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Aperture Array Design & Construction Consortium Low Frequency Aperture Array (LFAA) Signal Processing and Commissioning Software University of Oxford/Malta Prepared by: Kristian Zarb Adami and Alessio Magro 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 1 The LFAA system Monitoring and Control System 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 2

TPM firmware 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 3 AAVS0.5 DSP Firmware Architecture AXI4 LITE AXI STREAM POWER INTEGRATOR ADC CPLD (c&c)


INTEGRATOR BEAMFORMER C2C MM AXI4LITE Bridge QSFP AXI4 LITE BUS AADC - LFAA 4 AAVS0.5 DSP Firmware Modules Data to LMC server through 1G Ethernet Raw ADC data, 64 Kbytes snapshot from 1 antenna Synchronized Raw ADC data, 64 Kbytes snapshot from 16 antenna Continuous channel mode, 1 frequency channel of channelized data from 16 antenna

Burst channel mode, variable number of samples from 1 frequency channel rotating through all channels, 16 antenna Beamformed data, 64 Kbytes snapshot Integrated channel data, power spectrum, programmable integration time Integrated beam data, power spectrum, programmable integration time Data through 40G Ethernet Beamformed data, 1 beam, ~7.5 Gbit/s 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 5 AAVS0.5 DSP Firmware Modules JESD204B 16 serial lines per FPGA, 8 Gbit/s per line, ADCs operate at 800 MHz 8 bits per sample Synchronized ADCs operation using JESD204B Subclass-1 between

FPGAs in the TPM has been tested Synchronization between different TPMs to be verified Channelizer (undergoing field testing) Provided by INAF 512 frequency channels 32/27 oversampling factor Beamformer (undergoing field testing) Provided by University of Malta Single beam Full BW, 400 MHz Run-time configurable weights using shadow memory 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA

6 AAVS0.5 DSP Firmware Modules 4x10G Ethernet / SPEAD formatters (LMC and CSP) Provided by RAL Tested in the lab, undergoing field testing AXI4 LITE Infrastructure XML2VHDL Python script used for generating VHDL code of AXI4 Lite slave interfaces from XML registers description Adopted throughout the design Tested on field AXI4 STREAM Infrastructure Streaming library including MUX, DEMUX, PIPELINE, FIFO, Tested on field 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 7

AAVS1 DSP Firmware Ongoing Development Tile Beamformer supporting multi-beam Station beamforming is performed by an Ethernet connected TPMs chain Each TPM receives beamformed data from the previous TPM and combines the received data with the produced tile beam. Then it transmits the combined beam to the next TPM in the chain DDR3 and FPGA2FPGA High-speed link are needed to address this architecture 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 8 Firmware Status Requirement

10-May-16 Status JES-D I Channelizer I Beamformer P CPLD I 4 x 10Gb-E

I 1 x 40Gb-E D FPGA-FPGA P DRAM P ADC Synch I Board Synch P

Legend: AADC - LFAA D P I N In Design In Progress Implemented Not started 9 AAVS1 Rack Status PDU/PSU delivered PSU 1Gb SWITCH


1-GbE switch delivered CABLE TRAY CLOCK DIST. Fans (on order) 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 10 LFAA Software O(104) hardware devices to monitor and control O(102) GB/s processed for calibration Raw antenna data is trickled through the same network to an HPC system A software architecture using large scale control systems and cloudbased technologies is being developed in collaboration with industry

10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 11 AAVS1 Overall Architecture 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 12 Software Architecture 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 13

AAVS0.5 TPM Control Download firmware Initialize and control all devices on TPM Interact with loaded firmware Data Acquisition Receive LMC data from TPM (7 types) Receive station beams (buffers) Save to HDF5 files Online plotting functionality for testing Pointing (under test) Point to arbitrary ALT/AZ and RA/DEC 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 14 How many cables does it take

10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 15 Towards AAVS0.75 AAVS0.75 will include 4 TPMs, and this is where things start getting interesting: Synchronization across TPMs Data flow between Tiles Synchronized software-level operations across Tiles (eg: application of pointing coefficients) New devices introduced to the system: 40GbE switch Clock distribution unit PDU/PSU 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 16

AAVS0.75 TANGO deployed and tested (connected to a working system) in AAVS0.75 TANGO must be capable of synchronizing operations across Tiles when required (through access layer) Clock synchronization procedure New device drivers: switch, server, PDU, PSU DAQ has to be updated to handle streams from multiple tiles (especially for calibration) Correlator for calibration Rolled integration with TM Emulator 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 17 Towards AAVS1 Requirement

Status Requirement Status TPM driver I Job System P Switch driver I Telescope Model P

PDU/PSU driver N Sky Model D Server driver P Observation modes P Rack driver N Cluster Management

N Control System Bus I API and LMC driver P Logging P DAQ P Alarms P

Correlation D Events P Pointing I Archiving N Calibration D D P

I N 10-May-16 In Design In Progress Implemented Not started AADC - LFAA 18 Towards AAVS1 TPM driver periodically updated when new firmware functionality is available Job system for initial AAVS1 deployment will simply use services (Aurora to be investigated after initial deployment) Likewise, cluster management will initially be very simple LMC driver acts as the top-level LMC manager, whilst

the API is a wrapper to communicate with it Significant effort will be required to integrate all requirements into a working, stable system (lots of testing) 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 19 TM Emulator A web-based front end for telescope operators and observers, emulating the role of Telescope Manager Allows operators to monitor and control telescope hardware through appropriate views of the telescope setup Allows observers to configure and monitor observations The emulator is under development (with industry) and an end-to-end test from emulator to TPM has been successfully performed Python, Django, Nginx, bootstrap, MySQL

10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 20 TM Emulator 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 21 TM Emulator 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 22

TM Emulator Insert screenshot 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 23 TM Emulator Insert screenshot 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 24 TM Emulator

Insert screenshot 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 25 TM Emulator Insert screenshot 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 26 Interface with MWA MWA will have two interfaces with AAVS1: AAVS-MWA interface for beamformed data (data path)

MWA-AAVS control interface (control path) MWA must be capable to taking over control of AAVS1, that this, create and launch observations This will happen through the same REST interface which the Telescope Emulator uses Three primitives: define, start and stop observation No async control feedback is required 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 27 AAVS1+ Once the system for AAVS1 is deployed and substantially tested, additional low-priority requirements may be implemented: Cluster management with Mesos (and maybe DC/ OS) Job management with Aurora Distributed File system with GlusterFS Design to handle multiple concurrent observations

Design to handle more than one beam per station Re-direction of station beams to LMC cluster for science pipelines 10-May-16 AADC - LFAA 28 SKA LMC Harmonization ANT TEAM One member on the LMC Harmonization ANT Team Writing SKA Control System Guidelines document (replacing LIG, TIG, LSR) Managing sub-teams for: Element Alarms and Central Alarms Handling Element Archiving and Central Archiving Time stamped commands Participating in sub-teams for: Element configuration and sequencing Multi-parameter setting and LMC role in configuration Development of SKA base-devices 10-May-16


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