Engaging Your Team TTT for FTMs November 9

Engaging Your Team TTT for FTMs November 9

Engaging Your Team TTT for FTMs November 9 Project Dandelion Training: Cascade of Supports Phase I Plan Objectives Strategy to Select your team Planning Tool at the DVM, DSM and Representative level FTM Prep / activities Nov 9 Planning TTT for FTMs on planning / choosing their teams Wk of Nov 12

Delivery of Planning Training to DSMs at Staff Meetings Nov 30 Engaging TTT for FTMs Engage and activate your teams Phase II Engage Objectives Engaging your team using 311, 90 day Business review and campaign planner FTM Prep / Activities Dec 3-14 Create live Engaging webinars within your Divisions (DSM / SLs

Dec 14 Executing TTT for FTMs Prepare the DSMs for the Executing Rallies Wk of Dec 17th Deliver Executing Training to DSMs for their Jan rallies Phase III Execute Objectives Executing rallies to prepare for events: prospecting at these types of events, handling objections, performing mini AT1 contacts, influencing

skills Define next steps in the process and set clear definitions FTM Prep / Activities Jan 14 Identify with your DVM where you should participate US Sales Training PostOnboarding Process on getting list of new recruits to DSMs quickly for follow up Process for DVMs, RSLs to follow up Create calendar for

Division level training contacts Provide training schedule at time of event Create a Division Google document to track training attendance Retention Create process / scripting for Lead follow up after C5 if not appointed (lead calling parties?) Use Business Buzz to drive

sales & orders Create incentives to those who attend trainings (e.g., free product, sample packs) Create Facebook page to engage new Reprs. 2 Key Points Ensure that District Sales Managers close out the year hitting Peg point and engaging our Representatives Supporting key initiatives through training and support tools C4/5 events are going to be critical next year in driving additions and aligning achievement of KPIs You will need to work with the Division Managers

Review DVM Planning tool with DVMs Partner with them to execute the training and provide support to achieving the KPIs US Sales Training 3 What do DVMs need to do November: Work with FTMs to prepare and deliver Planning pieces at Staff meetings Ensure that DSMs are having 1:1 sessions using 90 day business planning tool to engage their Sales Leaders and identify their teams Plan with FTMs how the December training webinars will be launched and communicated December: Work with the FTM to schedule the Engaging TTT

Use your holiday parties to get people to the rallies and prepare for the C4-5 recruiting events Ensure that Teams for each event are clear on their roles & responsibilities and that expectations for follow-up have been well communicated US Sales Training 4 What do FTMs need to do For the months of Nov / Dec Team call dates will be changed please block 12-1:30 on Fridays Talk to your DVMs about their November Staff meeting calls coordinate to be on each one. The presentation is 15-20 minutes Create a schedule with the Division Manager on the December 3-14 Engaging Webinar dates Determine how you want to launch them and how to get people to attend Work with your Division Manager on when the training for the Executing Rallies can happen the week of the Dec. 17

Post retention TBD US Sales Training 5 FTM Preparation for Training Verify with DVM if meeting is live or web Set up Adobe if required and have the PowerPoint prepared Prepare Planning Tools (DSM, SL) E-mail or have copies of the District Manager and Sales Leader Planning tool Be sure to send the Documents prior to the session and tell them to print We will house the tools on the SMO info on that will be forthcoming

US Sales Training 6 FTM Follow Up To Training Email DSM to spur they actions after training Ensure that all DSMs completed their Planning Worksheet Continue with follow up at each step to create a Timeline for the DSMs. Check in on Division Team calls to ask about progress US Sales Training 7 Engaging Your Team

Whats in it for You? Illustration: a. Adjust 2 campaigns of Additions Plan to meet C4-5 Goal b. See the impacts to Net Sales results vs. prior campaign actual c. To current year potential b (NO changes to Average Order or Activity) b a c

a c US Sales Training AND How could this impact your Title Advancement Bonus? 9 Whats in it for your team? 1. How will you show them whats in it for them?

2. With whom will you conduct a 90 Day Business Plan? US Sales Training 10 How to Exceed Your Business Goal and Maximize Your Campaign KPIs Break down your Districts goal into manageable chunks campaign, weekly, daily. Be sure to take accelerated RPS schedules into consideration Determine your Team & Actions

Traditional Prospecting Activities Appointments and Training Contacts to be conducted Shared lead and Old lead follow-up Lead Generation from Established Representatives Campaign 4/5 Events US Sales Training 11 DSM Planning Tool US Sales Training 12 Identify Potential Participants For

Your Teams Use the Leadership Segmentation Report {LOLA} and Representative Segmentation Report {LORA} to find Leaders / Representatives that exhibit the behaviors of wanting to grow their business Identify key areas within your District that need coverage and identify Representatives in those areas Reach out to anyone in your District who wants to build their business Talk to new Representatives at the Time of Appointment Consider partnering with other DSMs or Sales Leaders from neighboring districts to complete your coverage US Sales Training 13 Allocate Your Team to Events What Representatives are available for each section / event? Team A: Core Representatives have consistently shown the

behaviors to advance title to earn their spot. Team B: Bench may have a limited availability but could pitch in at the last minute Team C: Not interested in events, but willing to kick in with traditional prospecting. Office Helpers: District Assistant and anyone you could challenge for a short term assignment such as follow-up calls and lead generation US Sales Training 14 Allocate Your Team to Events cont. Choose a Team Captain for each event You may want to have a special name tag for recognition Responsible for taking attendance and calling for backups if necessary Responsible for collecting & tracking leads and contracts They may have to be responsible for moving to a new location if

traffic is slow US Sales Training 15 Finish Planning Your Events Share SL Planning Tool with participants Identify when and where your pre-event planning sessions will be held Communicate the dates your Trainings/Rallies Ensure the Team members order the kits, brochures and supplies needed Share the expectations post Event follow up US Sales Training

of of 16 Plan and Organize Retention Activities Text from Sales Leaders to all of her new Recruits at the end of each day it was a pleasure meeting you Schedule follow up FULL Appointments and Training Conversations over the next 2 weeks Provide invitations to Division & District Avon Opportunity Meetings over the next 2 weeks Schedule phone-a-thon events for lead follow-up Follow up with your Upline Leaders and their plans to follow up with their Downline Leaders. US Sales Training

17 Next Steps Who will you contact? How many 90 Day Business Plans will you schedule this week in your planner? What is your deadline for aligning your Team? Who will your DA contact? Who will your Sales Leaders Contact in their Downline? US Sales Training 18 IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN Benjamin TO FAIL! Franklin

US Sales Training 19 DVM Planning Tool US Sales Training 20 Presentation Tips for FTMs Practice Find a comfortable place to sit and have everything spread out in front of you find a comfortable way to manage your notes; the Adobe tool (ie watching for comments); and the Planning Decks all at the same time. US Sales Training


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