Project: Game Inception and Design

Project: Game Inception and Design

Game Inception and Design Project 2 Due dates: Friday, September 8th, 11:59pm Introduction First in a series of related projects Will build towards working game Focuses on early decisions and documentation Note, will be built using Game Maker

(see Project 1, tutorials) Motivation All games begin with an idea From sequel, film license, even original But an idea alone is not enough Need enough elaboration that team members can begin their work Programmers to deliver features Artists to bring the various characters and places to life with sound and graphics Designers to put together entertaining world

Testers to verify and communicate shortcomings back Design documentation is integral to every role in the game development process Purpose Enable you to create design documents of your own Familiarize you with reading and understanding design documents Stimulate thinking about how the design aspects relate to each other Exercise your ability to expand a small idea into a full design

Improve upon your skills at writing documentation that is meant to be read (and understood) by other people Details (1 of 4) Group of 3 Write Treatment (sometimes known as Concept) document Purpose: expressing ideas clearly in writing Purpose: practice taking and weighing criticism as work in group Purpose: revising your own design document Details (2 of 4)

Focus on development side, not business side (no marketing report, competition analysis, etc.) About 2000 words long Title and Description Descriptive title One-sentence description - Distilling game concept down to a single sentence can help pin down what's core Game Summary Describe game in attention-grabbing paragraph List of novel features

Details (3 of 4) Game Overview High-concept of the game Genre, player motivation, a list of novel features, target platform, game play, etc. Production Details Describe your team How you will accomplish the development of this game (tasks and timeline) Note, for this class, everyone follows the same production cycle, so really only team details

Game World Narrative game Setting and characters of your game (backstory, characters and roles, descriptions of artifacts) Non-narrative game (puzzle game) Playing field, and object interactions Details (4 of 4) Can supplement with any of the following: mocked-up screenshots, concept sketches,

sample level designs, backstory, character descriptions, game balance discussions, and etc. Download example treatment Sample in Rollings and Adams book (Me: see if TAs can make copy, in library?) Doom treatment and Digipen student treatment (Downloadable from Web page) Submission

Done electronically using turnin Details on Web page Grading Guidelines on Web page Breakdown Summary: 10% Overview: 30% Production: 10%

World: 30% Custom: 15% README: 5% Custom put additional emphasis. Can be: additional art elements, details on game balance, more backstory or puzzle/challenge details, whatever is appropriate for your game idea Breakdown of A, B C expectations

Hints Sample documents Use as guidelines, but make work for your game design Think Game Maker since will be implementing your game Read (and apply) notes on working in a group (see Hotlinks)

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