not forgetting Taskforce to position UKHE as HEFCE Report youth participation trends global leader inon online learning increased HEIF Knowledge Continuing transfer work on under widening Undergrad internship scheme to help access into professions

access Independent Review of postgrad provision review of Support for STEM provision student finance Coping increased numbers 2 stage with process, potential election issue Given sharper edge following funding context Looking to establish balance in contributions from beneficiaries 7 Cons education policy. Some specifics Strong prejudice in favour of a knowledge-based curriculum Core primary curriculum but support Montessori and Steiner models Overhaul of KS2 testing, reading and progress checks Refocus schools around learning, dismantle extended services model Emphasis on established core subjects incentivised through distinct points system as part of overhaul of National Curriculum Strong independent regulator, historical online database of exams, academics to guarantee of standards

Inspection system re-directed on T/L and on poorly performing schools Not anti-vocational but keen to simplify and see it add value Support apprenticeships but only real ones Open out the school system, extended and purer Academy model, independent state school system enshrined in early Schools Bill Raise the quality and prestige of the teaching profession Traditional model of colleges supporting skills development and community needs through dedicated funding agency Skills system goal of one funding body, one audit regime, one 8 improvement body Controlled growth of HE What might be in the first 100 days? Emergency Growth Budget and CSR announcement Launch of extensive public sector reform programme Release heat out of the system with new powers for heads, teachers and parents, less bureaucracy and less interference Identify worst performing schools and put under new management; identify best performing schools and grant academy status Legislate for new free school model Reform of national testing especially reading tests Develop renewed NEET Strategy Review local arrangements, move in on some quangos Introduce tighter budgetary controls and slash vanity projects Restructure DCSF and BIS Put machinery in place for new FEFC and funding compact Establish contracting process for new welfare programmes Negotiate with the Lib-Dems! 9

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