Mini Mall Design Submitted by: Dalya Dawoud Dina

Mini Mall Design Submitted by: Dalya Dawoud Dina

Mini Mall Design Submitted by: Dalya Dawoud Dina Saad Eddien Yusra Abu Ghdaib Supervisor :

Moayyd Salhab 7 Connection In previous semester

Inspiration of the Idea - Historic . - Economic . -Scientifically : Integration between the architectural, environmental, construction and internal systems elements

Quick View Project Location properties. .

Project location The surrounding area . Architectural view

Total ground Area : 4915 m 2 Used Area :2800 m 2 Total area of the mall : 18540 m 2

The area distributed to 4 floors and 2 basements for parking. Each floor area is about 2800 m 2 & Each basement area 3670 m 2 ).

Cars absorbed : 148 cars . external parking 24 cars, and internal parking 2 basement floor each accommodate 62 cars .

Major architectural elements have been designed Entrances : North main entrance .

West side entrance . South behind entrance .

The first 3 floors are commercials about 30 shops including 2 galleries and a hypermarket

The forth floor is Entertainment 2 restaurant , 1 coffee shop , entertainment games hall , bowling hall.

Major channel for the horizontal motion Vertical motion elements : 2 Internal concrete stair , 4 Elevators , 1 Electric stairs .

Contained 42 water closet . Master Plan Basements and Car movement Design First Basement

Second Basement Ground floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor

Design Principle External Wall Section Internal Wall Section Noise Treatment

Acoustic panel material made of pressed organic fiber with an inorganic binder can be used as ceiling tile and wall panels Isolated of the parking can be achieved by using the acoustical

block called Helmholtz. Speaker Design Interior communication system is necessary in the Mini Mall . mounted speakers will be used.

Speakers were distributed in corridors and other rooms. It distributions to make well-coverage area in any place in the Mini Mall Elevations North Elevation

East Elevation Vertical shutters West Elevation Vertical shutters

South Elevation louvered shutters cantilever Sections A-A B-B

Structural Design 7 Structural Design Principle ACI-318,2005 (American Concrete Institute) code is used as a reference for design .

Compressive Yielding soil strength of concrete(fc)= 280 Kg/cm 2. strength of steel (fy)= 4200 Kg/cm 2. allowable bearing capacity is 300 kg/cm 2 .

Loads Dead load 623 Kg/cm 2 Live Load 500 Kg /cm 2

Superimposed 350 Kg/cm 2 Wu = 2000 Kg/cm 2

Seismic design The seismic load in this project is as per Unified Building Code(UBC 97), Response & Spectrum method used to apply the seismic load.

Location conditions used to apply the load are: Zone factor (Z) = 0.2 Soil profile is Sc

Seismic coefficient soil type ( Ca ) = 0.24 Cv = 0.4

Response factor (R) = 5.5 I: Importance factor = 1 (As per UBC code) Full Details Structural calculated part

The building separates into two parts by structural beak .

The circled part taken . Model Checks Building weight check

Manual weight : 1458.8085 ton Weight From SAP :1422.2 ton Error = 2.5% Columns weight check: Error = 0.185%

Compatibility check, T = 0.84 Beams weight checks : Error = 0.45 % Footings And Tie beams

Footings and Tie beams Plan Footings Details F1 F2 F3

F4 Tie beams Columns All columns are 70 cm diameter Slab Principle

Maximum span = 8 m Slab depth = 35 cm

Two way ribbed slab is used Equivalent depth 25 cm as a solid slab during SAP

Slab beam are (80 * 35 cm ) and (100 * 35 am ) Two way ribbed slab Slab beams distribution

Slab beams Details B1 B3 Electrical design Internal Lighting

Number of lighting units used depends on Luminance required . 500 (lux) for shops .

200 (lux) for restaurants . 100 (lux) bathrooms

150 (lux) parking . louvered recessed (module ) Luminaire 40-50) is used & 6 of F72T8 lamp type used with 2550 lamp flux in shops .

FC16T10 with 2300 lamp flux used in corridors Sample Distribution Of lighting Lighting in parking Shaft for

vertical distribution lighting control room Sockets distribution Sample Separated

control panel for each shop suitable sockets for each shop Ground floor electric cables area

Photos taken by dialux Mechanical systems Drainage System design Flush valve is used

Total fixture units in this building =646 . Third floor Second floor First Floor

Ground Floor Ground Floor drainage details Water supply system Total fixture units in the building = 508.

We used 2 main risers (vertical pipes) each riser of 3 diameter. We need about 3 m 3 tank size.

Third floor water supply HVAC system The method which has been used in the calculations is cooling load temperature difference method.

type of cooling and heating system is fan coil unit Its assumed 4 PM in June is the peak our for

the cooling calculation. Ground floor HVAC details Fire resisting

Automatic system centralized was selected in this building, the smoke. Alarm sound throughout the mall .

There are two stairs in the project which is considered as emergency exist. We use Degree of hazard on the room method

We used sprinklers system in all shops . We consider high hazard rooms ( area per Sprinklers 9m2 , max distance between it 3.7m

Foam should be used in parking . Ground floor sprinkles distribution

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