Senior Year and College apps -

Senior Year and College apps -

Senior Year and College apps Acalanes High School Counseling Department College and Career Center

Visit the C&CC website: College visits are posted on Naviance Student appointments Workshops: Tues. after school/Thurs. @ lunch Updates Email: [email protected]

College and Career Center Shaping the College List Apply to 5-9 schools 2-3 safety schools, 1-2 reach schools Why are you applying to this school?

Whats a good school to apply to? Naviance LinkedIn Can you get them all done? How many different types? How many essays?

College Admissions Overview

California State University University of California Private Colleges and Universities Out of State Public Universities California Community Colleges Testing

Most four year colleges require SAT or ACT tests. Some require Subject tests Students may continue testing through December or even January Send score reports to all schools For CSUs use code 3594 to send SAT scores to all CSU campuses. For ACT, choose 1 CSU campus and then use

ACT score manager on CSU Mentor For UCs pick one campus and scores will be shared with all UC campuses. California State University Apply online October 1-November 30

Make sure you are applying for Fall 2017! SAT or ACT required Admission index based on 10-12 academic GPA and test scores Admissions considered by major

No transcript, letters, or essays required Apply broadly among 23 campuses for best chance of admission University of California Apply August 1-November 30 SAT or ACT with Writing required SAT Subject Tests recommended for certain majors Completion of the A-G requirements 4 personal insight questions

Activity resume No transcript or Letters required Apply broadly among nine undergrad campuses for best chance of admission Private Colleges and Universities Apply on Common Application or school

website Check for requirements and deadlines Most require SAT or ACT; some require Subject Tests Require transcripts and letters of recommendation Many have Early Action or Early Decision

options Out of State Public Colleges and Universities Requirements and deadlines vary-check school websites Many are now on the Common App,

SAT or ACT is usually required Transcript required May require letters of recommendation Some schools have rolling admission policies and/ or Early Action/Decision options California Community Colleges No SAT or ACT required Transfer to a four year institution after completion of lower division coursework UC transfer admission planner CCCs offer programs such as Fire Science, Dental Hygiene, and

Nursing. Apply in the spring of senior year Most campuses require an assessment test in math and English Some campuses have housing available Naviance Students list colleges, and order transcripts on Naviance Seniors must complete student statement and resume for counselor letter/school report Parents complete Parent Statement Sign up for College Rep visits

Check out scholarships Ordering Transcripts Print out this list and bring a hard copy into the Counseling office with $5 for each school.

Letters of Recommendation Counselor letter AKA School report Required for Common App and some out of state public universities Students need to:

Request letter from counselor in person and on Naviance 1 month Before 1st deadline Have Naviance up to date with list of colleges Match Naviance and Common App Complete student statement and parent statement Have resume up to date Order transcripts

Letters of Recommendation from Teachers Required for Common App Schools and some out-of-state public universities Most colleges only require 1 teacher letter; check your applications before asking for multiple

Ask teachers in person and on Naviance 1 month before earliest deadline Provide info requested by teacher Have Naviance up to date

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