RF 0.0 Rapid, Sustained, BroadBased Economic Growth In

RF 0.0 Rapid, Sustained, BroadBased Economic Growth In

RF 0.0 Rapid, Sustained, BroadBased Economic Growth In TCB Target Countries RFRF 1.11.1 Trade Performance/Foreign Intent Results Both in Investment Improved TCB Target Countries 140 124 100 Critical Assumption Trade Policies and Conditions in in Other Countries/World Markets Stable or Improved RF 2.1 Firm/Industry/Sector Export/Import & Investment Attraction Practices Improved RF 2.2 Trade-Related IntentPublic Results Sector Practices 29 29Improved 23 Critical Assumption Performance of the Domestic Economy Improved in TCB Target Countries RF 2.3 More Efficient/Cost-Effective Movement of Traded Goods Across Borders Critical Assumption Domestic Economic & Business Policy Climate Stable or Improved RF 2.2.a Regulations, Systems, Intent Results Both Procedures Modified; Staff Oriented 61 53 42 RF 2.1.3 Basic Business Practices of Firms/Industries Improved RF 2.1.1 Firm/Industry Knowledge of International Market Opportunities Increased RF RF2.1.1.1 Services from Local Export Promotion/Investment Intent Results Both Attraction Business Support 72 52 49 Organizations Improved RF 2.1.2 Firm/Industry Knowledge off Trade Requirements Increased RF RF Firm/Industry ICT IntentCapacity/Use Results Both Improved 43 53 33 Critical Assumption Access to Commercial Capital Improved

RF 2.2.1 RF 2.2.1 Trade-Related Intent ResultsPolicies Both Issued/Adopted 36 32 19 RF RF Institutional Capacity (Policy IntentFormulation, Results Both Negotiations, Implementation) 75 50 42 Strengthened RF 2.3.1 Professional Services for Exporters Improved (e.g. Freight Forwarding, Trade Finance) RF 2.3.2 Customs/Other Border Clearance Procedures Modernized RF 2.3.3 Trade-Related Infrastructure Improved (Feasibility Studies & Implemenation) RF RF2.2.2 2.2.2 Trade Agreements Signed Intent Results Both (including Accession Pre-Conditions Met) 40 38 31 RF RF Awareness/Support for TradeResults Agreements Intent Both& Supportive Trade/Business 67 63 49 Policies Enhanced RF RF Skills of Government & Private Results Sector Trade Intent Both Facilitation Personnel 14 8 5 Enhanced RF ITC Capacity/Use Intent Results Both Expanded 9 8 6 INSTRUCTIONS | Trade Capacity Building (TCB) Results Framework The Trade Capacity Building (TCB) Results Framework shown above is a composite that emerged from USAIDs evaluation of its trade capacity building portfolio over the period 2001 to 2010. Results included were found in some, but not all, of the 256 USAID-financed TCB projects that were active during these years. Detailed descriptions elements in this Results Framework are provided in From Aid to Trade, the report on this study. How to Use This Template Open the template in Microsoft PowerPoint. Customize your template according to the results you need and save it to your computer for future editing. To insert your diagram into a Microsoft Word document, select the entire diagram and group the pieces together (Arrange > Group). Copy the grouped diagram and open your Word document. Paste your diagram into your Word document using Paste as Picture. an interactive toolkit developed and implemented by: Office of Trade and Regulatory Reform Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and Environment US Agency for International Development (USAID) For more information, tutorials and additional templates, please visit http://projectstarter.usaid.gov or email [email protected]

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