PR31: Managing the Solution Lifecycle for xRM Applications

PR31: Managing the Solution Lifecycle for xRM Applications

PR31 Managing the Solution Lifecycle for xRM Applications Andrew Bybee Principal Program Manager Lead Microsoft Corporation Objectives > Introduce xRM Application Framework enhancements for Dynamics CRM 5 > Demonstrate lifecycle for modeldriven business applications using xRM Solutions xRM Application Framework Client Client

> Declarative development of relational business applications using flexible models and dynamic services. > Models encompass multiple Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) > Business Application Services Forms Forms // Views Views Workflow

Workflow Security Security Application Entities Entities models in metadata Multi-tenant Multi-tenant controller controller SQL SQL xRM Solutions > Model and runtime services

for xRM application management lifecycle Logic > Collection of components managed as coherent unit > > > > > Models Business logic Templates Code extensions Configuration

> Supports packaging and portability across deployments Models Code Extensions Template s Configurati on Solution Overview demo

Dev Add/Edit Components Test Import/Export Add/Edit Components ISV/Partner Create a Solution Export managed package Update Solution

Feedback/Requirements Solution Development Lifecycle Distribute Purchase Upgrade Import/Export Staging Production Customize Install Customer

Solution Layers Active Default Solution (calculated) Shared (single layer) Sale s HR Customizations Dep t

IT ProjMgmt (managed) Managed (multiple layers, one per solution) Note : PartnerUtils (managed) System solution Order of installation is still important Managed Solution Update > Updates are always applied to the corresponding Solution Layer.

> Maintains customizations performed by customers. > Version info controlled by publisher at Solution level > Uninstall removes the entire layer > Components that support merging (e.g. Ribbon) are automatically recalculated upon updating a solution > Support one version per layer Customizations Update ProjMgmt2.0 ProjMgmt1.0 PartnerUtils 1.0 Dependency Tracking > Provides integrity of solutions across deployments

and version updates > Dependencies are calculated and tracked automatically in the system no ability to directly manage dependencies > Calculators provided per component type, evaluated per component event > Dependenc y Tracking Infrastructu re Entity Calculator Form Calculator

Individual components > > > Delete Add Existing (to a solution) Edit > Solution > Import > Export > Delete (uninstall) SalesView partner Mark Corley

VP, Business Development InsideView TM SalesView Trial (v1) > > Customer installs SalesView Customer adds customizations over shared components Account Account (rename) (rename) Butto n

ContosoIT Customizations Account (diff) Accoun t SalesView v1 Ribbon System solution SalesView Team (v2) > > Customer upgrades to solution with additional functionality

Customer changes are preserved Butto n Account Account (rename) (rename) Account (diff) Lead (diff) Accoun t Lead

ContosoIT Customizations Button Ribbon v2 InsideView v1 System solution Managing the Solution Lifecycle for SalesView demo Dependency tracking Shared components Versioning Update

Summary > xRM Application Framework supports complete lifecycle for business applications > Use managed solutions to address complex dependency and upgrade scenarios with xRM applications Q&A xRM @ PDC 2009 > Visit us at the booth in the pavilion > Try hands on labs > Extending CRM5 and Solutions Packaging > Building CRM5 Data Visualizations and Dashboards > Attend sessions CODE TITLE PR01

Developing xRM Solutions Using Windows Azure: Cloud-based Business Applications PR33 Build a .NET Business Application in 60 Minutes with xRM and SharePoint TIME PLAC E Thurs 3:00p 502A Thurs 12:45p 502A

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