TUTORING SERVICES Program Funding Presentation March 6, 2019

TUTORING SERVICES Program Funding Presentation March 6, 2019

TUTORING SERVICES Program Funding Presentation March 6, 2019 Tutoring Services: Overview Mission: To provide all eligible students with quality academic assistance from knowledgeable, friendly, peer and professional tutors in a comfortable learning environment. Goals: To provide assistance to students with their course success and completion. To provide students with the support and tools they need to reach their short- and long-term academic goals. To provide tutors with valuable employment experience. One-on-One Tutoring Drop-In Learning Centers Conversation Groups Group/On-Site Tutoring Budget Summary & Changes 2018-19 Award 2019-20 Request Tutor Wages $77,000

$78,275 Tutor Benefits $4,598 $4,674 Supplies $402 $600 Total $82,000 $83,549 Student Engagement Snapshot: Fall Quarter 2018 Learning Center One-on-One Tutoring Students served 331 Active tutors

97 (84 current students) Total hours of tutoring 2,212 Students Served Total Visits Total Hours BCLC 225 2134 3044 BUSTC LC 21 56

91 PLC 38 163 217 Top Requested Subjects 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 h at M ES L C h

try is em Bi o ol gy C p om i Sc N si ur ng E h is l ng us M

ic co c A tin un g B s ne i us s Engagement => Outcomes Tutoring reaches all students Demographics of tutored students at least reflects the overall Shoreline student population Overrepresentation of historically underrepresented groups Tutoring impacts student retention % Re-Enrolled Fall 2018 Winter 2019 100 80

60 40 20 0 Al l n de u St ts s nt e ud St M R Tutored U Column1 Accomplishments 1. Lots of tutoring support for students! Fall 2018:

5,564 hrs of tutoring (1x1 and learning centers) 615 students 41 subjects 97 tutors (84 students) 2. New kinds of tutoring! Embedded tutors in the new Athletics Study Hall ESL for Nursing discussion group On-site drop-in tutoring sessions in Nursing, VCT, and Photography 3. Improved support of our tutors! Developed and launched new tutor handbook, online tutor training course, and in-person training workshops Translates to improved academic support of our students Adapting to Funding Constraints If less funding than requested is available, we can adapt by: Shifting toward more group tutoring Strategically focusing tutor hiring/hours in the highest need subject areas Reducing the hours of operation of the drop-in Learning Centers (BCLC, BUSTC, PLC) Direct Support of Students Reaching Academic Goals Employment $x2 Direct Support of Shoreline Strategic Plan Helping students attain their academic goals

Providing spaces that enhance learning Efficient Models Connecting to other campus resources Targeted group tutoring Continuous Improvement Thank You! Cheryl Allendoerfer, PhD Manager, Tutoring Services [email protected] 206.546.7852 Students Served Tutored Students (Fall 2018) All Shoreline Students (2016-17 Quick Facts) Asian/Pacific Islander 18% 14% African American 10%

8% Hispanic 8% 8% Native American < 1% 1% International 28% 13% Other, Multiracial 10% 13% White 25% 42%

Age 26-50+ 37% 39% Student Retention Percent of Fall 2018 students who enrolled Winter 2019 100% 90% 88.1% 84.5% 80% 70% 67.0% 72.1% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Received individualized tutoring

Did not receive tutoring Student Satisfaction Quarterly Evaluations: Excellent service. I'm thankful for the one on one help and accommodating my schedule. [My tutor] allowed me to direct the sessions based on my need, promoting a safe and positive learning environment, providing feedback/knowledge/experience that is relevant to the program and my learning. It really helps me a lot to go through this class. I would not be successful if I did not have one on one tutoring.

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