Monday, October 5 Warmup th Body parts are

Monday, October 5 Warmup th Body parts are

Monday, October 5 Warmup th Body parts are often found in words and expressions. Break a leg means good luck to a performer. In each of the defined expressions below, fill in the missing body part. Words may be used more than once. The first one is done for you. 1. Travel at break neck speed: to go very fast 2. An ____ and a ____: a lot of money 3. ____ service: insincere expression of respect or support 4. Right-____ man: most reliable supporter 5. Keep a stiff upper ___: stand brave and firm 6. ____ -jerk reaction: automatic response 7. Keep an ____ to the ground: listen carefully, be wary 8.

Ice in the ______s: cannot be frightened, cool in a tense situation 9. ____ the line: follow orders 10. Achilles ______: a weakness Tuesday, October 6 Warmup th Exercise your brain cells by finding words within a larger word. Each of your answers must consist of at least four letters. Plurals are not accepted. Find twenty words in the word SANDERS Thursday October 8 Warmup th During the famous Trojan War, Achilles, the brave Greek leader and soldier, was fatally wounded when Paris struck him with an arrow in his heel, the sole vulnerable spot on Achilles body. The clich Achilles heel now means ones vulnerable spot. Fill in the missing blanks of these defined clichs. 1. Achilles _____: vulnerable or weak spot 2. Hit _ _ _ _ _ the belt: unfair behavior

3. _ _ _ _ _ _ of heart: to revise your opinion 4. _ _ _ _ as a doornail: not responsive 5. _ _ _ _ _ room: sufficient space 6. _ _ _ _ _ wheel: person or thing that is more than needed 7. Its _ _ _ _ _ to me: not understandable 8. _ _ _ _ and dry: stranded 9. Ignorance is _ _ _ _ _: at times its better not to know 10. _ _ _ _ the gun: to act prematurely (too early) Friday, October 9th Warmup 1. What mountain range rises along the entire west coast of South America?

2. Is the U.S. a republic, a democracy, or both? 3. Did you h-e-r-e or h-e-a-r the train whistle? 4. Was Virgil a Mongol leader, a Roman poet or Greek historian? 5. What is the least common multiple of 4 and 6? 6. When butter melts, do its molecules move faster or slower? 7. 8. 9. 10. The American South grows more corn than any other place on earth. True or false? What did the ancient Romans build to bring water to their cities? How many syllables are in the word temperature? If a Cat 5 is mentioned in the weather forecast, is this good news or bad news?

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