Saint Mary's College

Saint Mary's College

Saint Marys College The Accreditation Journey It started in 2005 but began in earnest when President Mooney formed the Accreditation Committee. The 1st meeting

of the Committee December 8, 2011 1,350 days ago Team Leaders Julie Storme Laurel Thomas Daniel Flowers Co team chairs

Criterion Coordinators Judy Fean Mission Susan Dampeer Ethics & Integrity Vickie Hess & Colleen Hoover

Assessment Julie Storme & Laurel Thomas Leaders Daniel Flowers Resources Steering Committee Members

Marc Belanger Adaline Cashore Sandi Ginter Jim Herschel Jessica Ickes Joe Incandela Cassie Majetic Elaine Mayer-Lee Todd Norris Linda Paskiewicz Janielle Tchakerian

Leslie Wang Sister Veronique Wiedower We were chosen for an HLC Project The Degree Quality Profile Students and Faculty from the departments of: Biology Nursing Psychology Modern Languages

9 groups of 4-8 faculty and the Sophia Oversight Committee during spring semester 2012 80 + faculty at Faculty Development Day August 2012 Staff who attended one of two meetings August 30, 2012 The CRITERION Lunches 2013 2014 Many participated Thank you for your

Valuable Contributions! 2015 The Spring Focus Groups Janielle Tchakerian Recorder Elaine Meyer-Lee - Facilitator Academic Dept by Division Admissions Campus Ministry College Relations

LO3 Coordinator Mission Council OCSE V-P for Mission V-P for Student Affairs Cassie Majetic Mona Bowe Paulette Kluge Regina Wilson Kara OLeary Mana Derakhshani

Father John Pearson Sue Wiegand Erika Buhring Judy Fean Karen Johnson Addie Cashore Recorder Sandi Ginter - Facilitator Board of Trustees faculty Enrollment Management Human Resources IRB

Presidents Office Student Affairs Joanne Snow Stacy Davis Mona Bowe Rich Nugent Colleen Fitzpatrick Susan Dampeer Karen Johnson Marc Belanger Recorder

Joe Incandela - Facilitator AEL Advising Chair by Division LO3 Coordinator WV Coordinator Writing Center RSVP to blanket invite RSVP to blanket invite RSVP to blanket invite Erika Buhring

Susan Vanek Chris Dunlap Mana Derakhshani Laura Haigwood Aaron Bremyer Indi Dieckgrafe Rene Kingcaid Addie Cashore Elaine Meyer-Lee Recorder Linda Paskiewicz - Facilitator Career Crossings

Chairs by Division Facilities Information Technology Library RSVP to blanket invite Stacie Jeffirs Bettina Spencer Nancy Menk Nancy Turner Phil Hicks

Ben Bowman Michael Boehm Sue Wiegand Charles Peltier Linda Paskiewicz Recorder Marc Belanger Facilitator Academic Dept by Division Nancy Nekvasil Mary Ann Kanieski Karen Chambers

Trish Keresztes Assessment Committee Mary Ann Kanieski Career Crossings Stacie Jeffirs Curriculum Committee Don Paetkau Nancy Turner CWIL Karen Chambers Institutional Research Brian Matve

Program Review Committee Trish Keresztes Student representation Margaret Carswell James Herschel Recorder Todd Norris Facilitator Academic Dept by Division Joanne Snow Sandi Ginter Umberto Taccheri (AA Council) College Relations

Shari Rodriguez Enrollment Management Mona Bowe Ex Comm Faculty Assembly Stacy Davis Facilities Ben Bowman Financial Aid Kathleen Brown Information Technology Michael Boehm Kathy Saville Institutional Research

Brian Matve Library / AA Council Sue Wiegand Student representation Margaret Carswell President Mooneys Contributions July 2015 Board of Trustees

Contributions August 15 Through September 15 Final Version for our College September 14, 2015 Lock in to HLC Coming Soon

The HLC Team November 9 10, 2015 HLC Team Dr. Rita Gulstad VP & Dean Central Methodist University Dr. Boyd Creesman VP for AA West Virginia Wesleyan College Dr. Greg R. Gunderson VP & CFO - Webster University

Dr. Felicia Squire Assoc Professor of Language & Literature & Assoc Dean of Faculty & Curriculum Sterling College Dr. Marilyn Bugenhagen Associate Academic Affairs Office - Marian University Saint Marys College Thank You !

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