Charlie May Simon 2017-18 Fish in a Tree

Charlie May Simon 2017-18 Fish in a Tree

Charlie May Simon 2017-18 Fish in a Tree by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt AR 3.7 7 pts.

Crenshaw By: Katherine Applegate AR 3.8 3 pts Until I Find Julian By: Patricia Reilly Giff

AR 3.9 4 pts. Newbery Honorwinning author Patricia Reilly Giff tells a vivid, contemporary story about a remarkable boy who risks everything for his family and a bold girl who helps him. At home in Mexico, Mateo knows where he belongs: with Mami,

Abuelita, little brother Lucas, and big brother Julian. When Julian leaves to work in el Norte, the United States, Mateo misses him. And when the family stops hearing from Julian, Mateo knows he has to find his beloved brother. With only his old notebook and a backpack, Mateo heads for the border, where dangers await: robbers, and the border police, who will send him

back home or perhaps even put him in prison. On his journey, Mateo meets Angel, a smart, mysterious girl who can guide his crossing. Angel is tough; so is Mateo, and his memories of his loving family sustain him. Because no matter what happens, he cant go home until he finds Julian. The War That Saved My Life

By: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley AR 4.1 9 pts. A Handful of Stars By: Cynthia Lord

AR 4.4 5 pts. Firefly Hollow By: Alison McGhee AR 4.7 6 pts.

Stella By Starlight By: Sharon M. Draper AR 4.8 8 pts. The Education of Ivy Blake

By: Ellen Airgood AR 4.8 7 pts. Ivy has loved living with her best friend, Prairie, and being part of Prairies lively, happy family. But now Ivys mom has decided to take her back. Ivy tries to

pretend everything is fine, but her moms neglect and embarrassing public tantrums often make Ivy feel ashamed and alone. Fortunately, Ivy is able to find solace in art, in movies, and from the pleasure she finds in observing and appreciating lifes small, beautiful moments. And when things with her

mom reach the tipping point, this ability gives her the strength and power to push on and shape her own future. Fuzzy Mud By: Louis Sacher AR 5.0 5 pts.

The Seventh Most Important Thing By: Shelley Pearsall AR 5.1 8 pts.

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer By: Kelly Jones AR 5.2 5 pts. Currents

By: Jane Petrlik Smolik AR 5.5 9 pts. Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans By: Don Brown

AR 5.6 1 pts. The Detectives Assistant By: Kate Hannigan

AR 6.2 10 pts. The Octopus Scientists By: Sy Montgomery AR 6.8 3 pts.

Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook By: Susan Campbell Bartoletti AR 7.2 5 pts.

To participate: 1.Read at least 3 Charlie May Simon books 2.Take an AR test and pass with at least 70% 3.Sign the Charlie May board when you have read the book and passed the test.

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