Sierra Counseling Department What Parents Need to Know Sierra High School Counseling Center Mrs. Ceballos AM Counselor (AM Alpha A-L) Trauma/Stress Group Facilitator School Climate and Culture Coach Scholarships Senior Activities District Crisis Team Work Permit Student Wellness Committee SEL Lead Mrs. Coston Head Counselor (AM Alpha M-Z)

Community College Liaison-Transition to Success GPA Verification/Cal Grants Graduation Committee Master Schedule Leadership Team Scholarships Professional Development Team College/Career Lead Summer Grad Program ASCA Site Coordinator District School Counseling Advisory Committee Mr. Travis Briscoe AM/PM Counselor Synergy Day Whatever is needed and more! ASCA National Model: Framework for School Counseling Programs Mrs. Downing-Cornwell

PM Counselor (PM Alpha A-Z) CAL-SAFE Case Manager Insight Group Facilitator Foster Youth/Homeless Support Liaison (ATLAS) Project Hope Mentor Coordinator Sierra System Modified Day- AM and PM Sessions Each semester is 6 weeks long = 6 semester in 1 school year We offer 4 classes every 6 weeks = 120 possible credits a school year Mission: Credit Recovery, Return to Home School, Graduation, Social/Emotional/Life Skills Guidance, Post Secondary Prep The Three As: Academics Attendance Attitude

Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons New Student Orientation (How To Thrive At Sierra) In counseling office every block Growth Mindset Pathway A class every block College/Career/Financial Aid 101 Pathway B class every block Interventions Groups Offered: StressLess: Anxiety and Depression Open Space: Open Group (Trauma Informed) Grief Support

SBSAS: San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services Insight Check In Check Out: CICO Individual counseling Progress Reviews Referrals to outside services which include but not limited to: Crisis treatment centers (TAY) Community resource centers

(SAC ) Victor Community Progress Reviews Progress reviews are held every block after block 1 Students who failed 2 or more classes Possible Interventions Progress monitoring RISE meeting Schedule adjustment Expectations contract Referral to alternative program i.e ICEC, Destination Diploma, Job Corps Counseling Protocol Students will use Google appointment system to sign up to see counselor They can use any computer/smart phone on campus to accomplish this Students may sign up in the counseling office on break, or after school

Appointment turnaround time is typically 1 to 2 days The Three As: Attendance 6 week accelerated semesters weigh heavy on attendance Schedule adjustments made if excessive absences/tardies Sports: Athletes have PM schedule and AM practice/games Log In to AERIES Portal to check your students progress

Career & Technical Training Did you know that the average earnings for a person with a one-year certificate in the Inland Empire are 84% higher than a person with only a high school diploma or a GED? From popular courses in automotive technology and computer information technology to training tomorrow's pre-school teachers and gourmet chefs, SBVC offers classes that are convenient for your busy schedule. Evening, weekend and online classes are available with millions of dollars of the latest equipment in test labs and training facilities aimed at preparing you for the workforce or continuing on to get your B.S. or B.A. degree. Job Corps Hands-on training in high-demand industries like Health Care, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction,

Automotive and Machine Repair, Hospitality, and much more Training programs take approximately 8-15 months to complete Tuition-free to income eligible young men and women between the ages of 16 and 24, transportation provided 80 percent of graduates either enter the workforce, join the military, or go on to higher education or an apprenticeship Inland Career Education Center Career Technical Programs: Medical Education

Business and Computer Microsoft Office Suite Quickbooks (Software for banking, accounting, inventory and finance) Customer Service Education CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) Medical Assistant Vocational Nursing (Ranked #3 in the state)

Home Health Aide Barber Apprentice Program Security and Protective Services Public Safety Officer School Campus Officer Loss Prevention Agent Training programs range from 6 months to 2 years Prices range from $50 to $3,000 FAFSA-FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE! What are the different types of financial aid?

Grants, Work study, Scholarships, Loans How long does it take to complete the FAFSA? Approximately 30 minutes if you have all of the necessary information (CASH FOR COLLEGE Night November 7th 6-8PM) How much does it cost to fill out? Nothing, its FREE! Will your student need your financial information? Yes, but only to determine how much financial aid they will qualify for. Not for the purposes of evaluating where you work or what you do Can a student who is not a citizen receive free financial aid?

Yes! They would complete the DREAM ACT application Scholarship s Criteria to qualify: Completed portfolio Attend meetings AND mock interviews Be present for official scholarship interview Apply to college Counseling Advisory Council This year, the Sierra counseling department will be implementing an advisory council in order to assist with evaluating, supporting, and driving our comprehensive counseling program

Counseling advisory council will consist of counseling staff, admin (1), students (2-3), parents (2-3), and community members (23)=WE NEED YOU! Meetings will be held in the afternoon, once in Fall (Aug-Dec) and once in Spring (Jan-June)

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