School Council Annual Report

School Council Annual Report

School Community Council Annual Report 2018-2019 At this time I would like to welcome you to Watrous Elementary School Councils annual meeting. School Council is pleased to represent the staff and students within the community of Watrous. Our goal is to share responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth, and to encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes. 2018-19 School Council Members

Our SCC consists of community members, parents and teachers. Chairperson Cyndi Dreger Secretary/Treasurer Rene Miettinen Members of the Community Rene Campbell Cyndi Dreger, Larissa Back, Paige McDade, Rene Miettinen, Marie Schmidt, Renee Ulmer Teacher Representative Jennifer Jackson Vice Principal Rhonda Hardy Principal Patrick Borsa HZSD Board Representative Jennifer Lemky Meeting Dates School Council Meetings are held once every month at 6:30pm and take approximately an hour to complete. All community members are welcome to

attend any meeting of our School Council. You may bring your ideas, thoughts, concerns or even just sit and observe. School Council Initiatives School Council has contributed and supported the WES family in many ways! Here are just a few: Welcome Week and Welcome Back Barbeque for the community Education Week support Fundraising for the school Public Relations with the Community Involvement and funding of school trips Purchasing school equipment Helping purchase technology for staff and students Supporting goals for the learning improvement plan Supporting and Helping Plan our Book Swap, Read A Thon and Literacy Olympics

Maintaining a Food Hamper for students SCHOOL PROFILE Watrous Elementary School is a K-7 school that draws students from Watrous and rural surrounding areas. Our student enrolment consists of 240 students: Kindergarten 34 Grade One 25 Grade Two 35 Grade Three 28 Grade Four 25 Grade Five 34 Grade Six 31 Grade Seven 28 Our school offers a full range of academic and life skill programming, as well as an

extensive extra-curricular program. We offer academic, non-athletic, and a variety of sports teams which are both competitive and recreational. We provide excellent supports to all students regardless of ability, and pride ourselves in working hard for student success in all aspects of their lives. WES Staff (30 total)

Patrick Borsa Principal and Grade 6-7 Colleen Bells- Kindergarten Allie Janzen Grade 1 Denise Wingrove Grade 1 Karen Schroeder-Mark Grade 2 Danielle Potter Grade 2 Arlette Croshaw Grade 3 Rhonda Hardy Vice-Principal and Grade 3 Kandace Chopty Grade 4 Amanda Penrose Grade 4 Jillian Engele Grade 5 Heidi Boyson-Tan Grade 5 Drena Currie Grade 6 Doug Jackson Grade 6 Jenny Jackson Grade 7 Matt Tan Grade 7

Nita Chester- Resource Merna Saretzky - Secretary Muriel Wall Librarian Joanne Andrews EA Shauna James - EA Sarah Negus- EA Shea Peevers - EA Jasmine Schmidt EA Pauline Quiring, Vincent and Luisa Goyeneche Custodians Vladyslav Osatiuk Band Jennifer Pankhurst SLP Paula Kessler Counselor School Demographics Enrolment as of February 5th, 2019 is at 240 students 28 Grade 7s leaving at the end of the

2018/2019 school year. 27 Projected Kindergarten children for 2019/2020 that we know of so far. Projected enrolment for the 2018/2019 is around 240 students. School Programs:

Watrous Elementary School offers a K through 7 program that involves a wide number of academic and extra-curricular programs. Full range of regular academic courses as well as modified and alternate courses as required Kindergarten screening for early intervention Multifaceted literacy program In Motion and Physical Education program Practical and applied arts survey courses in the area of home economics, industrial arts and technological literacy Individual curriculum adaptations for students with focus on student success Band offered to students in grades 5 - 7 Inclusion WES believes that inclusionary practices are the most desirable. We believe that students can and do learn best in a regular classroom setting under the guidance of a classroom teacher, however, we do acknowledge that in some instances students may benefit from small group or even one on one instruction. Fundamentally, we believe that all children grow and develop, academically and socially and that it is our responsibility to provide

the necessary support and structures to enable all of our students to grow. School Services Personal Counseling supports are also available at WES to students if required. A team approach, which includes the parents, school administration, trained counselors and the students, is used. Outside Services within WES Occupational Therapy/Sensory Room We utilize the services of an occupational therapist to assist us in programming a range of physical activities to support student learning in and out of the classroom. The OT will also provide programming for students with physical or mobility challenges. In the past this facility has been of great importance when programming for handicapped students. We also utilize the room and associated equipment and activities to support the learning of a number

of special needs students who may be identified as ADHD, FAE/FAS or face a variety of other challenges. Speech, Language and Social Skills Development We are fortunate to have staff dedicated to the support of speech and language development in students who have been identified as needing support in this area. Our team of Educational Assistants and Resource Teacher work closely with our Speech and Language Pathologist to develop and implement programming to further children in this area. We also have staff dedicated to delivering a social skills program to a number of students who have been identified as needing support in this area. The targeted program addresses many of the skills that we often take for granted. Extra-curricular Program Watrous Elementary School offers a rich variety of extra-curricular opportunities ranging from sports to drama to fine arts. We support student leadership and involvement and believe that many outside of the classroom opportunities help us to meet our goals of student engagement and satisfaction.

These include: Sports:

Volleyball Basketball Badminton Track and field Soccer Curling Cross Country Student Representative Council Intramurals Milk Program volunteers

Nutrition Positive School School/community programs like our food bank drives throughout the year Christmas program Remembrance Day program Terry Fox Run Safety Patrol Choir Recess Guardians LEARNING IMPROVEMENT PLAN Our SCC assists with the implementing of our school LIP. They are informed of the academic goals for the school and provide support through funding and programming within all of the school goals. Staff and SCC collaborate on the LIP, using current data. The SCC promotes and publicly supports the LIP in the community and at times in the school, while the staff engages the students at the school daily.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT We, the community of Watrous Elementary School, are committed to supporting all learners as they cooperate and develop to reach their highest potential. Be The Best You Can Be. SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT At Watrous Elementary School we value: Each individuals contribution to our school community. The development and promotion of personal growth through the many diverse learning opportunities which we offer. The safe and peaceful environment that fosters a sense of belonging. Teamwork, leadership, and the sense of responsibility that is reflected as we all strive towards our best.

HZSD AND WES SCHOOL GOALS Outcome Goal 100% of students in grades 1-7, at our school, will be able to read at or above grade level. (Fountas and Pinnell) Outcome Goal All students in our school feel safe, supported, accepted, and valued. (TTFM) Outcome Goal By November 1, interventions will be put in place to assist Kindergarten students, so that 100% of students exiting Kindergarten, will score within the appropriate range in 5 of the 5 domains as measured by the Early Years Evaluation (EYE-TA). Students will be authentically assessed in relation to curricular outcomes. FINANCIAL REPORT

Where the SCC Spends its Money! Field Trips

Retirement Gifts Staff Gifts Education Week Teacher/Staff Appreciation Remembrance Day Wreath Grad Recognition Advertisement Guest Speakers Technology Safety Patrol Recess Guardians Food Hamper Newspaper Student Street Sign Jobs Finances SCC BUDGET : For the Period of Sept.4/2018 to Jun.28/2019 Allotment = Base of $1600 plus $2/student. Carry overs do continue. Our division allotment for

this year was $2117.37. (We received our carry over of $43.37 in Nov) $2160.74 was our balance to work with. Description of 2018-19 Projected Expenses School Safety Patrol - $300 Recess Guardians - $300 School Barbeque - $100 Book Fair Certificates - $300 Classroom Reading Prizes - $320 School Food Hamper $500.00 Presentations/Guest Speakers - $1000 TWM Newspaper - $38 Intensive Needs Christmas Party and Christmas Baskets - $100 Teacher appreciation week - $200.00 Retirement/sympathy/get well gifts - $200.00

School Signs - $125 SCC Bingo - $35 Gr. 6 and 7 Ski Trips -$600 School Field Trips and $1600 Total Projected Expenses $5718.00 Projected Fundraising Christmas Baskets - $3000; SCC Bingo - $2000 = $5000 (Total Working Budget $7117.73) At this time I would just like to thank all of our 2018 SCC members for their commitment to the WES family and community. We truly are a better place because of the support you provide to our students and staff! Thank You to our members who may be leaving our SCC at this time too! Welcome to any new members who may join our team! I know you will continue to help WES

be the best it can be.

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