REVIEW!!! Introduction to the Lab & Evolution OUTCOMES Outcome 3: I can safely conduct an experiment

Outcomes 4: I can analyze data Outcome 22: I can explain the process of evolution

Outcome 23: I can explain the role of DNA in evolution and biodiversity SAFETY EQUIPMENT STEPS TO TAKE BEFORE PERFORMING AN EXPERIMENT? Read and understand the experiment/activity!

Ask questions You are wearing appropriate clothing Collect all equipment Make sure everything is in working order Make sure your space is clean & clear and you wont harm anyone around you GENETIC EQUILIBRIUM

Definition: This does not happen when? GENETIC DRIFT Definition:

Random change in the frequency of alleles in a population Always good? FOUNDER EFFECT

When does this happen? When a small sample of a population settles in a location separated from the rest of the population

Example: What does this mean for the alleles? BOTTLENECK Definition: when a population declines to a very

low number and then rebounds Example: GENE FLOW Definition:

Genes enter or leave a population NONRANDOM MATING Definition: Mates

chosen based on specific characteristics Can lead to what? GENETIC MUTATIONS Definition:

How does this correspond with evolution? NATURAL SELECTION Acts to select the individuals that are best adapted for survival and reproduction

There are three ways that Natural Selection can change populations What - are they?

SEXUAL SELECTION Occurs when certain traits are inherited because they increase the chance of attracting a mate. What populations does this happen in?

Always good? SPECIATION Definition:

Two ways this can happen - TYPES OF SPECIATION Allopatric speciation:

Example: Sympatric speciation:

Example: HOMOLOGOUS VS. ANALOGOUS Definitions: Homologous structure: Analogous structure: DIVERGENT VS CONVERGENT

Divergent evolution: Example: Convergent evolution:

Example: CONVERGENT EVOLUTION Unrelated species evolve similar traits even though they live in different pars of the

world. COEVOLUTION Relationship between two species might be so close that the evolution of one species affects the evolution of the other species


Punctuated equilibrium

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