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"CONFLICT POETRY" How to ACE the exam - WordPress.com

CONFLICT POETRY: how to ACE the exam L E A R N O N E K E Y Q U O T E T H AT S U M S U P T H E H E A R T OF THE POEM AND S L I C E SLICE ! STRUCTURE LANGUAGE IDEAS C O N T E X T & C O M PA R E EFFECTS:EXPLORE MEANINGS Paper 2 Section B Part A Poetry Conflict: One named poem to compare with another poem from the Conflict cluster of your choice: you will be given a printed copy of one of the poems 35 minutes QUESTION 9 A Poison Tree William Blake 1794 (18th Century) Regular 4-line verse structure (quatrains) SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore) ROMANTIC MOVEMENT : writers who valued emotion over Whole poem structures around reason ANTITHESIS (opposites) e.g. lake published two books of poetry exploring CONTRAST in Love & anger, friend & foe (to HUMAN SOUL (Songs of Innocence and Songs of show opposite forces of human Experience) Blake was very religious but worried about nature?) AABB RHYME strict religious rules. He wanted to return to more natural SCHEME gives opposites in each religion with people expressing their feelings. This poem verse with 2 rhyming couplets in shows the danger of not speaking your true feelings / each verse. pretending to forgive people when you dont truly forgive I personal account them. Ideas about how

to show it could negative feelings like happen to any of us enemy I was angry with my foe/ anger can grow if you like the speaker All monosyllabic dont release them. Its I told it not, my wrath did grow. words apart from like a moral to show anger angry & apple: reader you should be And it grew both day and night,/ makes it childlike and honest about your helps to stress anger emotions Till it bore an apple bright Religious SYMBOLISM of as the focus. Simple the apple: apple language like a childs symbolises the glowing tale. it grew: anger is described as anger /poison. It also Strong rhythm: iambic an extended metaphor of a tree makes you think of Adam tetrameter (da DUM da growing from small seed (watered & Eve so reader knows DUM da DUM da DUM) with tears and smiles for sun) to speaker will Fall from often used in BALLADS. tree with an apple. Shows anger Grace (do something Makes this poem grows if you hide it wrong). memorable and like a moral story. The Destruction of Sennacherib Lord Byron (1815) Narrative Poem regular quatrains (4 line verses) SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore)

Lord Byron was leading poet in The Romantic Movement: Form of NARRATIVE POEM: group of thinkers interested in medieval cultures/ancient regular 4-line verses (6 verses). civilisations and who valued freedom, emotion, mystical Story told in chronological order st experiences and the supernatural. This poem retells Old but only 1 verse about the Testament Bible story of a mighty army (The Assyrians) powerful Army (spears like stars surrounding the Holy city of Jerusalem and attacking it but God on the sea & colours of purple nd sends The Angel of Death to wipe out Sennacheribs Army . War and gold) then 2 verse onwards was relevant topic in 1815 as Britain was fighting is dead army. Pride before the Napoleons mighty French Army (who had a huge Empire and Fall. Powerful postIdeas: God is more seemed all-powerful) modifying adjectives powerful than any human e.g. distorted to show army. Even the mightiest twisted, mangled body powers come to an end so And there lay the rider distorted Simple direct poem is really about nature language with and pale, / of life & death and maybe coordinating the pointlessness and With the dew on his brow and the conjunctions: makes it waste of war? Human rust on his mail; sound like old Bible Usesuffering. of NATURE LEXIS / chainmail / story. Sense of the NATURE IMAGERY: dew armour inevitable. and rust are natural Strong rhythm: quick pace processes. Rust is when metal Imagery: Blake forces reader to echoes fast approach of oxidises / decays. Blake Sennacheribs Army like pause and really see every part of suggests everything manmade

galloping horses. ANAPAESTIC the dead soldier. Pale contrasts will turn back to dust (nature TETRAMETER usually used for with the green and blue colours of and God more powerful than comic verse so rhythm is the first verse. humanity) unexpected contrast (just like unexpected death of the Army) EXTRACT from The Prelude Wordsworth (1850) Autobiographical, Epic poem SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore) EPIC POEM: usually about heroes, great battles but here its about Wordsworths own journey to identity autobiographical Written in BLANK VERSE like Shakespeare & Milton. Contrast of poems heroic form but with ordinary man as the real hero. Contrasting ideas in poem.person narrative as First personal account. At first positive, beautiful descriptions for PLEASURE e.g. swan simile Very strong imagery: poet describes a snapshot of time (spot of time) with simple language that recreates sense of sound, feel of that moment. Childlike language to recreate him as boy in this incident. Repetition of huge to highlight sudden fear. Black cliff is SYMBOLISM: maybe unknown forces in the world (God/Nature) William Wordsworth is the most famous of THE ROMANTIC POETS. Believed in the power of NATURE & GOD (Pantheism). The Prelude is his autobiographical poem exploring IDENTITY and his SPIRITUAL growth as a poet. His mother died when he was 8 and his father left the family with huge debts so he was sent to live with family in The Lake District where he was very unhappy. In the poem, Nature is like a parent to him: guiding him morally and telling him off when he does wrong. I dipped my oars into the silent lake...my boat /Went heaving through the water like a swan; When...a huge peak, black and huge.../Upreared its head.

CONTRASTS everywhere e.g. PLEASURE & FEAR and structure of poem shows opposites of FREEDOM and being TRAPPED: FREE VERSE form and enjambment shows freedom but repeated CAESURA to show poet feels trapped / lonely / lost Spots of Time: poet believes key incidents shape your identity. Here, childhood incident when he steals boat at night. Pleasure turns to fear as a huge cliff appears, frightens him then he has nightmares that trouble his dreams. Lots of possible readings. Child becoming an adult and realising there are more powerful, unknown forces in the world: unknown modes of being. Or could be part of his spiritual journey towards his own identity as a person / poet. No Problem Benjamin Zephaniah (1996) Dramatic Monologue SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore) Speaker uses direct address & Jamaican born but grew up in Birmingham. contrast yu, me: accusing Suffered Racist abuse in 1970s / 1980s. Poem tone makes reader think about directly talks to white readers to make them think their own opinions. Confident about how people judge your identity on colour voice. of your skin. About racist stereotyping at school Phonetic spelling due his heritage / skin colour. But also racism as he shows he is proud of is older: Sum of me best friends are white own accent & dialect: IDEAS: identity part of his culture. decided by Non-standard others / people English in poem: dont see the real I greet yu wid a smile/

suggests you should be person: skin colour Yu put me in a pigeonhole / proud to be different as and prejudice as But I am versatile not everyone is the barriers that trap Poem same. split into two verses people just like society split in (pigeonhole). black/white. Poem More complex word: Speaker turns the structured around suggests poet is educated problem around: repetition of I am not de /clever. Shows reader not to its racism thats problem to hammer home make judgements as speaker the problem not the message. Poem built doesnt fit stereotype. speaker in the around contrast / binary poem. opposites to show social divide Half-Caste John Agard (1996) Dramatic Monologue SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore) First verse acts as introduction Agard born in Guyana (South America). Black to the problem. IRONIC image Caribbean father and white Portuguese mother & tone to show how he is mixed-race. Journalist, teacher and poet in Guyana treated. FREE VERSE, then Agard moved to Britain in 1970s where he was enjambment and no often labelled as half-caste. His poems often have punctuation gives feel of direct theme of racism, culture & identity and social conversation (makes reader judgements that people make. Phonetic spelling The poem shows listen) and Caribbean how ridiculous it is Excuse me/ Standing on one leg/ dialect (ah rass) to label people by

Im half-caste with no proper imagining the punctuation: proud speaker / poet is But yu must come back tomorrow/ of not using half a person. Wid de whole of yu eye.../ Standard English. Funny, exaggerated Direct address & performance poem An I will tell yu/ de other half/ of my contrast (yu, me) but with a serious story show divide. message. Agard Short lines like they are SYMBOLISM of discovered many chopped in half: even the shape / half-a-shadow / British people didnt structure of the poem show half-person understand the Repetition of key points theme half a person. Last verse problem with halfe.g. Explain yuself & separate to give reader pause caste so the poem use of imperative to change views before hearing

spells out the verbs to force reader to his story /knowing him problem change The Class Game Mary Casey (1981) Dramatic monologue SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, Free verse & one Structured around Casey was a working-class poet long stanza/verse explore) CONTRAST / BINARY from Liverpool. Not much is known with OPPOSITES (working about her but she was a housewife enjambment to class, upper class, you and writer and had 3 poems published show outpouring and me, corpy in a magazine called Voices. 1960s of feelings, rant? (council house) and and 1970s was time of social class AABB rhyme semi (posh), yard & how judgements (& racism About & sexism) scheme but patio, toil & oil society judges doesnt always fit you based on the pattern: halfyour social

rhyme here -she class. Speaker doesnt fit? Metaphor of How can you tell what class Im from?/ in poem label to show Have I a label on me head, and another on me questions the how she feels bum? whole idea of stereotyped / labelling people put in a or treating pigeonhole Use of Non-Standard English people Structured around 3 grammar and vocab / differently repeated, similar colloquial words (me bum). because of rhetorical questions as if Casey uses provocative, their class / challenging WHY social shocking words associated social attitudes are like this. Gives with class judgements (only background. angry, confrontational common people use them) Divide between tone. rich & poor. SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore) SLICE (structure, language, ideas, context & compare, explore)

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