Principles of Marketing - Gunadarma

Principles of Marketing - Gunadarma

Principles of Marketing Fifth Canadian Edition Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Peggy H. Cunningham What is Marketing? Kotler et al: Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others Role of Marketing in

a Business Organization Marketing co-exists in companies as an equal partner with Operations and Finance/Accounting In many organizations, Marketing personnel are the natural future leaders (P&G, other consumer goods marketers) Some companies are naturally attuned to having Finance experts (most banks, investment companies); or scientists (NASA); or Discussion: is Marketing less important in such companies? Core Marketing Concepts1

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Needs, Wants, and Demands Products and Services Value, Satisfaction and Quality Exchange, Transactions and Relationships Markets Evolution of Business Models and the role of Marketing Product Production

Selling Marketing Societal Mktg As As business business philosophy philosophy has has evolved, evolved, so so has has the the role

role of of marketingcustomer marketingcustomer satisfaction satisfaction is is now now at at the the core core of of most most successful successful corporations corporations The Marketing Concept itself has evolved

1) Catering Catering to to the the customer customer 1) 2) Anticipating Anticipating the the customer customer 2) 3) Leading Leading the the customer customer 3)

Prediksi Pergeseran Pasar Pasar Rasional Emosional Spritual Pasar Spiritual akan mempertimbangkan kesesuaian produk, keuntungan finansial dan nilai-nilai spiritual yang diyakininya. Spritual Syariah Marketing Syariah Marketing sebagai solusi

Syariah marketing merupakan suatu proses bisnis yang keseluruhan prosesnya menerapkan nilai-nilai Islam. Syariah marketing sebagai sebuah disiplin bisnis strategis yang mengarahkan proses penciptaan, penawaran dan perubahan value dari suatu inisiator kepada stakeholdersnya, yg dalam keseluruhan proses sesuai dgn akad & prinsip muamalah (bisnis) dalam Islam Sifat Rasul dalam berbisnis Jujur atau benar

Amanah atau dapat dipercaya Fathanah atau cerdas dan bijaksana Tabligh atau argumentatif dan komunikatif Konsep pemasaran syariah : Syariah marketing strategy u/ mind-share Syariah marketing tactic u/ market-share Syariah marketing value u/ heart-share Spiritual Marketing

Adalah puncak dari marketing itu sendiri Spiritual marketing as the soul of business Adalah bentuk pemasaran yg dijiwai nilai-nilai spiritual dlm segala proses & transaksinya hingga ia sampai pada tingkat ketika semua stakeholders utama dlm bisnis memperoleh kebahagiaan. Bagi seorang muslim, spiritual marketing mengandung nilai-nilai ibadah dan diyakini mendapat ganjaran pahala dari ALLAH SWT.

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