Pre-limerary Examinations 2011 - Mackie Academy

Pre-limerary Examinations 2011 - Mackie Academy

Mackie Academy Estimate Examinations January 2017 Information for pupils Mackie Academy Importance and Purpose of Estimate Exams For Pupils/Teachers/Parents

An indicator of pupils progress against exam standards An indicator of likely success, or otherwise, in May SQA exam diet An indicator for future progression in subjects and recommendations for subject choice. For SQA Estimates require to be submitted for each pupil in each subject Post Results Service Queries Evidence for Exceptional Circumstances Requests Mackie Academy

Examination Timetables & Arrangements 1 Each pupil has an individual timetable containing their exam details. It is YOUR responsibility to check YOUR examination timetable to ensure that YOU turn up on the correct days and times be outside exam room 15 mins in advance. Check that YOUR exam timetable includes all the subjects you expect to see and at the correct level. Not all subjects at all levels have an exam (i.e. Nat 5 PE, Nat 5 Practical Woodworking, AH Drama) if you are in doubt check with your class teacher first. Individual practical assessments for Music, Languages and Hospitality do not appear on individual timetables. They will be available on notice boards next week and on school website.

Mackie Academy Examination Timetables & Arrangements 2 Specialist equipment class teachers will make you aware of any equipment that you are expected to have with you, i.e. ruler/calculator/compasses make sure you have it with you on the appropriate day. Seat Numbers check notice board on day of exam seats or rooms may be different from what is on your individual timetable. Additional Arrangements extra time / ICT Rooms in use Hall, Common Room, D1, G1, QR1, QR2.

Any problems speak to Mr Sim (today only!) or Mrs Stark as soon as possible DO NOT leave it until the day of the exam to get it sorted! Mackie Academy Study Leave All S4, S5 and S6 classes are suspended for the two week duration of the exam period from Monday 23rd January to Friday 3rd February. Pupils need only attend school to sit their exams or to complete other work as may be directed by your teachers, i.e. Unit Assessments, Assignments etc. Pupils are welcome to come in to school to study during the exam period if they

wish to use the library or study in the canteen but pupils MUST sign in and out if they do this. This is for Health & Safety Reasons. Teachers may be available at your normal class times however may also be covering other classes if necessary. Mackie Academy Examination Room Rules 1 No Bags, books or folders are allowed in exam rooms No mobile phones or other electronic devices are allowed in exam room this includes smart watches.

School uniform must be worn as normal if in school (for exam or study) Bottled water only during an examination - the bottle must remain under your seat. You must remain silent in the examination room until the end of the exam. Communication of any kind may be regarded as cheating and may result in papers not being marked. You must not attempt to talk to or pass notes or have any communication with any other pupil. Mackie Academy Examination Room Rules 2

Follow the instructions of the examination Invigilators Exam guidelines as in your booklet & SQA website. Behave in a manner that gives you and all your classmates the best opportunity to succeed. Toilets go before the start toilet breaks are not permitted. Some exams in the same room finish at different times you must leave as quietly as possible when you are instructed to by the invigilator. Mackie Academy Absence & Disruptions

If you are ill or will miss an examination for any other reason you must contact the school as soon as possible on the day of absence 01569 762071 Leave the message for Mrs Stark and if possible give an indication of when you may be able to return. If school has to close (due to weather?) that days exams will be postponed and moved onto the end of the exam period.

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