Global Risk Mitigation MANAGING YOUR RISKS & COSTS

Global Risk Mitigation MANAGING YOUR RISKS & COSTS


Post-incident Incident Pre-incident Post-incident An integrated Solution to answer your needs 3 WHY INTERNATIONAL SOS? WE ARE WHERE YOU ARE We understand your needs because we have first-hand experience of what your people experience when they travel.

4 Why International SOS 30 30 years years of of medical medical and and travel travel experience experience Global Security Centre

27assistance 27assistance centres centres 36 36 clinics clinics across across 16 16 countries countries Global Global Assistance Assistance Network, Network, 75,000 accredited

providers 75,000 accredited providers 5 Platforms over 4 regions Global Information Centre 38 38 years years of of political political and and

security security risk risk experience experience 40+ 40+ country country risk risk analysis analysis professionals professionals Global Global network network of of security security specialists

specialists On On the the ground ground security security support support and and assistance assistance Underpinned by International SOS and Control Risks combined 78 offices and security and medical presence at 350 sites in more than 150 countries worldwide. 5 5

Managing Security Risks for Global Travelers March 18th, 2016 Agenda Common Travel Security Threats 5 Golden Rules for Travelers and Organizations Summary Q&A Common Travel Security Threats The Risk Landscape The World We Live In...

Coups Natural Disasters Insurgency Opportunistic Crime Piracy Terrorism Kidnapping Lawlessness War Civil Unrest Medical Illness Hijacking Threats Typhoid Fever Extreme Weather

Dengue Imprisonment Travel-related infections Air Quality Hepatitis Language and cultural barriers Airline Catastrophes Vehicle Accidents Immigration & Visas Rural Isolation

Most Common Travel Security Risks Two most common threats to our members employees: Opportunistic crime Image 1 Road traffic accidents Next most common: Civil unrest Violent crime Image 2 Duty of Care Matters Duty of Care is a companys obligation to protect its

employees from risks, including to injury, sickness, safety, security, health, finances and travel risks. Increasing number of travelers going to high-risk destinations to conduct business. Many employers are not aware of the extent of their legal Duty of Care obligations. Employers need to protect their human and physical assets to ensure their business continuity.

Five Golden Rules Understand your travelersand their risks Five Golden Rules: #1: Know Your Profile: #2: Do Your Research #3: Be a Hard Target #4: Confidence is Key #5: Stay Calm 2015 AEA International Holdings Pte. Ltd. For permission to reprint contact International SOS. Rule #1: Know your traveler profile All travelers are not the same Travel Experience Travel Experience

Languages Languages Identity Identity Ethnic background Ethnic background Culture Culture Religion Religion LGBT LGBT Personality Personality Budget Budget Clothing

Clothing Rule #1: Know your traveler profile The is a significant increase in female travelers Main threats more likely Main threats more likely affecting female travelers: affecting female travelers: Sexual harassment Sexual harassment Sexual assault Sexual assault Bag theft Bag theft

Rule # 2: Research & Provide Resources Factors to consider: Factors to consider: Risk ratings Risk ratings Major security threats Major security threats Latest developments Latest developments Hotspots Hotspots Calendar Calendar Local support Local support Culture and tiquette

Culture and tiquette Direct travelers to resources at their disposal Colleagues Contacts at your destination Speak to a security expert Specific websites Rule # 3: Ensure your travelers are a hard target Establish and implement travel policies and procedures Arrange and assist with: Arrival Airport Transport

Accommodation Office/Meeting Locations Evenings and weekends Communications Enforce compliance 17 Rule # 3: Ensure your travelers are a hard target Transport Taxi RECOMMEND: The sole use of licensed companies

To sit in the back seat To know the distance and direction of destination and identify landmarks along the way To always wear a seat belt ADVISE AGAINST : Getting into a taxi that already has a passenger

Allowing the taxi driver to take another passenger en route Putting important items in the trunk Rule # 3: Ensure your travelers are a hard target Accommodation: Surroundings - identify potential threats Checking in Room security

Emergency exits Answering the door Rule # 3: Ensure your travelers are a hard target Communication: Keep mobile phone charged at all times Engage international roaming or obtain a local SIM card Communicate local contact numbers to HR / security / travel Program key contact numbers prior to arrival Keep a hard copy of numbers and other details Rule # 3: Ensure your travelers are a hard target Recreation

Encourage travelers to: Stick to well-populated areas Socialize in a group Tell someone where they are going. Discourage drinking alcohol excessively Advise of risks of food and drink spiking Rule # 4: Instill confidence in your travelers Provide travel awareness training to build confidence and comfort Advice to travelers: Walk with confidence Act with purpose

Adhere to personal comfort levels Trust instincts Dont show youre afraid Avoid being aggressive Rule # 5: Help your travelers remain calm in crisis Provide travel awareness training to help travelers respond to situations If subjected to an armed assault: DO Stay controlled, calm and quiet Move slowly and deliberately Comply with attackers demands DONT Demonstrate aggression Make sudden movements

Resist in parting with your possessions Rule # 5: Help your travelers remain calm in crisis First and foremost, advise travelers to get to a safe place Ensure travelers know: Whom to call for help How to activate your organizations security process

The limitations of local law enforcement Ensure you know: How to account for your people How and when to escalate the situation How to communicate internally, externally Summary Checklist Five Golden Rules 1. Know your traveler profile 2. Research and Provide

Resources 3. Ensure your travelers are a hard target 4. Instill confidence in your travelers 5. Help your travelers remain calm 25 Questions

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