Presentation Title, Verdana Bold 40pt

Presentation Title, Verdana Bold 40pt

Supervisor Success Series 3S Session 2: Executing and Completing the Search Job description & posting Search Forming search teams

Utilizing your network Pre-screening Hiring legally Interview Dos and Donts Success 2 Completing the search Toolbox

Job description template Implicit biases information Pre-screening questions Interview questions Reference check questions PeopleAdmin instructions Let us know what else you would like to see in your toolbox! 3 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

4 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Job Description & Posting Every position Focus on qualifications Specify essential job functions that describe physical demands ADA Stand, sit, lift, etc.

Set reasonable education and experience requirements The job description is your posting 5 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Forming the Search Team Utilize best practices in recruiting and evaluating diverse applicant pools Build in checkpoints along the way to ensure you are

satisfied with the pool of candidates you have generated Implicit Biases in the Workplace Wide representation of perspectives and experiences Consistent interview procedures and questions Provide similar opportunities for each candidate 6 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Utilizing Your Networks Proactive instead of reactive Create an active search Personal contacts with colleagues Professional organizations in the discipline Contact Department heads/chairs at institutions whose graduates represent diverse populations Use Linkedln 7 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Pre-Screening Review the applications Do they meet minimum qualifications? Are they a true applicant? Cover letter Relevant experience Location Salary requirements Phone / email screening prior to in-person interview 8

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Hiring Legally Goal is to hire the best candidate for each job solely on the basis of qualifications. 9 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Major Fair Employment Laws

Title VII Age Discrimination Equal Pay Act Americans with Disabilities Act Pregnancy Discrimination 10 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Interview Dos and Donts Prepare for the interview = Get better results Ask similar questions of all applicants

Prepare a list of job-related questions Focus on job requirements and university policies Avoid stereotyping and implicit biases Take notes of conversation HR should be involved in the interview process 11 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Interview Notes Factual

Document questions and key elements No opinions or personal biases Could support potential discrimination Job-related information only 12 Worcester Polytechnic Institute TMI Candidate offers illegal information during the

interview process Talking about an injury Talking about being pregnant Talking about hearing about the job from a friend at church How would you respond? Red flags 13 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Off Limits Age - When did you graduate from school? Marital Status Will your spouse mind you working long hours or over the weekend? Family / Children Sexual Orientation Health - Do you have a chronic illness?

National Origin - Where were you born, what language do you speak at home, what kind of accent do you have? Citizenship Disability Religion - Will you need an accommodation? Do you need to take time off in observance of religious

holiday? 14 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Acceptable Questions Citizenship - To verify legal right to work in the United States Language Must be relevant to the job Family Example: Discuss the nepotism policy

Disability - Perform the essential duties of the job Religion Example: Discuss the attendance policy 15 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Completing the Search Inform the top candidate that references will be checked They will be hearing from Human Resources to

extend the official offer The last step will be to complete the hiring proposal and close out your search in PeopleAdmin 16 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Reference Checks References must be checked prior to an offer Contact each reference Document information received

Names / titles How were they contacted? Notes from conversations Unsuccessful attempts Upload this documentation to the hiring proposal 17

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Can I Use Social Media? It can be used as a tool Consistent Job Related It can lead to a discrimination suit Only consider job related information 18

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Closing Out a Search Use the workflow actions! Utilizing the workflow helps to identify the status of the open position Excellent record-keeping tool 19 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Closing Out a Search Minimum requirements listed on posting Specified on posting 20 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Closing Out a Search

Must be stated in the posting 21 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Success! The hiring proposal will be approved upon verbal acceptance of the offer The position will be updated to Filled when the candidate starts The next session will cover onboarding and training for your new employee

22 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Questions? 23 Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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