Ruth Moyer Elementary School PTO's Mustang Minutes Fort ...

Ruth Moyer Elementary School PTO's Mustang Minutes Fort ...

Ruth Moyer Elementary School PTOs Mustang Minutes Fort Thomas, KY VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 2014 February Mustang Minutes A Message from the PTO President Ruth Moyer 2013-14 PTO board continues to move forward on items and work on many upcoming events for the remainder of the school year. I would like to thank everyone for the hard work and effort put into each position throughout the year. This at times can be a thankless, time consuming job but it doesn't go unnoticed. The Students and Staff appreciate all you have done and continue to do. The PTO officer election was held during the February meeting. The 2014-15 board will be: President: Jamee Nickelman Market Day: Trisha Schroeder Membership: Christie Hosea Volunteers: Tara Henry, Becky McIntosh, Kristan Vennefron Scrip: Kim Grimm and Jenny Zell Recording Secretary: Lisa Stein Corresponding Secretary: Andrea Jeffers Treasurer: Emily Morel Santa House Chairs: Deb Coulter and Courtney Shannon Thank you to all parents willing to volunteer your time to continue the strong tradition of support for our kids and the staff at Moyer. Earn Money For Moyer!! Market Day DONT FORGET TO ORDER YOUR MARKET DAY! MARKET DAY ORDERS MUST BE DROPPED OFF AT THE FRONT DOOR BIN BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24 OR ONLINE AT WWW.MARKETDAY.COM BY THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27. PICK UP FOR THIS MONTHS MARKET DAY ORDER WILL BE MARCH 4. Shop at and help Moyer earn money! Kroger cards need to be re-registered every April for Moyer! COSI A BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS WHO TOOK TIME OUT OF THEIR DAY TO HELP MAKE COSI DAY A SUCCESS. WITHOUT THE HELP OF THESE VOLUNTEERS THIS FUN, EDUCATIONAL DAY COULD NOT HAPPEN. THANKS TO: PAMELA AND BRIAN SHULTZ, BETH BAKER, JODI SHIPP, TIM WEBB, COURTNEY HUFF, MANUEL ALVAREZ, KAREN SOWER, KATIE MORENO, SHERRY THOMPSON, CHRISTY VERST, ERIN PINKSTON, BILL FISCHER, BRIDGID CARNER, MARIA SISKA, JAMEE NICKELMAN, STACEY WEBB, SARAH HUME, KATHLEEN GROESCHEN, BLAIN WORKMAN, TIM PARROTT, AUDREY WEIDNER, VICTORIA BURNHAM, BRANDON COOK, TINA STRINGER, WHITNEY DOLF, CHARM FORD AND TONYA TIERNEY PTO Board President: Tonya Tierney Treasurer: Lisa Stein Friday March 14, 6:30 Highlands PAC Market Day: Trisha Schroeder Scrip: Kathleen Groeschen & Ashley Weinrich Volunteers: Tara Henry & Keri Welch Recording Secretary: Jamee Nickelman Membership: Christie Hosea Newsletter: Becky McIntosh Teacher Rep: Kim Vogel Santa House: Kim Cornett & Deb Pangallo Calendar of Events Monday,

Thursday, Feb. 27th Jan. 21st: Circus HMS Kindergarten Gym 7pm No School!! PTO Meeting, Moyer Spirit Day March 7 1:45 Thursday, Moyers First Annual Parent/Child Dance COME JOIN US APRIL 26TH FROM 6:30 8PM FOR MOYERS 1ST ANNUAL PARENT/CHILD DANCE (CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR ADULT SUBSTITUTE). LOOK FOR INFORMATION TO COME HOME SOON ABOUT TICKETS. CONTACT TARA HENRY ([email protected]) WITH ANY QUESTIONS. *THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE IN MOYERS GYM, SO SPACE FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE LIMITED. PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SPOT AS SOON AS THE INFORMATION COMES HOME! Staff Appreciation Week Moyer staff appreciation week is April 14-18th. We are off to a great start and look forward to a bright, fun week for our awesome staff. We are hoping to have a nice variety of items for drawings for the staff. If you have connections or would like to send in a gift card or anything the staff might enjoy (ordering from scrip is a great option) we would greatly appreciate anything. Please contact Emily Morel at [email protected] THANK YOU! Moyer Book Fair Feb. 28th: March 12-18 Kindergarten Circus Thursday, Moyers Got Talent Friday Feb. March 14th:14, 6:30 Kindergarten Moyer Spring Open House Registration Tuesday March 18, 6:30 Friday, Spring Break Feb. 15th: March 28-April 6 2014 Moyers got Talent Moyer PTOmeeting/Spirit Day 6:30pm HHS April 11 1:45 Arts Center Performing Monday, Moyer Staff Appreciation April Feb.14-18 18th: No School!! Moyers Family Dance April 26 2014-2015 School Supplies Be on the lookout for supply list order forms for next year! Shopping ahead relieves so much pressure and no more running from store to store all day looking for supplies. The students items will be on their desks the first ay of school in a nice box with extra goodies inside. They get stickers with their names on them which are great to get everything labeled. Forms to be coming home soon! Spring Spirit Wear The Spring Spirit Wear sale will be coming before you know it! Be on the look out for the order forms coming home soon. Moyer

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