Ruby Lodge - DMA

Ruby Lodge - DMA

Ruby Lodge Andrea Howson -nurse manager Mel Cook, Bridgette Baxter, Jenny Nott- Deputy nurse managers Tier 4 services Tier 1 Primary level, universal services - GPs, Health Visitors, School Nurses

Tier 2 uni professional groups who work within networks and across agencies - Paediatricians, Ed Psychology, Community services Tier 3 - specialised services / teams for more severe, complex or persistent mental health problems Tier 4 - Tertiary level services such as day units, highly specialised outpatient teams and inpatient units

- Nursing, Child Psychiatry/Psychology, Art Therapy, OT, Family Therapy Philosophy Our aim is to offer young people and their families A safe, containing, therapeutic base Opportunity to explore issues, feelings and experiences that may be impacting on them as

individuals and as a family Space to gain clarity and understanding Opportunity to both learn and try out new skills A more intensive therapeutic experience which can be part of their ongoing journey with the community teams. Sensory room

Lounge Interactive Garden area

Children's act (2004) Every child matters (2003) NSF for children 2004)

Sheffield Camhs partnership strategy(2007) Valuing people now (2009) New Horizons (2010) Keeping children and young people in mind (2010) ( Commissioned services

Admission Criteria Thresholds / Exclusion Who can refer Provision: Regional / Non Commissioned Beds Staffing MDT.consisting of

.8 psychiatry, .8 staff grade .6 psychology, .6 play therapy, .6 SALT,, full time, OT, social worker Teacher and teaching assistant L D nurses and Mental health nurses Outcome measures Incident forms

Nisonger Sldom

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