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Review - Mrs. Harrell's Webpage

Review Ionic is a _______________ and a ________________ Covalent is a ______________ and a _________________ Complete a dot diagram and a Bohr model for the following elements: Ca

and S Atomic Stability Noble gases have a full outer shell (do not form compounds) Noble gases do not lose/gain/share electrons An atom is stable when it has a full electron

shell (gains, loses, shares) The force that holds the atoms together is called a chemical bond Chemical bonds can be ionic or covalent 2 main types of compounds Covalent Binary

ionic Ionic or Covalent? PO4 SO4 CaF NH3 LiBr NaCl

BeO H 2O RbS KI CO NO3 Covalent Bonds involve

the sharing of a pair of valence electrons by two atoms Such bonds lead to stable molecules if they share electrons in such a way as to create a noble gas configuration for each atom Covalent (Molecular) Compounds Gases, liquids, or solids (made of molecules) Low melting and boiling points Poor electrical conductors in all

phases Very brittle WEAK BONDS Covalent naming be 2 nonmetals!!!!! Use prefixes when naming P2O5 Mono- 1

Di- 2 Tri- 3 Tetra- 4 10

Penta- 5 Hexa- 6 SO3 Hepta- 7 Octa- 8

Must Nona- 9 Deca - Practice: Name the following IF5 N2O5 P4O10 P2S5 SF6 Writing Formulas for Covalent Make

sure it is 2 nonmetals!!!! Use prefixes!!!! Dihydrogen monoxide = H2O1 Tetracarbon C4S5 pentasulfide = Practice Writing Covalent Formulas Sulfur Octachloride Triphosphorous

monoflouride Pentanitrogen diiodide Na , 11 e Na + , 10e Ion - an atom with an electric charge due to the loss or gain of electrons. Same #p and #n

Different #e A Positive Ion (Cation): An atom that has lost one or more electrons. + charge A Negative Ion (Anion) An

atom that has gained one or more electrons. Negatively (-) charged. Chlorine Atom Chlorine Ion Ionic Compounds Made of cations and anions Metals and nonmetals

The electrons lost by the cation are gained by the anion The cation and anions surround each other Smallest ratio of ions in an ionic compound is a FORMULA UNIT. Properties of Ionic Bonds Solid at room temperature High melting and boiling points

Soluble in water Good electrical conductors in liquid phase STRONG BONDS When atoms transfer electrons Ionic Bonds

When one or more atoms lose electrons and other atoms gain them in order to produce a noble gas electron configuration, the bond is called an ionic bond. Ionic Bonding metallic atoms tend to lose electrons When they do so, they become positively charged ions which are called cations.

Nonmetallic atoms tend to gain electrons to become negatively charged ions which are called anions. These oppositely charged cations and anions are attracted to one another because of their opposite charges. That attraction is called an ionic bond. We often

refer to the charge on the ion as the oxidation state of that element. Binary Ionic rules for naming Has to be a metal and a nonmetal!!!!!! Determine Keep the name for the symbols given the name of the metal as it is

Replace the ending on the 2nd element with ide FeO PbF2 Practice: Name the following MgO HgI CuI LiBr CaS

Oxidation Numbers (Review) Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Make sure it is a metal and a nonmetal!!! Find the symbols for the elements Find

the oxidation numbers for each element Crisscross (or least common multiple) Calcium Chloride = Ca Cl Ca=

+2 , Cl = -1 (now crisscross) CaCl2 Magnesium MgBr2 Bromide = Practice Writing Binary Ionic Formulas Lithium sulfide

Aluminum fluoride Barium phosphide Rubidium iodide Mixed Practice Decide which are ionic and which are covalent and then name them MgS P2O7 H2Br4 MnCl2

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