Short Presentation Title - USF

Short Presentation Title - USF

Nouveauts BW 7.4 on HANA Speakers Name/Department (delete if not needed) Month 00, 2013 Customer SAP BW Today (September 2013) 14500+ Customers 200 New Installations/Month 3500+ BW 7.3 Customers Vast majority: Central EDW, harmonizing many source systems Embedded into mission critical business processes 500+ BW on HANA Customers 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 2 SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANA QUERY REPORTING ANALYTICS SAP BOBJ Busines Intelligence DATA MODELING SAP NetWeaver BW

SAP HANA PLATFORM Analytical / Planning Engine Data Management Data Storage Dramatically Improved Performance Simplified Administration and Streamlined Landscape Unlock The Power of Your Data Across The Enterprise Improved decision making, faster reporting, and the most up-to-date information Reduced administration and lower TCO Self-service access to all information at the most granular level 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 3 SAP BW on HANA Smarter, simpler, more efficient How Does BW running on RDBMS differ from BW running on HANA ?

Customer value of SAP BW powered by SAP HANA SAP NetWeaver BW SAP BW on HANA Data Modeling Process Orchestration Process Orchestration Data Modeling Planning OLAP Planning OLAP Data Management Data Management Excellent query performance for improved decision making Performance boost for Data Load processes for decreased data latency Accelerated In-Memory planning capabilities for faster planning scenarios Flexible combine EDW with HANA-native data for real-time insights and decision making Data persistency layers are cut off and reduced administration efforts Simplified data modeling and remodeling BWA

Push Down RDBMS Traditional Stack 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Data Schema & Data Data intensive functions are pushed down from BW to HANA HANA as the Primary Database for BW and Foundation for new Applications HANA Stack Customer 4 Push Down List Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 and future SPs on HANA BW / BEX Query Designer Analytic Manager OLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.3x Hierarchy Handling Part I Restricted key figures Exception Aggregation CNT for quantity key figures without unit conversion Exception Aggregation of currency key figures with optional currency conversion

BW Query BW Application Server Calculation and Planning Engine Calc.-views / Calc. scenarios Row & Column Storage In Memory Database 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. OLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.4 SP5 Processing of further query scenarios in HANA (Joins, Union, etc.) Avoid intermediate result set materialization (e.g. Exception Aggregation) OLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.4 SP6 and beyond Handling of inventory keyfigures Stock coverage keyfigure Hierarchy Handling Part II Formula exception aggregation Customer 5 SAP BW 7.4, SP5 Overview Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Enhanced Data Modeling Common Eclipse based Modeling Tools BW/HANA Smart Data Access providing the logical EDW Easy integration of external data models with Open ODS Layer Further reduce data layers in BW via Operational Data Provisioning BW Queries, ODATA, MDX, SQL

BW BW Virtualization Virtualization Layer Layer Architected Architected Datamart Datamart Layer Layer Push down further processing logic to HANA Transformations Transformations BW Analytic Manager HANA Analysis Processes EDW EDW Core Core Layer Layer Transformations Transformations Open Open Operational Operational DataStore DataStore Layer Layer HANA HANAtables, tables, views views DataStore

DataStore Objects Objects Agile Agile Datamarts Datamarts BW BW Workspaces Workspaces BW Transformations PAK Pushing down more planning semantics Enhanced mobile enablement Converged planning solutions BW Schema HANA Schema BW Content optimized for HANA External External Sources Sources 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 6 HANA Smart Data Access for SAP BW Smart Data Access Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Enhanced Business Flexibility by

providing the logical EDW Query Query Data Federation in diverse EDW landscapes Smart data access read access to relational and non-relational sources via ODBC Enables access to remote data access just like local table Supports data location agnostic development No special syntax to access heterogeneous data sources BW based Analytic Services on external data BW BW Virtualization Virtualization Layer Layer Composite Composite Provider, Provider, Open Open ODS ODS View View HANA Tables Virtual Tables Scenario HANA HANA Smart Smart Data Data Access Access Layer

Layer IQ Teradata Hadoop 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. ASE SAP HANA Make other DWHs transparent to HANA Non-disruptive evolution from virtual table to persistent structure by establishing ETL without major effort Consolidating / rationalizing the DWH landscape Consumption of HANA datamart scenarios from second HANA database Customer 8 Field based modeling in BW on virtual HANA Tables Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Virtual VirtualAccess Access BW Virtual Persistence BW Managed Managed Virtual Access Access Persistence **

BW BW Query Query BW BW Query Query Open OpenODS ODS Layer Layer Open OpenODS ODS Layer Layer Open ODS View Virtual Open ODS View Virtual DSO w/ fields* Persistent BW on HANA Virtual Table Virtual Table Smart Data Access Table/View

* Pilot only (Note 1922533) 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Table/View External External Sources Sources Open ODS View offers Metadata object as an abstraction layer for underlying source object HANA virtual tables as supported source objects via SDA Querying on field level Supported for Teradata, Sybase ASE/IQ, Hadoop Optimized Query execution by pushing down to HANA Supported scenarios: - Virtual Access - Persistent Access * o Switch from Virtual to Persistent * o Based on Field based DSO including DTP and Transformation o Direct staging into DSO bypassing PSA o No need to adjust existing queries Easy assignment of semantics Underlying object (Table, DB View, DataSource) can be tagged as Text, Master data or Facts Single fields of the object can be linked to already existing Open ODS Views or InfoObjects Customer 9 Data Provisioning

Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) Technology Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Subscriber / Consumer Provider SLT * SAP DataServices Operational Data Provisioning SAP ERP Extractors ODQ HANA Views * Target BW * Source BW 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Embedded Analytics Unified technology for data provisioning and consumption Enables extract once deploy many architectures for sources

Unified configuration and monitoring for all provider and subscriber types Time stamp based recovery mechanism for all provider types with configurable data retention periods Highly efficient compression enables data compression rates up to 90% in Operational Delta Queue (ODQ) Quality of service: Exactly Once in Order for all providers Intelligent parallelization options for subscribers in high volume scenarios *) New with SAP BW 7.4 Customer 11 Simplified data provisioning from SAP ERP and SAP BW Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Provider ERP Extractors SAP BW SAP BW DTP w/o PSA ODP DataSource Operational Delta Queue (ODQ) Extractors (BW SAPI DataSources) Table Table

ERP Source System 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. DTP w/o PSA DSO DSO ODP DataSource InfoCube InfoCube Operational Delta Queue MasterData MasterData DSO DSO Direct Update to BW InfoProviders PSA not required - Scheduled or real time daemon - Automatic change notification for daemon Consumption by multiple subscribers Provider BW Enables direct staging between InfoProviders of source and target BW systems PSA not required Consumption of ODQ by multiple BW subscribers and SAP Data Services Benefits Table

Simplified data flow PSA no longer required Flexible recovery options Stream lined system communication - Synchroneous RFC replaces ALE/IDoc Customer 12 Given SAP ERP Business Content DataSource with Direct Access Example: Financials - Customer Balances (0FI_AR_20) BCT DataSource 1. ODP Source System SAP Extractors 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2. DataSource 3. Fields 4. Extractor Capabilities

Customer 13 New ODP Source System Types in BW 7.40 ODP for SAPI Sources ODP for SLT supported DBMSs 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 14 Open ODS View - Seen via SAP BO Analysis for MS Excel 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 15 Architecture with source systems, ODP/SLT system and Subscribers Source System SAP NetWeaver ECC SAP NetWeaver ECC SAP NetWeaver ECC DMIS Application table Application table Application Logging table DBtable trigger Logging table

DB trigger Logging table DB trigger AnyDB AnyDB AnyDB Subscriber Systems ODP/SLT System SAP NetWeaver BW SAP LT Repl. Server DMIS ODP Framework DMIS RFC ODP Framework User SAP Data Services ODQ ODP Rep API ODP Framework HTTP Webservice DMIS 2011 SP5 (SAP LT Replication Server 2.0 Add-on) required on:

source systems, ODP/SLT system, SAP BW system (for source system also possible with DMIS 2011 SP3/SP4 and DMIS 2010 SP8/SP9 with SAP Note 1863476) ODP Framework required on: ODP/SLT system and Subscriber systems Current Subscribers for the ODP/SLT Scenario SAP NW Business Warehouse (release >= 7.30) SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.2 SP1 (RTC Q4/2013) 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Customer 16 Eclipse based Modeling Tools Common modeling tools Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA BW Modeling Tools SAP HANA Studio Eclipse Platform 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. ABAP Development Tools Common user experience via a central, unified modeling environment

Attractive, flexible and simplified BW modeling tools Harmonization BW and HANA modeling environments Integration of BW and HANA models in one modeling approach Integrated development & modeling environment across SAP HANA Modeler, BW Modeling o New developed native Eclipse based modeling tools for Open ODS View and New CompositeProvider ABAP Development Tools Customer 18 HANA Analysis Processes HANA Analysis Process Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Enhanced analysis capabilities Execute HANA-native functions directly on BW InfoProvider data e.g.: BW Process Management Source BW InfoProvider 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Function

AFL(PAL, ), Procedure, L-Script, R-Script Target BW InfoProvider Clustering, association algorithms, regression analysis, anomaly detection, weighted score, exponential smoothing, etc. Execute complex and data intensive processes on HANA without loosing the integrity and integration with the BW environment Materialize the result of a HANA Analysis Process in HANA for further processing automated Supporting also a scheduled batch processing use case Customer 20 HAPs in details Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA Sources Most BW InfoProvider Database tables Supported procedures/algorithms AFL-functions (PAL, ) L-script, R-script, SQL-script procedure. Supported output Analytic Index (modeled/generated/virtual),

DSO, database table HAP Input (stacked HAPs) Staging integration 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. stand-alone, triggered via APIs from applications, process chain variant, source of a DTP Customer 21 Transformations SAP HANA optimized Transformations Application Server Planned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA BW 7.3x on anyDB BW 7.3x on HANA BW 7.4 on HANA DSO DSO DSO DSO

DSO DSO Activation Activation Transformation Transformation Transformation Transformation Database Activation Activation Activation Activation Transformation Transformation Data Data 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Data Data Data Data Next level of performance in data staging for BW on HANA Standard Transformations are gradually optimized to be processed directly in SAP

HANA by generating according DB procedure First set of Transformations optimized i.e.: Mappings Conversions (time, currency, units) Formulas Read Master Data, Read from DSO Expert routine for HANA SQL script. . . Sources: PSA, DSOs, InfoCubes, SPOs, CompositeProvider, MultiProvider Targets: DSO Customer 23

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