COMPLEX PATHWAYS, INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS INITIAL DATA FROM THE EDUCATION FIRST YOUTH FOYER EVALUATION Dr Squirrel Main & Jennifer HansonPeterson, M.A. Presented to the 8th National Homelessness Conference on 12 September 2014 1 OVERVIEW 2

Education First Youth Foyers (EFYF) Evaluation (survey) Findings-example using social connections Future directions EDUCATION FIRST

YOUTH FOYERS Student accommodation with integrated service delivery Education and training pathways End goal=sustainable employment EFY Foyer features Open Talent On TAFE land The Deal something for something THE SIX OFFERS 4 Housing and living skills Employment Education Social connectedness

Health/wellbeing Community participation EVALUATION 5 Three components: 1. Process evaluation 2. Outcomes evaluation 3. Financial evaluation Longitudinal (time in foyers plus 12 months post-foyer) One of the Victorian State Governments

largest evaluations Supporting entire community of homelessness service providers WHY EVALUATE? 6 Address homelessness in Victoria Inform practice Large-scale importance Continued funding

SURVEY 7 Students past and present experiences (e.g., housing, education, health & wellbeing) Baseline, exit, and post-exit (six and 12 months) IT TAKES A VILLAGE THANK YOU!!! 8

Anchor Anglicare (OATH)

Ballarat Youth Housing Berry Street Berry Street Grampians Brophy (Warrnambool Foyer) CAFS Ballarat Family Access Network (Box Hill) Fusion Gippsland Lakes CH Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services Hanover (South Yarra) Hope Street Junction Support (Wodonga)

Kurnai Latitude Altona Melbourne City Mission

Mind Australia NESAY (Wangaratta) Peninsula Youth Plenty Valley CHS Quantum (Morwell) Rumbalara Salvation Army (Brayton) Salvation Army (Karinya) SalvoConnect Women's Services SKYS St Luke's YHAP Time for Youth Uniting Care Ballarat

Uniting Care Gippsland Uniting Care Harrison Uniting Care Werribee VincentCare

WAYSS Wesley Mission ONE EXAMPLE: SOCIAL CONNECTIONS 9 Relationships (with friends, family and

partners) Self-determination Social supports Rights and opportunities in society FREQUENCY OF CONTACT IS HIGH.... 10 19 out of 20 WHAT ABOUT SUPPORTIVENESS OF RELATIONSHIPS? 11 Strongly agree/agree (EFYF) Strongly agree/agree (HILDA[1])

85% 65% 92% 89% 77% 63% 77% 60% 83% 83% 52%

76% GROUPS DIFFER AT BASELINE 12 Less likely to report having someone to lean on: Older students(ages 20-25) Indigenous students and/or Australian-born students Students who spoke a language other than English at home were less likely to agree they had social rights.

EDUCATION FIRST YOUTH FOYER APPROACH 13 ommunity linkages eer activities Specialist service INTEGRATION IS KEY... 14 15 NOT ALL FINDINGS LINEAR... 16

Students who were employed were more likely to report lower levels of selfdetermination than their unemployed counterparts. Why??? SOCIAL SUPPORT & EMPLOYMENT 17 FUTURE STEPS

FOR EFYF EVALUATION Youthfoyerevaluatio com 18 FUTURE DIRECTIONS AND CONNECTIONS 19 Cross-sector collaboration Sharing of

best practices Policy impact QUESTIONS? 20 Joseph Borlagdan Tel: 9483 2497 E: [email protected]

Squirrel Main Tel: 9483 2438 E: [email protected] Jennifer Hanson-Peterson Tel: 9483 2493 E: [email protected]

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