Wyoming Girls State Welcome to the Welcome to

Wyoming Girls State Welcome to the Welcome to

Wyoming Girls State Welcome to the Welcome to the Iowa Girls State Orientation IowaOn-Line American Legion Wyoming American Auxiliary Girls

State Legion Auxiliary Information for Citizens and Parents Girls State On-line Orientation Welcome! Congratulations on your selection to Wyoming Girls State, one of the premiere

programs of the Wyoming American Legion Auxiliary. This presentation will prepare you to attend the Girls State session this summer, and attempt to answer any questions you might have at this time. Wyoming Girls State Girls State is a practical application of Americanism and good citizenship. It was

developed from the idea that youth should be offered a better perspective of the practical operation of government and that the individual, being an integral part of government, is ultimately responsible for the character and success of government. Wyoming is the only state that had Girls State before Boys State. Wyoming Girls State Tidbits Organized in 1941, the first session of Wyoming Girls State was attended by 45 girls. No sessions were held in 1944 and 1945 due to the impact of WWII.

Wyoming Girls State pins were introduced during the 1946 session. Girls Nation was held for the first time in 1947 The first scholarship to UW was offered in 1952 in the amount of $296 per semester. Location and Dates Wyoming Girls State Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne June 11-17, 2017 Delegates not in attendance for the entire session are ineligible for elected offices, special awards, and scholarships.

What is Wyoming Girls State? It is a study of City Government County Government State Government City Government This is probably one of the first places where you will be involved at Wyoming Girls State. During your first city meeting your city will

nominate and elect these city officers: Mayor, Precinct Captain, Election Judge, Election Clerk, Fire Chief, Firefighter, Police Chief, Police Officer, Water Commissioner, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Engineer, City Treasurer, City Councilwomen and Postal Clerk. Wyoming Girls State Cities Antelope Bison Cottonwood Meadowlark Paintbrush

Sagebrush Each delegate will be assigned to one of these cities. County Government Those running for County Office will give their speech for the Primary Election. Those who win the Primary Election will give another speech for the General Election. County Offices include: County Assessor, County Attorney, County Clerk, County Commissioner, County Coroner, County Sheriff, County Treasurer, and Clerk of the District Court.

State Government Those running for State Office will give their speech for the Primary Election. Those who win the Primary Election will give another speech for the General Election. State Offices include: Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. National and Judicial Offices

Those running for National will give their speech for the Primary Election. Those who win the Primary Election will give another speech for the General Election. National Offices include: U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative. Those running for Judicial Offices (non-partisan) will give their speech for the Primary Election only

Judicial Offices include: Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of the District Court and Judges of the Circuit Court. Elections A delegate will choose a partisan or non-partisan office and will seek only one office. City offices as well as House/Senate positions are not included in the Primary and General Elections as they are handled separately in the

first City Meeting and first Education session. Those seeking Party Leader, President of the Senate, or Speaker of the House will file for an office, however, if successful, will not participate in the Primary or General elections. Everyone must initially sign up to run for an elected position. Delegates should come prepared with a speech for the office they intend to run for. All delegates will give a speech for the Primary Election. Those who win the Primary Election will give another speech for the General Election (this need not be a different speech; you will just have to speak again). All speeches will be limited to three (3) minutes maximum. Speeches will be timed and will be asked to stop at the end of three (3) minutes. Continuation of speech will result in disqualification. No props or campaign materials are allowed. No audience participation is allowed. This includes enticement of audience to participate. These types

of infractions could result in disqualification. If in doubt, check with the Political Coordinator, as we do not wish to disqualify anyone. All Delegates are required to: File for and run for a County, State, National, or Judicial Office. Using a two-party system you will campaign for these offices and hold a Primary and General Election.

Write and submit a bill. Participate in Educational Training either in the Judicial process by participating in mock trials as a judge, attorney, defendant, juror, etc.; or in the Legislative process by debating bills in the House or Senate, using parliamentary procedure to amend and pass bills into legislation. Participate in Girls State Choir (performing during Inauguration). When do I need to arrive? Registration is Sunday, June 11, 2017 12:30 to 2 p.m. at the Residence Hall

Registration involves: Turning in car keys if delegate drives their own vehicle Visiting with Nurse to discuss medical history. Checking in with City to receive Welcome Packet, and Name Badge. Once you complete check in you will meet with

City Counselor and pick up room key. Please note: There is a $80 fee the delegate will be responsible for if they should lose their room key. Lanyards will be issued and are encouraged to be used. Plan to arrive early as Opening Session begins at 2:30 p.m. Arriving early will allow time to unpack prior to this session. The delegates in your city should meet prior to Opening Session so you may all walk together to opening ceremonies.

Campus Rules Delegates are obligated to remain for the full session. No Delegate shall be permitted to leave campus after she has been admitted during the period of Girls State, except on organized group trips under the leadership of an official counselor. Any Delegate not completing the entire Girls State session will be denied any special recognition or honors.

As a guest of Girls State, Delegates will observe all campus rules and will take care of all equipment and property. No articles of any kind shall be removed or changed from one room to another. No individual posters will be hung, as space is too limited for adequate display. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, DRINKING, PROFANITY, OR INSUBORDINATION WILL BE TOLERATED. We strongly recommend that a Girls State Delegate not drive herself or others to Girls State. Delegates that do drive will be required to turn in their keys to the Director upon

arrival for safekeeping. All transportation necessary during the session will be provided. Valuables may be turned in at the office. Tag and label all valuables. Insurance covers Girls State Delegates and staff, beginning on arrival to Girls State through time of departure. Any Delegate, who is ill or injured, should report to a Senior Staff Member immediately. Delegates should wear clothing that would be considered professional business attire for all sessions. Dresses, skirts, slacks and dressy pantsuits of appropriate style and

length will be worn daily. Campus Rules Delegates will be prompt at all sessions, flag raising and lowering, meals times, and any time special meetings may be called. Attendance will be taken and unexcused absences could result in loss of special recognition or honors. Important notices will be given during City meetings and/or meals. All requests for equipment and privileges must be made to the Director. Name tags are to be worn at all times. Each Delegate will be responsible for the neatness of her room. Every Delegate is encouraged to write or call home at least once during the session. American Legion Auxiliary Wyoming Girls State will not be responsible for telephone calls or bills of any kind contracted by counselors, staff, or Delegates of Girls State.

No male visitors during the week without permission from the Director except for the Banquet, Inauguration, and Graduation. ANY DELEGATE WHO VIOLATES ANY RULE OF AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY WYOMING GIRLS STATE WILL BE DISMISSED WITHOUT REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEE. Girls State will not be responsible for the expense of the Delegates return home. Delegates will be IN THEIR OWN DORM AREAS by 10 p.m., and IN THEIR OWN ROOM by 10:30p.m. Cell phones are not permitted during any session and we strongly recommend cell phones remain in dorm rooms during all sessions. The Residence Housing sleeping room courtesy hours are from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Please be quiet during courtesy hours. If a Residence Housing access card or room key is lost, an $80 replace fee is applicable.

How Do You Get Involved?

All of the former Governors and Delegates of Wyoming Girls State say you get out of the experience what you put into it - take the opportunity to get involved from the beginning in your city, education and electives. Don't just sit back and watch BECOME government in action! There will be Government Activities every day. They will be learning by doing activities so you should jump right in to fully participate in the

program. Sunday Activities Registration and Hall Check-In Opening Ceremonies Party Caucus City Meeting - City Campaigning and Elections - Patriotic Presentation Prep Work - Talent Show sign-up Monday Activities

Governors Council (City Mayors attend) Education Sessions (House, Senate, Courts) Party Caucus Primary Speeches Non-Partisan Speeches Choir Practice Girls Nation Reports Poppy Presentation and Wreath Tuesday Activities Governors Council City Pictures Americanism Test Study Time

Primary Elections Education Sessions Party Caucus Choir Practice Talent Show Wednesday Activities Governors Council Education Session General Election Speeches Girls Nation Interviews and Voting Choir Practice Whistle Stops

Patriotic Presentations Girls Nation Finalist Interviews Thursday Activities Governors Council Party Caucus Political Rally General Elections Americanism Test Education Session Choir Practice Picnic with Information Fair Inauguration Practice

Friday Activities Governors Council Final Education Sessions at Jonah Business Center Elected Official visits Final Choir Practice Banquet Inauguration

Saturday Activities Pack Graduation - Winning Patriotic Presentation Travel Home Inauguration Information Inauguration is the culmination of the week. Elected Officials are sworn in. Parents and Guests are welcome. Flag Ceremony 5:45 p.m.

Banquet 6 p.m. Inauguration Program 8 p.m. 2018 Girls Nation Senators announced. Retiring Governor farewell address. *Times are subject to change* Graduation Information Parents and Guests are welcome. Graduation at 9:30 a.m.

Patriotic Presentation by winning City Scholarships Awarded Everyday Activities Flag Raising Flag Lowering Evening Session City Meetings Retreat Each city participates during the week. This is a time to reflect, stress friendship and is a positive end to each day.

Flag Ceremony Wyoming Girls State is sponsored by the Wyoming American Legion Auxiliary, a womens patriotic organization whose beliefs are for God and Country. Each day, Girls State delegates raise and lower the flag in a special ceremony. Your city will have a chance to do either flag lowering or flag raising. Volunteer for the chance to do this.

Service Projects This year we are going to start an Annual Wyoming Girls State Food Dive. You are asked to bring a nonperishable item with you to Girl State. When you register on Sunday you can turn in your donation. The food we collect will be given to the St. Joseph Food Pantry. Making our communities better places in which to live is something Auxiliary members strive for

each and every day across this country. The Power of Your Vote Your vote is powerful Every vote counts, and at Girls State, every delegate votes in every election Many races are decided by only one vote Wouldn't it be amazing if all elections had 100% participation? Suggested Packing for Girls State

Sheets Blanket Pillow Towels/Wash Cloth

Umbrella Jacket Sunglasses Camera Alarm clock

Notebooks Pens Pencils Snacks (no gum) Money Shower shoes Backpack Water Bottle Comfortable shoes Sheets, Blanket, Towels/wash cloth/pillow

(the college does not provide any linens) Money for snacks and/or items from the Girls State Commissary (the Commissary will be open for parent shopping during registration on Saturday). Props for talent show or instrument for Band. Toiletries, prescription medication, personal items, pain relievers, cough drops, etc. Running shoes and clothes if you choose to participate in the morning PT group.

Dress Code Although the Laramie County Community College does not appear very large, lots of walking is required and we strongly recommend comfortable shoes. Girls State is held in early June, which can mean anything in terms of weather; you know Wyoming. So be prepared for both hot or cold and anything in between. Rain gear and an umbrella are advised.

There are certain days when dresses will be required. These days are: Tuesday, which will be Picture Day and Friday, which will be off site visits with State Elected Officials. It is strongly recommended dresses or skirts be worn as the Staff feels it portrays a professional image, although pantsuits or dress slacks may be worn. Dress or skirt hem lines should present a professional image and ensure modesty. AS A RULE OF THUMB - NO SHORTER THAN 3" FROM THE CENTER OF THE

KNEE. Questionable hem lines will be evaluated on a case by case basis and delegate may be asked to change into more appropriate attire. No denim jeans (any color), baggy/cargo style pants, warm-up or sweatpants, or hip hugger pants/skirts that show the navel will be allowed (see #5). No dresses or blouses that leave the shoulders or back bare, i.e. with spaghetti straps, are allowed unless a shirt or blouse with sleeves is worn as well. Dress Code

Casual clothes such as sweats, jeans, shorts, etc., may be worn during recreation periods, during the evening City Meetings, after the close of the days session, and during such other times as designated by the Director. Pajamas are not allowed to be worn at daily Flag Raising ceremonies.

Tee shirts with offensive messages or language are strictly prohibited. Continual infractions during the week of Girls State could result in the Delegate being required to return home. NOTE: All Staff members have been asked to abide by the same Dress Code as the Delegates. Prom or evening dinner dresses should be worn for the Inauguration. If your dress

meets with your parents/guardians approval, then it is acceptable for Inauguration, i.e. may be strapless, backless, etc. Girls State Delegate name tags are to be worn at all times except for Inauguration. If there are questions regarding the dress code, they should be addressed to the Director or the Senior Staff. If there are infractions of the dress code, Delegates may be asked to return to their rooms to put on more appropriate attire. Infractions could be counted against a City in vying for the Outstanding City Award. Items Due at Girls State Form #20 Wyoming Girls State Delegate

Checklist. Turn in Sunday night at first city meeting (complete forms count towards outstanding city award). Picture form and money for Girls State pictures. Entry for Cover/Motto Contest Banquet form and money for guests attending. Other Points of Interest Lights out is at 10:30 p.m. - get your sleep,

because each day is packed with activity! All delegates must attend all sessions, including flag ceremonies, meetings, and meals. There is little free time between meetings, so visitors are not allowed. Staff members are volunteers - either members of the American Legion Auxiliary, Wyoming National Guard or former Girls State Delegates. Samsung Scholarship Information

ELIGIBILITY: High school juniors who are a direct descendant, i.e. child, grandchild, great-grandchild or a legally adopted child, of a U.S. veteran who served during a period of war and is a delegate to American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Requires high school record and certification by a school official

Requires documentation of the eligibility through a veteran (document DD-214) Required to be submitted online. https://www.legion.org/samsung-scholarship-application Wyoming Girls State Is an educational opportunity which will make government and politics come alive.

Is run as close to Wyoming law as possible. Has a stellar reputation, and the expectation that you will act accordingly to maintain our image. Is a once in a lifetime experience where you will learn a great deal about government, about yourself, and about some new people who will become close friends by the time you leave on Saturday. Questions? American Legion Auxiliary Girls State

Director, Bobbie Swanlund, 307-287-4546 or [email protected] http://wylegionaux.org/girls.html Girls State Committee: Linda Feezer, Assistant Director Susan Dansereau, Member Kathy Wright, Member Belle Temple, Member

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