List of the bullet points in the first

List of the bullet points in the first

List of the bullet points in the first FP7 calls for proposals of main relevance to nanotechnology Disclaimer: Note that this compilation is not legally binding and does not represent any commitment on behalf of the European Commission Background: Nanotechnology R&D in FP6 More than 1.3 billion in more than 550 projects Infrastructures 40 Health 65 NEST 22 SME 17 other 32 NMP 571 Marie Curie 149 IST 466 EC funding by FP6 programme, M Funding for Nanotechnology R&D in FP7

More than 40 activities in the calls opened in 2007 are directly relevant Many more activities are indirectly relevant (e.g. in Health) Doubling of the FP6 funding is expected over duration of FP7 300-400M estimated in 2007 NMP-2007-1.1-1 Nano-scale mechanisms of bio/non-bio interactions CP NMP-2007-1.1-2 Self-assembling and self-organisation CP NMP-2007-1.1-3 CSA NMP-2007-1.1-4 CSA NMP-2007-1.1-5 CSA (ERANET) Support to ICPC researchers in nanotechnology and creation of a free and open electronic archive of nanosciences and nanotechnologies scientific and technical publications Development of methodology, collection and elaboration of scientific-technical and socio-economic data and studies on nanosciences and nanotechnologies, including risk assessment, and establishment of an observatory ERANET Plus in nanosciences Technology development

NMP-2007-1.2-1 Large CP Pilot lines to study, develop and up-scale nanotechnology-based processes from laboratory NMP-2007-1.2-2 Equipment and methods for nanotechnology SME-targeted CP NMP-2007-1.2-3 CSA Analysis of the ethical, regulatory, social and economic environment of nanomedicine NMP-2007-1.2-4 Coordination in nanometrology CSA NMP-2007-1.2-5 Examining capacity building in nanobiotechnology CSA NMP-2007-3.4-1 Rapid Manufacturing Concepts for Small Series Industrial Production SME-targeted CP

NMP-2007-3.5-1 Large CP Processes and Equipment for High Quality Industrial Production of 3-Dimensional Nanosurfaces NMP-2007-3.5-2 Production Technologies and equipment for Micro-Manufacturing Large CP NMP-2007-4.0-2 SME-targeted CP Application of new materials including bio-based fibres in highadded value textile products Impact assessment and societal issues NMP-2007-1.3-1 Large CP NMP-2007-1.3-2 CP NMP-2007-1.3-3 CSA NMP-2007-1.3-4 CSA NMP-2007-1.3-5 CSA HEALTH-2007-1.3-4 Specific, easy-to-use portable devices for measurement and

analysis Risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles on health and the environment Scientific review on the data and studies on the potential impact on health, safety and the environment of engineered nanoparticles Creation of a critical and commented database on the health, safety and environmental impact of nanoparticles Coordination in studying the environmental, safety and health impact of engineered nanoparticles and nanotechnology based materials and products CP Alternative testing strategies for the assessment of the toxicological profile of nanoparticles used in medical diagnostics SiS-2007- Science in Society: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology CSA Nanomaterials NMP-2007-2.1.1 Nanostructured polymer-matrix composites NMP-2007-2.1.2 Nanostructured coatings and thin films Large CP CP NMP-2007-2.1.3

Characterisation of nanostructured materials CSA NMP-2007-2.2-1 Organic materials for electronics and photonics Large CP NMP-2007-2.2-2 Nanostructured materials with tailored magnetic properties CP NMP-2007-2.2.-3 Advanced material architectures for energy conversion CP NMP-2007-2.3.-1 Large CP Highly porous bioactive scaffolds controlling angiogenesis for tissue engineering NMP-2007-2.4-2 Nanostructured catalysts with tailor-made functional surfaces CP NMP-2007-2.4-3

Renewable materials for functional packaging applications CP NMP-2007-2.5-2 CP Modelling of microstructural evolution under work conditions and in materials processing Nanomedicine NMP-2007-4.0-4 Large CP Substantial innovation in the European medical industry: development of nanotechnology-based systems for in-vivo diagnosis and therapy (in coordination with topics HEALTH-20072.4.1-7 and HEALTH-2007-1.2-3) HEALTH-2007-2.4.1-7 Improving targeted drug delivery to cancer cells for cancer CP therapeutics other than gene therapy HEALTH-2007-1.2.3 Large CP ICT-2007-5.1 Large CP, CSA Novel targeted imaging probes for early in vivo diagnosis and/or evaluation of response to therapy Personal Health Systems for Monitoring and Point-of-Care diagnostics PS: Many more activities in the Health theme are relevant to Nanomedicine, e.g. imaging, stem cells, translating research for human health Nanoelectronics

ICT-2007.3.1 CP, NoE, CSA Next generation nanoelectronics components and electronics integration ICT-2007.8.1 Nano-scale ICT devices and systems CP, CSA (CA only) Infrastructures INFRA-2007- Combination CP/CSA PRINS, Pan-European Research Infrastructures for Nanostructures (from 2006 ESFRI Roadmap) Training PEOPLE-2007-1-1ITN Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (all research areas) Other ERC-2007-StG European Research Council Starting Independent Researcher Grants (all research areas) ICT-2007-C CP, CSA (CA only) FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) Open (Open call for bottom-up activities)

ENERGY-2007.1.2.4 Novel nanostructured materials for hydrogen storage KBBE-2007-2-3-04 Nano-devices for quality assurance, food safety and product properties CP CP References FP7: FP7 calls: Nanotechnology homepage: Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: An Action Plan for Europe 2005-2009 Additional information on nanotechnology:

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