The Green Economy and the Caribbean: Issues, Ideas

The Green Economy and the Caribbean: Issues, Ideas

The Green Economy and the Caribbean: Issues, Ideas and Initiatives Launch of the Caribbean Green Economy Action Learning Group Nicole Leotaud Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) Caribbean Environment Forum 6

St Kitts, May 2012 FOOD Ecosystem collapse ENERGY


Green but what about people? Green jobs for who? Trade protection and exclusion from economic markets? One size fits all?

What does Green Economy mean in the Caribbean context? How can we get out voice heard in international discussions? Caribbean regional dialogue Characteristics of a green

economy in the Caribbean Equitable distribution of economic benefits and effective management of ecological resources Economically viable and resilient to both external and internal shocks Self-directed and self-reliant

Pro-poor and generating decent jobs and working conditions for local people Key principles for a green economy in the Caribbean Common vision Human security

Good governance Well educated citizenry Involved young people Informed and mobilised civil society Commitment to pan-Caribbean cooperation We wish to thank the world for giving our model of development a name.

EMERGING CARIBBEAN INITIATIVES: Regional policy, institutions and initiatives CARICOM Single Market Policy Framework CARICOM Regional Framework and Implementation Plan for

development that is resilient to climate change Caribbean Sea Commission Sectoral e.g. CARICOM Common Fisheries Policy CARILED CIDA funded project on local economic development in CARICOM countries UNEP green economy programme for the Caribbean National policy initiatives

Barbados Green Economy Policy Framework Guyana Low-Carbon Development Strategy Dominica Organic Development Policy Framework and low carbon climate resilient development strategy Saint Lucia developing a national vision Grenada Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy

Dominican Republic Climate Compatible Development Strategy British Virgin Islands environmental mainstreaming Trinidad and Tobago valuation of ecosystem services into national accounting Sectoral initiatives

Sustainable rural livelihoods based on the use of natural resources Greening urban development: Caribbean Network for Urban Land Management (CNULM) Greening private sector: Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association, Green Business Barbados Renewable energy: Solar, wind, geothermal

Organic agriculture Sustainable tourism, community-based tourism, natural and cultural heritage tourism Purpose: To identify and promote ways in which The Caribbean Green Economy green economy can advance sustainable

Action Learning Group development in the Caribbean through shaping visions, perspectives, positions and actions. This will require examining: What are the opportunities? What are the potential threats?

What could be a Caribbean vision of economic development? Objectives 1. Fleshing out the vision: building and sharing evidence-based knowledge 2. Promoting the vision: communication to

influence policy and build commitment 3. Putting the vision into action: action research carried out by ALG members and their partners 4. Creating capacity to achieve the vision: capacity building for ALG members Networks of GE ALG members

GE ALG members GE ALG Steering Committee Action learning cycle

What do you think? ...are the questions? ...are the priority areas for action? ...are the opportunities?

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