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JUNE 2016 HIGHLIGHTS JUNE MIS: Literature and cinema join forces The sixth month of the year beggins and in MISPeliculas TV offers you a great combination; succesfull novels adapted to the big screen. Manuel y Antonio Machado wrote "La Lola se va a los puertos" featuring the famous singer Rocio Jurado. Paco Rabal and Pepe Sancho bring also features this wondefull movie directed by Josefina Molina. The great Director, Fernando Fernn Gmez adapts his own book "El viaje a ninguna parte", included in the 100 Best Spanish Novels List of the past century. Mere Rodoredas La plaza del diamante, "Moriras en Chafarinas" written by Fernando Lalana and Manuel Vicents "Tranvia a la Malvarrosa", will make you enjoy on your screen the creativity embodied on paper by these writters. In addition, five series that you will love; "Verano azul", "Brigada central", "Amar en

tiempos revueltos", "El abuelo" and "Sonata de esto". Dont miss it! LA LOLA SE VA A LOS PUERTOS, DE MANUEL Y ANTONIO MACHADO Director: Josefina Molina (1993) Drama. Musical. Cast: Roco Jurado, Francisco Rabal, Jos Sancho, Beatriz Santana, Jess Cisneros, Mari Begoa, Ramn Lillo, Fidel Almansa, Idilio Cardoso, Paco de Osca, Juan Valds 1860, San Fernando Bay ( Cdiz). " La Lola " is a flamenco singer that seduces all men she meets. With Heredia, the guitarrist that loves her in secret, go to the richman Don Diegos farmhouse. Don Diego is also in love with her, and hires Lola for singing in his sons wedding proposal. Lola falls in love with Don Diegos son and arise

the jealousy of Don Diego and Heredia. Based on the drama written by Miguel and Antonio Machado. Two spanish films legends like Francisco Rabal and Pepe Sancho featuring Rocio Jurado on the remake of the same name movie released in 1947 EL VIAJE A NINGUNA PARTE Director: Fernando Fernn Gmez (2000) Comedy. Drama. Cast: Jos Sacristn, Fernando Fernn Gmez, Juan Diego, Mara Luisa Ponte, Nuria Gallardo, Gabino Diego, Laura del Sol, Agustn Gonzlez, scar Ladoire, Queta Claver, Simn Andreu, Carlos Lemos, Carmelo Gmez The movie tells the story of a family of comedians that work

in the towns of Spain during the 40's and 50's. Life gets very tough for them since they cannot compete any longer with cinema. We assist to the end of an era. 1986: 3 Goya Awards including Best Film, Best director and Best screenplay. LA PLAZA DEL DIAMANTE Director: Francesc Betriu (1982) Drama. Spanish Civil War. Cast: Silvia Munt, Llus Homar, Joaquim Cardona, Elisenda Ribas, Marta Molins, Josep Miguell, Paca Gabaldn, Alfred Luchetti, Lluis Juli The life of a young woman in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath.

Based on the same name novel written by the Catalonian writter Merc Rodoreda, about postwar period. Released in 1962, the book has been translated to more than forty languages. LAS 13 ROSAS Director: Emilio Martinez-Lzaro (2007) Drama. Spanish Civil War. Cast: Pilar Lpez de Ayala, Vernica Snchez, Marta Etura, Nadia de Santiago, Brbara Lennie, Goya Toledo, Gabriella Pession, Flix Gmez, Fran Perea, True story of thirteen totally normal young women that suffered harsh questioning and were put in prison under made up charges of helping the rebellion against Franco

back in the 1940's. Despite of their innocence, the thirteen were soon executed without even a trace of evidence of any wrong doing. 2007: Goya Awards: 14 nominations and 4 Goya Awards including Best Photography and Best BSO SONATA DE ESTO (LAS SONATAS DE VALLE INCLN) RTVE (1981) Theatre Cast: Manolo Sierra Director: Miguel Picazo Scriptwritter: Enrique Llovet

Sonata de esto is part of Las sonatas de ValleIncln , a TV series produced by RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television) and based in the seasonal sonatas written by Ramn Valle-Incln, the famous writter born in 1866. The main character, the Marquis of Bradomn, is a self-potrait of the writter. This sonata happens in Mexico. DIVIDED IN TWO PARTS (MINI-SERIE) EL ABUELO RTVE (2001) Theatre Cast: Fernando Fernn Gmez , Rafael Alonso, Cayetana Guilln Cuervo Director: Jos Lus Garci Scriptwritter: Jos Lus Garci. Based in a novel by Benito Perez Galds

Filmed as a tv series, El abuelo is also a cinema film candidate to Oscar Awards. Wonderful, lovely, warm, rich story of an impoverished, very old, Spanish aristocrat (El Abuelo - the grandfather) whose son is dead, and whose daughter-in-law has two daughters. One of these granddaughters is form the son of El Abuelo, and one is the product of an affair - which has highly affronted the old man's honor. And he wants to find out which is which. Benito Prez Galds is considered (with Miguel de Cervantes) the best Spanish writer DIVIDED IN TWO PARTS (MINI-SERIE)

VERANO AZUL RTVE (1981) Drama. Comedy. Cast: Antonio Ferrandis, Mara Garraln, Pilar Torres, Cristina Torres, Juanjo Artero, Jos Luis Fernndez, Gerardo Garrido, Miguel ngel Valero, Miguel Joven, Helga Lin Director: Antonio Mercero Scriptwritters: Antonio Mercero, Horario Valcrcel, Jos ngel Rodero One of the most important and famous Spanish TV series, Verano azul tell us the story of a teens friends from different places of Spain that go to the beach for Summer vacations at Nerja, Mlaga. They will live an awesome and unforgettable summer adventures. BRIGADA CENTRAL RTVE (1989)

Police Drama. Thriller. Cast: Imanol Arias, Jos Manuel Cervino, Patxi Andin, Ana Duato, Fernando Guilln, Assumpta Serna, Jos Coronado, Enrique Simn, Isabel Serrano, Director: Pedro Mas Scriptwritters: Juan Madrid, Jacques Labib, Pedro Mas, Simon Michal A TV series about elite policemen who are selected to serve at the Central Brigade, attached to the general direction of state security for highlevel research, such as organized crime, international crime, drug dealing or serial murders. The head of the group, a Superintendent of gypsy race surnamed Flores and interpreted by Imanol Arias, is the true individual protagonist of the series. Some events are based on real facts. Fotogramas de Plata

Best TV Performer Imanol Arias TP de Oro Best Actor Imanol Arias Best National Series Nominated TP de Oro: Best Actress Assumpta Serna AMAR EN TIEMPOS REVUELTOS DIAGONAL TV (2005) Drama. Romance. Historical. Cast: Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Turpin, Pilar Bardem, Hector Colom, Manuel Baqueiro, Itziar Miranda, Ana Otero, Ana Villa, Iago Garca, Inma Cuesta, Director: Antonio Onetti, Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, Rodolf Sirera Scriptwritters: Antonio Onetti, Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, Rodolf Sirera

Successful and award-winning soap opera set in the Spanish Civil War and in the early years of Franco regime, one of the most convulsive and controversial of Spanish history decades. It is a detailed portrait of the personal and social situation of several people who lived and suffered the consequences of war. It is initially focused on the story of love and hate between two young people, Andrea (Ana Turpin) and Antonio ( Rodolfo Sancho), which are of opposite backgrounds and have a child together. It is inspired by "Temps de Silenci" produced also by Diagonal TV.

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